Pink Bean Bags | Choose From 18 Styles

I realised that pink bean bags are a much more popular choice than I first considered.

When trying to source a particular colour bean bag it can be hard. So, I have created a list of every pink bean bag we stock below.

Along with what colours work best with pink.

At Bliss bean bags we custom make every bean bag, therefore any colour combination can be made just for you.

Pink Bean Bag Range


Since we make bean bags to order we are never out of stock.

Our talented craftsmen get to work, doing what they love best to shape these bean bags in pink:

pink bean bags
The Pink Bean Bag Range


Our bean bags are made of a commercial grade vinyl. However, it is unlike other vinyls you may be familiar with.

Much softer to the touch and feels a lot like leather than anything else.

Soft, subtle and easy to clean


This fabric is designed to last for years. Simply put we want you to hand your bean bag down to your children if you want to.

Since the first bean bag was designed decades ago, the trend for comfortable furniture isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Since absolute comfort is a trend that never dies.

Pink Bean Bag Chairs


As mentioned, every bean bag we make can be crafted in Pink Fabric.

However, many customers ask us about the bean bags chair specifically.

So, I thought to list them here with a link.

Pink Bean Bag Chairs


These chairs are designed with back support in mind and work well to replace existing furniture.

Some of our designs can also work like modular furniture to create an entire lounge suite.

What Colours Work Best With Pink


Pink bean bags on their own look great making any room stand out

However, matching pink bean bags with other colours works well too:

Low Lounger Bean Bag in Purple and Pink


In fact, designers agree that these colour combinations work well with pink:

Designers feel that these colours work best with pink


Pink is a very versatile colour and it has an interesting history.

Traditionally only for a Girls bean bag colour.

But that wasn’t always the case.

In fact, it was considered a masculine colour for centuries, before the 1940’s.

Pink was a derivative of red, a colour associated with bloodied battle fields and fighting wars.

Which occupied the mind of men for generations.

In today’s day and age with gender lines blurring, it isn’t a colour only for males or females any more.

In the home, pink works remarkably well as either a stand out feature piece or as a colour to brighten parts of a room.

Personalised Pink Bean Bags


Remarkably, many popular brand colours are pink:

Pink Logos – Known around the globe


These examples represent just a few companies that chose pink to stand out.

And there are ways you can still have a pink logo on a white background:

We craft personalised bean bags in all shapes and sizes


With a splash of your main logo colour everything is kept on brand and it can work well.

We craft all our logo work with personalised embroidery.

As the fabric is stain resistant, any other form of branding might wash off over time.

With specialised machines you can rest assured. Along with a lifetime warranty your brand will remained fixed on the furniture for years to come.

Pink Bean Bags for Boats


Designed for outdoor use our marine grade vinyl bean bags are made for boats.

In fact, the fabric we use is the same fabric used on cruise ships, large yachts and luxury cruisers.

Marine grade vinyl, means your pink bean bag will never fade


If you are looking to brighten up your marine life, then look no further.

Marine Grade vinyl has amazing qualities that keeps it safe.

It won’t go mouldy, if left in the rain or behind closed doors for a long time.

It doesn’t matter if salt water is washed over the fabric, nor does it matter if the fabric is left to bake in the Sun.

Being UV resistant means the bean bag fabric won’t crack in the sun. Your pink bean bag won’t look like a “peach” colour in a couple of seasons either.

Pink Bean Bags for Dogs


Who says only humans get to have all the fun?

Our furry family members can be dressed up just as much as us!

Is there a better colour to have a little fun with?


The joy of being able to pick a bright colour that represents more of you should be fun.

Especially for good ol’ “Rover”.

Combining colours can create a strong contrast


The beauty of a fabric that is smooth, that doesn’t hold smells is that it comes in a much greater range of colours. Unlike the standard colours found in traditional dog beds.

This means mixing and matching colours with pink is also possible.

Just like the example of the pink and charcoal above.

The fabric is easily washable as even these dog bean bags will work indoors or out all year round.

Quality Bean Bags Made in Australia


We can offer these bean bags in pink and by mixing and matching with other colours because they are all hand made.

We are happy to make Australian bean bags that are designed to stand the test of time.

Our team is made of traditional furniture makers who pride themselves on the final result being better than expected.

If you need a customised pink bean bag for a special event or for any other particular needs please let us know.

We have been crafting bean bags for years and have designed specialised bean bags that you would not be able to find anywhere else.



As a bean bag manufacturing company and not just a retailer we have a little more scope on what is possible.

Pink bean bags are a popular choice so when people call us up and ask for something unique we can deliver.

There are a range of giant bean bags available. XXL sized bean bags for many people to fit on.

All of the bean bags we make are designed to live outdoors all year-round if need be.

And are completely waterproof.

The joy of being able to design your own bean bags means you can let your personality shine.

And as shown on our fabric page there is a great pallet of colours that contrast or match pink.

If you want to design the perfect girl’s room, or craft furniture that nails a marketing brief. Pink is simply a colour that will never go out of fashion!

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