Quality Bean Bags and What to Look For

We all have a story of a bean bag exploding and filling a room with tiny white bean filling. And nobody wants to clean that up. Buying a quality bean bag, means a durable product that can take the beating of children jumping on them. They won’t come apart at the seams. Won’t crack due […]

NRL Bean Bags

Looking for a custom bean to match your favourite NRL team? We custom make bean bags with dual colours. These are designed to match any team as seen below. When it comes to finding bean bags with branding we have listed official sites below to make it easier for you as well. Popular Colour Choices […]

bean bag fabrics

What Makes The Best Bean Bag Fabric

Bean Bags are now seen as another form of furniture. Especially with the designs available today. This means there are plenty of fabrics just like those used on sofas and outdoor furniture which work for bean bags as well. The best fabric for indoor bean bags is a linen or natural fibre, it feels the […]

bean bag cleaning

How to Clean a Bean Bag

It is frustrating when your new bean bag is stained. I have tested many ways to clean fabrics and I hope these step-by-step actions help. If you have a vinyl bean bag, they are the easiest type of bean bag to clean as there isn’t a weave for stains to be caught in. If water […]

What Makes The Best Dog Bean Bag?

Dog bean bags are popular and for good reason. Dogs love them, however picking the right one can be tricky. You don’t won’t to get one your dog won’t like because it’s too soft or too firm. And you want to make sure they can use it for years to come. Especially if they end […]

waterproof bean bags outdoors

The Definitive Guide to Waterproof Bean Bags

This guide will explain everything you need to know about waterproof bean bags. Discover the difference between 100% waterproof and ‘water resistant’ bean bags. And what questions to ask when looking for one. I have also listed product images to buy online if it helps.   This is a longer guide, so feel free to […]