Bean Bags as Outdoor Furniture

Let’s face it – living in Australia has more than a few benefits: fascinating histories, friendly people, incredible beaches, and don’t forget about the weather – our incredible weather! We’re pretty lucky here because we can spend so much time outside. Prawns on the barbie, drinks with friends, or just relaxing and enjoying the sun are all great ways to enjoy the outdoors. So whether you’re taking a little rest and relaxation break for yourself or entertaining friends, why not do it in style while using bean bags as outdoor furniture?

Bean bags come in a variety of colours so you can match the paint on your house or the garden in your backyard. You can get a matching set or let everyone in the family pick their own colour.

The choice is yours.

Toss your favourite coloured one onto the grass while watching a laid back game of rugby or choose a cool blue colour to blend in while next to the water in your pool. The colours are as varied as the places you can use your bean bags.

Beside the wide range of colours, using bean bags as outdoor furniture is a great idea for several reasons.

Bean bags are easily portable, unlike the furniture in your house. You don’t need two burly men just to move them. You can easily toss a couple in your car for heading to the neighbours bbq or relaxing under the shade trees at the park.


Outdoor bean bag lounge
Outdoor bean bags

Bean bags are also available in a number of different sizes and styles.

If you’re looking for a single bean bag for relaxing in while finishing that enthralling summer novel, we’ve got you covered. Or maybe you’re looking for a little romantic time with your sweetie under the moonlit sky, yes; we’ve got double sized ones too!

One of the greatest reasons for using bean bags as outdoor furniture is how easy they are to clean.

Unlike some outdoor furniture where you have to take the cushions off and clean underneath, there is no place for dirt or food to hide. A gentle wipe with a cloth and mostly everything comes off.

While there are so many reasons to use beans bags as outdoor furniture, the most important one is comfort. Once you sink into one of our comfortable bean bags:

  • You won’t want to get up
  • The bean bags conform to your natural weight distribution
  • Makes the perfect seat for anyone at any time

The fact they they come in a variety of colours and sizes, portable, durable, and easy to clean are just some of the reasons bean bags make a great choice for outdoor furniture.

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