Large bean bags

Large bean bags can transform your space in a striking, bold and whimsical way. At Bliss Bean Bags, we have created big bean bags which include the King Bean Bag design, a stylised giant-size cushion, the Circular Chair, with its big platform base which elevates the sitter, and the Circular Bean Bag, which is a large multipurpose platform of fun. You have the opportunity to create a distinct piece in the color of your choice. And with over 120 color combinations, we can make an item that is unique to your taste. We handcraft all our bean bags with great attention to detail, and have researched all materials that we use to ensure they stand the test of time in terms of aesthetics, safety, hygiene and durability. Made from marine grade vinyl, the bean bags are suitable for use both in and outdoors and are resilient to the ill effects of all types of weather – from searing sunshine to relentless rain without fading, disintegrating or going moldy. From a safety perspective, the bean bags are easy to clean and fire retardant and designed to last a lifetime. We stand by each piece we make with a lifetime warranty so you can have peace of mind that you really are purchasing top quality.