Our Story

We are on a mission to create the greatest products by the only way we know how. That means creating unique pieces of soft furnishings for each customer right here in Oz.

Keeping everything on-shore means we control the whole process from beginning to end.

This meticulous approach to manufacturing has resulted in a bean bag that neither compromises on detail nor craftsmanship.

This meticulous approach to manufacturing has resulted in a bean bag that neither compromises on detail nor craftsmanship.

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Beginning and Beyond

Bliss Bean Bags was born from a friendship between a skilled craftsman and a tech geek who had the desire to honour the tradition of bespoke craftsmanship by creating long-lasting, handmade products.

Our head craftsman has 30 years of experience under his belt and still oversees every single bean bag being produced. With a history of creating furniture for countless institutions including The Parliament house of Australia and The Versace hotel in Queensland (Australia’s only 6 star hotel) you may say we are a little over qualified for the job. The truth is this depth of experience allows us to create new designs and custom work which has never been produced before and it fuels us.

As nice as all the accolades and praise has been over the years, the simple truth is our team loves what we do. We have fun making something from nothing and being very precise about the fit and finish of every single item leaving our “home” on its way to yours.


How We Differ

We want to build something we are really proud of. Creating value means negating short term wins to play the long term game. It means building something that will last decades. It means building on the fundamental principles of:

  1. Make everything in house. Every part of our bean bags are under our direct control
  2. Stand by every single thing we do. That way we can offer a lifetime warranty
  3. Make it Fun! Bean Bags are meant to be fun, made to order gives everyone greater choice

Our Clients


Creating in Australia

The process of taking an order is more than just being notified by email that a custom bean bag gets to take shape. We see it as someone placing their trust in us and we don’t take that lightly.

It has been our privilege to serve homes across this great country of ours and to work with clients both big and small. Below is a sample of companies we have partnered with to create something truly unique. Allowing their brands to shine in a way that combines comfort and quality.


To us; creating in Australia is more than keeping jobs here and supporting our local economy. It means there are no excuses for us. There are no excuses to deliver anything than the best work. We can’t say… “Sorry it came wrapped that way and we passed it on”. We thrive on that responsibility.

Creation exactly as we designed it – from the ground up.