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Circular Ottoman

indoor / outdoor use
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  • 85cm x 32cm
  • Chair or Ottoman
  • 250 Litres of Beans Req.
  • Outdoor/Indoor Use
  • Made in Australia
  • Lifetime Warranty
Sometimes, your imagination needs a bit of inspiration. We created the sizeable Circular Bean Bag to fit flexibly around all aspects of your multi-faceted life. Fill it to the brim with beans to make a firm sitting stool or foot-rest. Or fill it with fewer beans to create a slouchier bean bag that you can sink back into. Select it in the colour combination that appeals to you the most, and let the hues inspire you to think outside the box when conjuring your latest project or big idea. All in utter comfort, of course!

Product Description

  • 85cm x 32cm
  • Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • Suits any location
  • Made in Australia
  • 250 Litres of Beans Req.
  • Lifetime Warranty

Our Fabric

Our bean bags are made of marine grade vinyl, a fabric with superior long lasting, safety and aesthetic qualities. Enjoy deciding from an enormous range of colour combinations.

Our Thread


Sometimes, great looks simply aren't enough. And so we make bean bags that not only look beautiful, but keep on looking great for a long time ahead. This is achieved in part by using very strong, 25 Ply nylon thread which does not deteriorate even if exposed to excessive moisture or UV rays. It can even withstand super hot temperatures reaching up to 200ºC! It may sound overly cautious, but our bean bags are intended to last a lifetime. The thread colour also matches the fabric colours of the bean bags. We feel the details make all the difference.

The Details


If you are apprehensive about the safety of our bean bags, we have your concerns well covered. Safety zippers are a big feature of our products. These have an in-built trigger which has to be elevated with a paper clip so that the zipper can be moved. No matter how much rough and tumble you or your children subject the bean bags to, there won't be any spills, scratches or snags to worry about. So get bouncy and have a good jump on them!


All details regarding safety are important to us. To go one step further with our safety zippers, we incorporate a raised piece of fabric which overhangs and hides away the zipper clasp when it is closed. It's how we ensure there aren't any exposed metal parts and that the bean bag remains closed.


As far as periods of development go, ours was rather stretched out. Before we ever went to market to sell our bean bags, we conducted our trials and tests to ensure our product is of the best quality. And so for many long months, we tested materials and refined our handcrafting processes, creating bean bags that are flexibly suited to the contemporary Australian lifestyle.

Our bean bags are quite exceptional. We spend a long time handling and handcrafting them, and we are hesitant to let any go unless we're satisfied each detail is perfect. This is why each one is carefully inspected so that it meets our standards before leaving our workshop. We check to ensure that every thread line is properly stitched, every safety zipper works as it ought to and the fabric is free from any imperfections. It's because we know such small things make an enormous difference in the long run of the product. And it also satisfies that need we have to make things just right.


There's a whole different approach to making things by hand, as opposed to mass manufacture. There is an element of care and attention that goes into it to ensure that each item is the best that it can be. That kind of quality is immediately apparent when you see and touch the item. And importantly, it translates into a product that remains durable and beautiful over time.

Bliss Bean Bags is part of a growing movement to bring back the human touch in a small manufacturing operation.We are a quality driven brand, where craftsmanship comes first. So you can feel the connective quality of an item crafted by human hand, created for human use. Feel the difference between having and using an item that disintegrates and quickly becomes landfill, and one that is especially designed to stay intact and last.

We have extensively tested each of our bean bag designs to ensure that they not only look appealing, but are also functional, safe, hygienic and can adapt to the way that they are used by people. Both indoors and out.Our bean bags stay intact and beautiful despite years of harsh sunshine or lots of pouring rain. That's because we have spent years researching the very best materials – fabric, thread, zippers, safety elements – to allow us to create something unique: bean bags with a lifetime warranty.

To make it easier we have a configuration tool which allows you to choose between various designs and colours to ensure you are


The bean bags we purchased are used in our business classrooms. Students are loving them. - Gail N.

We have three young children and I was initially concerned about durability- but this won't be an issue - LAURA M.