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Inspire Productivity with Office Bean Bags

Times have changed in the corporate world. Clients like Google have set the stage for relaxed, open and creative work environments designed to stimulate not only productivity, but creativity and collaboration. One by one other firms have followed suit – Lego, Adroll, LivingSocial, and more, crafting office spaces filled with bright, colourful décor, and comfortable soft furnishing like bean bag lounger chairs.

So, why would a company intentionally provide their staff with the opportunity to sit back and get a little too comfy? There are multiple benefits to this approach, as American insurance giant Kaiser Permanente found when they researched firms for inspiration during a building redesign. What they found was that companies like Oracle, are using a different approach to the office environment – and it’s working.

When you think about it, these results make sense.

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Encourage Teamwork

Bean bag seating works especially well with the burgeoning trend of larger, more open spaces which foster collaboration and help keep the lines of communication open, all of which leads to increased productivity among your teams. The non-traditional colours and even models which accommodate more than one person stimulate creativity and prevent employees from becoming stagnant and isolated.

Inspire Individuality

When workers are comfortable – physically and mentally – they tend to come out of their shells and let the creativity flow. Bean bags in the workplace can contribute to people letting their guards down, which unleashes ideas and inspiration which might not otherwise come to the surface in a bland, physically uncomfortable environment. This benefits everyone and everything throughout the company – including the bottom line.

Make Them Want to Stay

No one wants to sit around any longer than necessary in an office, withstanding hard chairs, harsh lighting, and dull surroundings. But the fact is that many times workers are expected to work overtime or at least put in extra time on special projects. Unique and relaxing furniture like bean bag chairs can help keep your staff from wanting to run out the door as quickly as possible, improving not only productivity but the general morale throughout the office.

Attract New Talent

Every company wants the best of the best on their team. These days, though, that means having something special to offer in order to recruit the most talented workers. If you’re hesitant to drastically change the landscape of your workplace, it’s relevant to understand that research shows this can increase your chances of getting better people to work for you.

One study by the British Council of Offices showed that 60% of workers claimed increased productivity in a comfortable work environment. In addition, the What Workers Want Report found that 43% of people ages 18 – 24 want to work in non-traditional offices, while just 28% prefer a standard corporate environment.

One IT firm in Melbourne found that the results spoke for themselves when it added bean bags, games, and other casual elements to its offices. Loyalty and productivity both increased, along with profits. This also means less money spent recruiting and training because employee turnover rates go down.

Bliss Bean Bags are a simple, durable, hygienic way to take your workplace to the next level, and turn it into an environment where your staff enjoys being, which means everyone is happier and the entire company benefits.

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