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  • Double Modular Sofa

    $495 $446
  • Double Day Bed

    $465 $419
  • Single Modular Sofa

    $330 $297
  • Chaise Lounger

    $290 $261
  • Circular Lounger

    $270 $243
  • flip chair

    Flip chair

    $260 $234
  • Unwind Recliner

    $260 $234
  • Grand Lounger

    $220 $198
  • King Bean Bag

    $220 $198
  • Classic Tear Drop

    $220 $198
  • Modular Ottoman Sofa

    $210 $189
  • Gamer Chair

    $210 $189
  • Circular Ottoman

    $210 $189
  • Low Lounger

    $210 $189
  • Toddler Chair

    $175 $158
  • Cube Ottoman

    $156 $140
  • Footstool

    $110 $99

Indoor Bean Bags

The variety of indoor bean bags we have created is especially well suited to the growing sophistication in taste while providing Australians with light, easy-to-move-around soft furniture. Bean bags are no longer a novelty to be placed in the corner and hidden when guests arrive. Our bean bags are a legitimate adjunct to your existing furniture, designed to blend beautifully and creatively with many different decorating themes. And importantly, they are designed with comfort, safety and durability in mind. Our mission has been to re-create the bean bag – a soft furnishing that previously went only so far in its design and manufacture, leading to inferior quality, lumpy, and sometimes unsafe bean bags that were often relegated for novelty use. Our '2.0' version of the bean bag addresses all these issues and more. The sophisticated designs include the single Arm Chair or Luxury Lounger, or you can choose the Two Seater Lounge with along with a Footstool, among others. They are created to keep their shape, made of fabric and thread that last the distance no matter what rough and tumble they are subjected to, and cater for a variety of different styles. They are also available in more than 120 colour combinations.