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Yellow Bean Bags | Listing the Best Choices

Bean bags come in many colours, however yellow bean bags are among the most popular.

Especially when purchased in the colour combinations listed below.

There are many team colours that are combined with yellow (Even the Aussie Olympic colours themselves)


Our bean bags at the athletes Olympic village


A lot of our clients ask us about our yellow bean bags.

All our bean bags are available in yellow


In short, the are designed for heavy use and used in many commercial settings.

This means using them outdoors, indoors or in water is perfectly fine.

We have supplied 1000’s of bean bags over the years and they continue to all be hand made right here in Melbourne, Australia.

Big Yellow Bean Bags


Xxl bean bags in yellow are a bold choice that can work well in some environments.

Large bean bags in yellow


Jumbo bean bags are perfect when you need to seat many people as well.

Instead of trying to organise countless single bean bags, you can opt for one or two large ones.

For instance, even the king bean bag shown below, can work on its own or with a few together.

The King bean bag – Nice and bright


If you want to contrast a yellow bean bag with other bright colours, that works as well.


Even though a yellow bean bag isn’t in the image above, you can imagine it working among these contrasting bright tones.

Blue and Yellow Bean Bags


Are you looking to match a football team like the “Paramatta Ells” or the “North Queensland Cowboys”?

Then look no further designing your own yellow and blue bean bag.

Designing your own bean bag is easy online.


The option to pick different colours is a “no cost” option.

And it makes the perfect final piece in any true fans room.

Ready and made within 2 business days and sent for free Australia wide.

Black and Yellow Bean Bags


Whether you want to match a footy team or a corporate logo for an event.

Yellow and black bean bags work really well.

Example of a yellow and black logo


Many World know logos are black and yellow, so finding the perfect bean bag for a trade booth at a trade show is easy for us to make.

Of course, if you are a “Richmond” AFL team supporter you can also understand the importance to order this colour combination 😉

Green and Yellow Bean Bags


When we are shouting “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” at any international event we are likely to be cheering to green and gold colours.

However, our green and yellow bean bags are the closest to match our country colours.

In fact, when we created the bean bags for the Australian Olympic team, we actually crafted these bean bags in yellow and teal.

The colours used for the Olympic team


We have a bright green which works just as well with yellow.

Teal though worked much better to represent the Aussie colours and this combination was the office colour for the Australian Olympic village.

Grey and Yellow Bean Bags


When looking to craft a bean bag that isn’t as striking as black, yellow and grey bean bags are a good alternative.

In fact, it seems that this combination is on trend.

And we also have two greys to choose from.

A softer lighter grey and a darker “charcoal” grey.

Light grey compared to our dark grey (charcoal)


If you decide on a larger grey and yellow bean bag then you also have the option to dress it up with matching throw rugs and cushions.
Just something to keep in mind.

Red and Yellow Bean Bags


Are you fan of McDonalds? Or Surf Life Saving?
Then a red and yellow bean bag will be right up your alley.

This colour combination is actually very popular.

The striking yellow and red bean bag, I think works well together as our fabric colours are of similar brightness.

Yellow and red Circular bean bag shown


This bean bag of course works well for many settings. From child care centres to matching brand colours in an office setting.

Yellow Bean Bags to Buy Online


The added benefit of bean bags these days is how easy they are to buy online.

We of course sell bean bags online, however there are many other places to buy bean bags online as well. These include:

1. Amazon
2. Ebay
3. Target
4. Kmart
5. Big W
6. Bunnings
7. Spotlight

The option of department stores listed above vary between colour and styles.

They tend to swap over their bean bag designs often, so be sure to visit them online with a quick search to see what they are currently stocking.

Yellow Bean Bags for Toddlers


Not surprisingly, we sell a lot of yellow bean bags for toddlers.

This gender-neutral colour is a great choice for a home with boys and girls.

In fact, we tend to sell more yellow boys bean bags than we do for girls.

Toddler chair in yellow


I am not sure if this is because our yellow is close to the “Tonka trucks” yellow that boys love or just as parents preferred choice for little boys.

The toddler chair shown above is designed for children up to the age of 6.

We have noticed after this age; this design just becomes a little too small.

Yellow Bean Bag Rental


We don’t rent or hire bean bags out.

However, you might be able to try a company such as bean bag hire to find another alternative.

Hiring bean bags are a great option when you don’t need a permanent solution.

Such as needing bean bags for an event or live game.

Bean Bags That Turn into Beds


All our bean bags come in yellow colours.

And they are available in different shapes and sizes.

From time to time we are asked about two different styles we craft. (shown below)

Beds that fold into chairs


The greatest benefit of these designs is they are like reversible jackets! Working perfectly well folded one way or the other.

Crafting a bean bag to function as both a chair and bed works well in such settings as bean bags for media rooms.



Yellow bean bags have been requested for years and will continue to be a popular choice.

This type of soft furnishing is meant to be fun. And I don’t know of a colour that shouts “bright and fun” other than yellow.

With the added benefit we have to craft your exact design it means we can stitch together combinations with yellow and ship them right to you.

They work well for the whole family, for NRL bean bag fans or other sports fans as well.

If you need a specific logo branded on your bean bags for an office or event please let us know.

We are happy to create a mock-up and email this over to you.

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