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Gamer Chair

indoor / outdoor use
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  • 70cm x 70cm
  • Modern Design
  • 175 Litres of Beans Req.
  • Outdoor/Indoor Use
  • Made in Australia
  • Lifetime Warranty
This is a lounge chair with a twist. Modelled on contemporary lounge chairs, this super-comfortable, trendy chair is as much at home alongside your game room furniture in the house as it is out near the pool. Or the verandah. Or the park, for that matter... It’s a BYO lounge chair that makes any space extremely comfortable. It’s easy to keep clean, and is UV and water proof. And did we mention it’s a tiny fraction the weight of your regular lounge chairs means you can change the look of any room in seconds.

Product Description

  • 70cm x 70cm
  • Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • Suits any location
  • Made in Australia
  • 175 Litres of Beans Req.
  • Lifetime Warranty

Our Fabric

Marine grade vinyl became our fabric of choice after extensive testing. Its long lasting, safe and its aesthetic attributes are ideal for creating our quality bean bags with a lifetime warranty. Pick from 120 colour combinations

Our Thread


Sometimes, good looks just aren't enough. So we create bean bags that not only look fantastic, but continue to do so with the passage of time. We achieve this by using top quality materials, and that includes using exceptionally strong 25 Ply thread which is resistant to water and heat damage. And by that, we mean dampness from pouring rain, and continuous searing heat from the sun. In fact, the thread is resistant to heat of up to 200ºC! Our intention is after all to create bean bags to last a lifetime. The thread also matches beautifully with the fabric colours that you pick when ordering your bean bags.

The Details


If safety is a concern for you, we have this aspect totally covered. Literally so. When we make our bean bags, we use safety zippers with a safety trigger that needs to be raised witha paper clip in order to open or close. It doesn't matter how much mucking about or rough handling your bean bags are subjected to. An accidental scratch, snag or bean spill is nothing to fear. So get set to jump on them, knowing it is completely fine to do so.


We have a strong sense of detail. So to up the ante of safety, we have incorporated a raised piece of fabric that covers the safety zippers after they've been closed. It's our way of ensuring that any metal edges are tucked away and the bean bags cannot be opened accidentally.


Our period of development was uncommonly long. Our trials and errors were all made before we ever sold our first bean bag. Over a span of countless months, we perfected the structure, balance and safety of our bean bag designs. We also ensured that they were appropriate for withstanding the varied conditions of life in Australia – from searing sunshine to tropical downpours.

The bean bags that we make are extra special. We spend extensive hours on the tactile process of forging them by hand, and we just won't let them go unless we're satisfied all details are correct. So before we send them off to their new homes, we inspect every piece, ensuring that all thread lines are correctly stitched, the safety zippers function as needed and that the fabric is free from imperfections. We stand proudly by each piece and feel that such details make all the difference over time. Of course, it also satisfies our need for perfectionism!


There's a whole different approach to making things by hand, as opposed to mass manufacture. There is an element of care and attention that goes into it to ensure that each item is the best that it can be. That kind of quality is immediately apparent when you see and touch the item. And importantly, it translates to a product that remains durable and beautiful over the long run.

Bliss Bean Bags is part of a growing movement to bring back the human touch in a small manufacturing operation.We are a quality driven brand, where craftsmanship comes first. So you can feel the connective quality of an item crafted by human hand, created for human use. Feel the difference between having and using an item that disintegrates and quickly becomes landfill, and one that is especially designed to stay intact and last.

We have extensively tested each of our bean bag designs to ensure that they not only look appealing, but are also functional, safe, hygienic and can adapt to the way that they are used by people. Both indoors and out.Our bean bags stay intact and beautiful despite years of harsh sunshine or lots of pouring rain. That's because we have spent years researching the very best materials – fabric, thread, zippers, safety elements – to allow us to create something unique: bean bags with a lifetime warranty.

To make it easier we have a configuration tool which allows you to choose between various designs and colours to ensure you are


The bean bags we purchased are used in our business classrooms. Students are loving them. - Gail N.

We have three young children and I was initially concerned about durability- but this won't be an issue - LAURA M.

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