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Backyard Bean Bags

People often wonder if bean bags can be used in their backyard. Absolutely they can. So, what makes a great backyard bean bag?   A great bean bag for your backyard is one that is waterproof, heat resistant, mould and mildew resistant, and stain resistant.   Today I will elaborate on why these features are […]

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The Definitive Guide to Waterproof Bean Bags

This guide will explain everything you need to know about waterproof bean bags. Discover the difference between 100% waterproof and ‘water resistant’ bean bags. And what questions to ask when looking for one. I have also listed product images to buy online if it helps.   This is a longer guide, so feel free to […]

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Coastal Bean Bags – Listing The Best Designs

When picking a coastal bean bag, it needs to be extremely durable. And above all it has to look great and melt away stress every time you sit in it. Arguably, outdoor bean bags need to be tick a lot of boxes, especially if you want them to last in Coastal conditions In this post […]

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Bean Bags as Outdoor Furniture

Let’s face it – living in Australia has more than a few benefits: fascinating histories, friendly people, incredible beaches, and don’t forget about the weather – our incredible weather! We’re pretty lucky here because we can spend so much time outside. Prawns on the barbie, drinks with friends, or just relaxing and enjoying the sun […]