Express your individuality by selecting from a number of contemporary styles of our chair bean bags in whichever color combination appeals to you most. Your chair may start off being an adjunct to your other furniture, but if comments from our customers are anything to go by, you're likely to get rather fond of sitting in your particular chair, and quickly favor it. You can choose from many different shapes, including the Luxury Lounger with its high back, the large sized Circular Chair with its elevating round base, the Lounge Chair, or the old retro favorite, the Classic Tear Drop bean bag. On the smaller scale, we have the popular Kids' Chair with its smaller dimensions, and on the larger scale, you could choose from the Unwind Recline Lounger or Flip Chair, both of which can be folded out and used as a day bed, or folded under to provide elevation and a comfortable, stylish chair to sit on. We have made every effort to ensure these bean bags are well designed and comfortable. And years of research have led us to using the most optimal materials – from the marine grade vinyl fabric to the super-strong 25 Ply thread and safety zippers – to make, quite simply, the best chair bean bags available.