Woman working from home while sitting on bean bag, with a laptop on a lap

Best Bean Bags for Working From Home

If you work from home, you’ve probably tried to create a healthy working environment for yourself, including purchasing the perfect chair – so, what are the best bean bags when working from home? The most important things to look for in an office bean bag is that it is relaxing and comfortable. It should provide […]

are bean bags good for back pain

Are Bean Bags Good for Your Back?

Back conditions are an extremely common problem. Estimates from the Australian Bureau of Statistics have shown that roughly 16% of the Australian population – that’s approximately 4 million people – have back problems, and another 70-90% will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives. You may be left wondering – “Are […]

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The History of Bean Bags

Bean bags – what was once just seen as a hippie piece of furniture or a kiddie’s toy is now available in multiple sizes, shapes, fabrics and colours. They can be found in schools, resorts, behind your office desk, at café’s, cinemas, the houses of celebrities, indoors or outdoors, on a boat or on the […]

Chair bean bag

Bean Bag Chairs | List of Every Choice

Here at Bliss Bean Bags, we know that Bean Bag Chairs are a highly-regarded piece of furniture. Popular with everybody from schools and offices to cinemas or even sporting events, bean bag chairs are one of our most prized pieces.   So just what makes a bean bag chair so extraordinary, and what are your […]

list of bean bag cinemas Australia

List of All Bean Bag Cinemas in Australia

Everybody loves going to see a movie at the cinemas… and everybody loves a bean bag. But have you ever thought about going to sit in a bean bag while watching a movie at a cinema? One industry that has begun utilising the advantages of the extra support and vibrancy that bean bags bring is… […]

bean bag covers

Bean Bag Covers | The Ultimate Guide & How To Buy

The popularity of bean bags has skyrocketed in recent years. No longer just for kids, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can use them indoors or outdoors, such as to lounge around the pool, as an ergonomic chair behind your work desk, or even as a replacement for a sofa. So […]

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Most Comfortable Bean Bags | We Compile “The List”

Bean bags – not just for children, they are becoming increasingly popular, with a range of everything that can go indoors, outdoors, replace couches, and even assist with your health. So, the question is –  How do you find the most comfortable bean bag for you? Well, there is a trick to that. To find […]

man hammering bean bag

Ethically Produced Bean Bags | How to Buy Them Online

With a lot of talk recently about changes to society, the economy and the environment, one thing to contemplate is the consumer (you) purchasing ethical products. So, are you already, or are you perhaps interested in becoming an ethical bean bag consumer? Simply put, being an ethical consumer means buying products that have been manufactured […]

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Black Friday Bean Bag Sale + More

SALE… it’s one word that we all love to hear. Well, you’re in luck, because you’re going to hear A LOT of it today. If you don’t know much about Black Friday, it is the Friday that follows the Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Although we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, we are following […]

cool bean bags

Cool Bean Bags To Buy Online – (With Links and Photos)

Looking for Cool Bean Bags to liven up your room? The following post provides a summary of cool bean bags and describes how can add functionality and personality to your space. We have even listed a few bean bags we had never seen before at the very end of this post. So, let’s get right […]