dog sitting on a blue bean bag

Blue Bean Bags | All our Shades + Pictures

Blue – the colour of the sky and sea. It is a colour that has all positive effects on your body and mind, including being calming, cooling and enhancing creativity. But you may wonder, just exactly how do you use the colour blue in a piece of furniture? Well, it’s actually easier than you think. […]

white bean bags

White Bean Bags | Plus the Entire Range Online

Are you still under the impression that white is a boring colour for your house, or any furniture that belongs inside of it? Well, today is the day for you to learn otherwise. Today, I discuss our range of white bean bags at Bliss Bean Bags, and the benefits behind purchasing one either in the […]

lady holding image of green bean bag

Green Bean Bags | Discover How Many There Are.

Are you hunting around, trying to find the perfect green bean bag? Here at Bliss Bean Bags, we have come to the realisation that green bean bags may be more popular than we first considered, and as such we have achieved our goal of creating an entire range of 18 green bean bags for you […]

orange bean bag outdoors

Orange Bean Bags | Entire Selection Online

Looking for an orange bean bag or a combination of orange and another colour? We have you covered with our handmade bean bags.   Designed by you, made by us and shipped from Melbourne. Orange Bean Bags Australia   Our bean bags are all designed and made right here in Australia. This enables us to […]

red bean bag

Red Bean Bags & How to Order Online

Ordering a red bean bag online has never been easier. Especially in Australia. We make all our bean bags to order. So, if you are looking for any of these bean bags below just click on the “Bean Bags” link at the top of the page and order online.   To select an entire red […]

yellow bean bag

Yellow Bean Bags | Listing the Best Choices

Bean bags come in many colours, however yellow bean bags are among the most popular. Especially when purchased in the colour combinations listed below. There are many team colours that are combined with yellow (Even the Aussie Olympic colours themselves)     A lot of our clients ask us about our yellow bean bags.   […]

woman enjoying view while sitting on black bean bag

Black Bean Bags – Our Entire Range

When trying to find the perfect black bean bag, there might be a few options you haven’t considered. Below I highlight the bean bags from our range available in black. I also share some information about common questions we are asked on a regular basis. So, let’s get straight into it… Bliss Bean Bags – […]

grey outdoor bean bag

Grey Bean Bags | The Entire Range Online

Picking a neutral colour works well for most homes and offices. That is why grey bean bags work so well. Below I list our entire range of grey bean bags and answer common questions customers ask us.   We have two “grey” colours. There is a light grey and a charcoal (darker) colour.   Since […]

pink bean bag

Pink Bean Bags | Choose From 18 Styles

I realised that pink bean bags are a much more popular choice than I first considered. When trying to source a particular colour bean bag it can be hard. So, I have created a list of every pink bean bag we stock below. Along with what colours work best with pink. At Bliss bean bags […]