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  • flip chair

    Flip chair

    $260 $234
  • Classic Tear Drop

    $220 $198
  • Toddler Chair

    $175 $158

Kids Bean Bags

In a certain sense, all bean bags are made for kids. Or the kid in all of us. That laid back sense of fun is what we love about them.

But among our range, we also have the Kids' Chair, which is especially made for toddler proportions. It cuts down the giant world of adults to kids' size, which means kids no longer need to dangle feet down or lean arms up too high on armrests that are designed for big people.

The Cube Ottoman and Circular Ottoman are other great bean bags that kids love as they resemble colourful toy building blocks and can be used in many different ways around the house as well as the backyard. The great thing is that our kids bean bags are made with many safety features, including safety zippers that mean the bags won't accidentally split open. There is even a little pocket that hides the zipper clasp once it is closed as an added safety feature to prevent any scratches or snags.

The material is long wearing, fire retardant, as well as being water and mould proof, which keeps things hygienic, and allows the bean bags to be used outside as well as in. Safety is of highest priority with our designs, especially with when kids are in the equation.