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Coastal Bean Bags – Listing The Best Designs

When picking a coastal bean bag, it needs to be extremely durable.

And above all it has to look great and melt away stress every time you sit in it.

Arguably, outdoor bean bags need to be tick a lot of boxes, especially if you want them to last in Coastal conditions

In this post (filled with design ideas as well) I state the elements that should be thought through before purchasing any bean bag. And highlight the best styles for the coming year.

So with that to one side, lets jump straight into it…

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Bean Bag Materials for Coastal living
Coastal Design Elements
Hamptons Style Bean Bags
Best Coastal Throws and Cushions
Outdoor Bean Bags

Bean Bag Materials for Coastal living


Soft durable fabrics certainly make any space luxurious to rest in.

So, we opted for Marine grade fabrics to hand make our bean bags.

The exact same fabric used on the interiors and exteriors of luxury yachts and boats.

large coastal boat


The fabric is soft to touch and is:

• Antimicrobial
• Flame resistant
• Stain resistant
• Waterproof
• Chlorine & Salt proof (in case you have a pool, no need to worry about bleaching colours away)

Funnily enough the same fabric is used on the stadium seating of Wimbledon, so it can certainly take a beating. (No pun intended)

Coastal Design Elements


When opting for coastal colours we recommend the advice from Samantha Bacon

Focus on the surrounding area you are living in and work with what you have first.

There are also some great tips about the right plants to use when it comes to garden design as well in the link above.

Regarding colour choice this is a great pallet to follow.

Softer more neutral colours can work well against a dark blue such as this:


blue and white bean bag


Another option to consider is choosing white or neutral colours and dressing up bean bags with throw rugs or cushions:

sofa bean bag with cushion

If you feel like throwing the rule book out and designing a bean bag that speaks directly to you, then you might want to create a bold statement.

Such as this colour combination of purple and white (All our bean bags are designed by you and made to order).


sofa bean bag

The added benefit of working with natural weaves and combining them with Marine grade vinyl, mean you get the best of both worlds.

Durability with lasting comfort and the freedom to chop and change the accessories to dress up your coastal space.

Hamptons Style Bean Bags


White it seems white and more white is the framework for Hampton’s style design. This great combination of style ideas shares some great ideas on what would work for your space:



The idea that a touch of another colour (even just light grey) can frame clean design is a popular choice.

Such as this simple idea design below:


The added benefit of having white furniture that resists stains is a God send. I have a beautiful 2 year old at home and her cute little fingers always tell a story of what she did that day.

My bean bags at home are all white and it has never been an issue as long as I have a damp cloth to go over the bean bags, especially if tomato sauce was on the menu that day!

Best Coastal Throws and Cushions


The added benefit of a blank canvas means you can spoil yourself and invest in cushions and throws that make any bean bag a stand out feature.

Such as these additional Hamptons cushion style design ideas

However, having fun with coastal design means spreading your colour choices out a little when it comes to accessorising.

Such as ideas shared on this houzz post.

A light and bright throw rug or blanket can also make any coastal lounge setting look extremely inviting.

If you plan on using your bean bags indoors or out, it’s not a major issue for the designs we craft.

They can be permanently left outdoors no matter the weather.

You can use throws you already own and dress up the bean bags for entertaining outside, then when it comes time to packing up, it is simply as easy as putting your cushions and rugs back from where they came from.

Outdoor Bean Bags


For outdoor bean bags to last, they need to made of materials which are waterproof, stain resistant (since a lot of dirt that is carried by rain) and entirely UV resistant.

day bed bean bag outdoors

I will get on to the damage the sun can cause in a moment.

Firstly, it is worth mentioning that no bean bags are entirely watertight.

Circular Ottoman Bean Bag

Even if the fabric is waterproof, water will seep through stitch lines, zipper lines and find it’s way in the bean bag itself.

This is completely fine; as long as you leave any bean bags out to dry and don’t bring them in if you can feel water pooled inside.

The problem comes from the possibility of mould and mildew growing within (or on the outside of a bean bag)

Be sure mould and mildew resistant compounds are bedded into the fabric itself and not coated on afterwards (The latter approach will simply wear off over time.)

Pair of Grand Lounger Bean Bags

The sun can actually cause more damage than water.

If used in direct sunlight you will want your bean bags to still look bright after Summer has ended (Not faded or patchy just because you had a couple of 35+ degree days.)

Another thing to consider is to ensure that any bean bag you opt for has UV resistant qualities built into the fabric as well.

These compounds (which are completely safe) simply disperse the Suns UV radiation in a much safer way without damaging the fabric.

The reason for this, is so over time your bean bags don’t crack, becoming worthless before the next beach season comes around.

The last point is to ensure the thread itself used to bind all the fabric panels together is also UV resistant.

Unfortunately if the main fabric panels resist UV radiation and the thread doesn’t, it is pointless in the long run.

bean bag thread
UV Resistant thread binds all our bean bags together

I am sure there are great options out there. From my own perspective however we only bind our bean bags together with Waterproof and UV resistant 25Ply Nylon thread.

This is the same thread used to craft sails on ocean going yachts, we just couldn’t come up with another option that might be better than this.



The idea of luxury bean bags for coastal design can create a great impression.

Especially if you can design your own and match your existing furniture and decor whether that is for use on your yard or indoors.

The benefit of marine bean bags is they are literally made for coastal living.

With bean bags that look like furniture you can purchase lounge chair bean bags and people won’t even know they are bean bags until they sit in them. Which I don’t think is a bad thing.

They can me moved around easily, without the need for huge muscles and bulging disks in your spine to get the look you want.

And if you want to change the layout of any room, simply move your bean bags around again in any way you choose. One handed if you want to be smug about it to your friends 😉

The bean bags we make right here in Australia are perfect for any use and are constantly used in commercial settings as well, so they are up for any job you put them up to.

If you have any questions about why our interior design clients opt for bean bags when they are fulfilling a coastal brief, please let us know.

Happy to share any advice which might help.

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