Heavy-Duty Bean Bags – Commercial Grade

Not everyone imagines a bean bag to be a strong, ‘heavy duty’ seating option. To the contrary, bean bags made from tough materials can be a great solution for environments that need durable seating. At Bliss Bean Bags, we use the latest and greatest production techniques to make our bean bags soft, comfortable and extremely […]

personalised bean bag options

Personalised Bean Bags | Every Option Listed

Just what exactly is personalising a bean bag, you may wonder? Well, it’s giving you, or even your business, the opportunity to express yourself. To be noticed. You see, here at Bliss Bean Bags, our bean bags come in shapes, sizes and colours that will suit any room, any person, or any ambiance. So, if […]

Google Bean Bags | An Inside Look

We’ve all seen the pictures of Google’s bean bags, massive slides, relaxation pods, and hammocks. Google’s offices are a source of envy to many office workers. Today we take a look at Google bean bags across their worldwide offices. The Google bean bags served to show that the company was dedicated to the well being […]