Our lounge bean bags take the idea of bean bags to a whole new plane. For us, that means a world of carefully crafted, modern designs that not only blend nicely with all your other furniture, but feel just as comfortable to sit in. They are designed to enhance the look of your lounge room with striking contemporary colors and shapes. Our designers have taken things further, incorporating their observations about how the bean bags are used and ensure that the weight distribution stays even. You can choose from single chair designs including the Arm Chair or Lounge Chair, or double seater designs such as the Two Seater Lounger which features material in the centre to maintain even distribution of beans. The greatest benefit though is the sheer flexibility of choosing bean bag furniture and what it means for your lifestyle. Frequent house moves are no longer a burden if the lounge can be packed down and moved with ease by one person. You can even pack them right down without the beans when moving big distances – then just purchase the new beans inexpensively at your new destination. And with a lifetime warranty, whether you have a nomadic lifestyle or not, they will stay looking good no matter where you are.