Commercial bean bags

Commercial Bean Bag Choices | Photos + Links Included

I think you will agree when I say:

Commercial grade bean bags need to be much stronger than “common” home use bean bags.

commercial outdoor bean bags

Because of this you might also be thinking your choice is limited.

Great news is, this isn’t the case at all.

This page will share the options you have and give you some ideas on what will work best for your space.

Please feel free to click through the “Table of Contents”  headings below to skip ahead at any time.

Table of Contents

Heavy-duty bean bag covers – Strongest bean bags
Commercial grade outdoor bean bags
Personalised commercial bean bags
Office bean bags
Hospital grade bean bags
Bean bags for events
Sporting team bean bag
School & University bean bags

Heavy-Duty Bean Bag Covers


When looking for the strongest bean bags around we need to rate them in order of materials used.

All bean bags need to be made of a heavy duty material material, the thicker the better.

Unfortunately, if the material is too thick it won’t be able to be sewn even with commercial sewing machines.

bean bag sewing machine

The strongest materials to use are leather or commercial grade vinyl.

The strength of leather has been proven for 1000’s of years, the only issue with using a natural material is that it requires tanning and upkeep such as conditioning as time goes on.

Also, leather can be quite costly after it is processed and ready to be used as a bean bag.

That is why commercial grade vinyl is a great choice for the general public.

The exact vinyl we use for our bean bags is also used:

• On stadium seating, such as on the seats of Wimbledon Stadium
• In gym’s and on hospital furniture
• On break out areas of shopping centres

And in many other applications.

commercial use of vinyl
Commercial Grade Vinyl – Used in Many Ways


Due to how well the fabric holds up against tough environments it can be used just about anywhere.


commercial grade bean bag material

The benefit of using commercial grade vinyl is that it’s:

1. Waterproof
2. UV resistant – Won’t crack in the sun
3. Hypoallergenic
4. Mould and Mildew resistant
5. Fire retardant
6. Stain resistant
7. Scratch resistant

Commercial Grade – Outdoor Bean Bags


Our commercial grade vinyl is weather proof and is used on the interiors and exteriors of large yachts and boats. So, whether you need pool bean bags or bean bags for outdoor events they will work fine.

The joy of using bean bags for outdoor events is how easily you can move them around unlike traditional furniture which is just too heavy.

Creating an outdoor setting for any area can be put together in a matter of moments.

outdoor commercial bean bags
Low Lounger Bean Bag


So, your clients and staff can enjoy some time out.

The King bean bag shown below is a popular choice for commercial when it comes to outdoor bean bags as they can be easily stacked on top of one another and shipped from location to location with minimal effort.

Such as the bean bags we supplied to Australia’s Next Top Model TV Show:

And here are the same bean bags in the backyard of the Top Model house:

They can also fit more than one person if your space is calling out for a “friendlier” gathering.

Personalised – Commercial Bean Bags


We offer the choice to design your own bean bags, however to take personalisation to the next level we also offer an embroidery service to match any logo or artwork to exact specifications.

As the fabric is stain resistant, embroidery is the only way we brand our bean bags to ensure that logo’s won’t peel off or crack away due to sun exposure.

We have over 600 thread colours to match any graphic sent to us and have helped many corporate clients such as these below:

Every logo is precisely matched to any Pantone Code you have.

We understand the importance of keeping everything on brand.

personalised bean bag logos
Bean Bag Personalisation – Branding

Office Bean Bags


Huge tech companies such as Google and Apple HQ are filled with bean bags.

They encourage collaboration, reduce stress levels in an office environment and make it so much easier to relax.

Plus; having the option to shift from traditional desks has helped creative agencies excel.

Hospital Grade Bean Bags


Bean Bags are very popular for recovery and rehabilitation. Due to the nature of them being soft they are safe to keep among children’s wards and mental health departments.

If you need a detailed fabric specification (or fabric sample) for a job, please let us know.

Hospital bean bags
Circular Lounger Bean Bag – Used in Hospitals


You can use high grade chemicals on our bean bags. It won’t cause the colours to bleach out or weaken the fabric in anyway.

As the bean bags resist stains naturally and water will remove 90% of tough stains, strong cleaning chemicals are not needed.

However, we understand rules and regulations for medical environments are there for a reason.

Bean Bags for Events


Outdoor cinemas, music festivals, food festivals and outdoor markets are just some examples where bean bags work incredibly well.

Easy to clean and easy to adjust positions.

Because you can personalise them, it means they will fulfill even the most specific briefs.

Whether your event is indoors or out, there are a large range of styles that work for events.

From day bed bean bags to ottomans (both shown in the picture below):

bean bags for events

Sporting Team Bean Bags


It is safe to say that Australian’s are united by sport.

We could almost guarantee a rugby, soccer, tennis or cricket match would be playing in a pub somewhere in Australia right now.

And undoubtedly the best seat in the house would be at the live event.

With our “design your own” feature any bean bag style can be created with two tone colours. The benefit of this is that can match your team colours.

We have proudly supported countless sporting organisations across Australia, even our very own Australian Olympic Team.

bean bags olympics
Tear Drop Bean Bag Used By Our Olympians


If you would like to have a chat about how we can personalise our bean bags for your team let us know.

School & University Bean Bags


After supplying 100’s of daycare centres, schools, colleges and universities in both the public and private sector for years word of mouth marketing has helped spread the word.

Since they are designed to last a lifetime, this certainly appeals to teachers with one less thing to worry about.

Handmade in Australia, we have the flexibility to create something truly unique.

Australian made bean bags

Mixing and matching styles works well for classrooms and common rooms.

Below are the popular choices for Schools and Universities:

Grand Lounger Bean Bag
Tear Drop Bean Bag
Gamer Chair Bean Bag




From workplace bean bags to schools and everything in between commercial bean bags are a great choice for the flexibility, durability and the ease of moving from place to place.

They hold up extremely well to stains and can be personalized making them the perfect decision for clients who want their brand to stand out at events or office locations.

We have been making commercial grade bean bags for years and understand the importance of delivery deadlines and lead times.

If you have any other questions at all, or simply would like an opinion about which bean bags might work best for your next project please reach out and let us know. We are happy to help.

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