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Most Comfortable Bean Bags | We Compile “The List”

Bean bags – not just for children, they are becoming increasingly popular, with a range of everything that can go indoors, outdoors, replace couches, and even assist with your health. So, the question is –  How do you find the most comfortable bean bag for you?

Well, there is a trick to that. To find the perfect, most comfortable bean bag for yourself, you must know exactly what it is that you want from your bean bag.

Sounds complicated, right? Well, I’m here to reassure you that it’s not at all. The most important things that you need to figure out are the size and fabric you require from a bean bag. Once you decide on these qualities, the rest is easy – simply choose from one of the options available to you. Once again, I’m here today to help you narrow down those options.

So, get excited, because you’re about to discover what perfect comfort looks like to you.

How Do I Find the Perfect Bean Bag Chair for Me?


There is a trick to finding a bean bag chair that is so comfortable it feels like it was made for you – all it takes is figuring out exactly what you want from your bean bag chair. Simply ask yourself the below questions;

What size are you looking for in a bean bag chair?

Remember – in this case, size matters, as the bean bag will help you in terms of posture and support. Do you want your bean bag chair to resemble a couch?

Or do you perhaps want something even bigger, like a bean bag you can lay on like a bed? When thinking of this, also consider where you want to place it in your house, and make sure you have the size to fit the bean bag you want.

What about the fabric?

Do you want something soft and warm, or something chic and stylish?

I’ll assist you with answering these questions with the knowledge below on why they are so important.

I’ll also provide you with a view of the range of our most comfortable bean bags, to help you in deciding just what you are looking for in a bean bag.


The size of a bean bag will assist you with;

Your Back Posture

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, self-reported figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2014–15 National Health Survey showed that 3.7 million people in Australia alone had back pain and problems, many of which are caused by poor posture.

But did you know that poor posture can be improved by the correct use of bean bags, such as improving back pain and problems for gamers?

After all, it is well known that poor posture is bad for our backs.

When we start to feel pressure in our backs, such as muscle tension or fatigue, the instant reaction from our bodies is to slouch, to ease those pressures. However, slouching causes poor posture, and if excessive strain is put on our muscles it can lead to further problems in future, such as:

• Back and other body aches and pain
• Headaches
• Issues with neck movement, causing improper head positioning (i.e. a backwards or forwards head posture)
• Stress on your knees, causing bent knees when standing and walking
• Rounded shoulders
• Potbelly
• Poor balance
• Fatigue
• Low self-esteem, mild depression
• Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome, resulting in jaw pain and difficulty chewing
• Poor breathing ability
• Further, more severe back problems
• Deteriorating joints
• A dysfunctional spine

It is highly recommended that you have the proper furniture to assist you with improving and maintaining good posture.

The furniture must not be too soft, must support your back, and, if to be used in your workplace, must be ergonomic (that is, designed for both comfort and productivity). Well, large bean bags tick all of those boxes!


Your furniture bag needs to be supportive, for the sake of your health and posture, yet still comfortable – well, a bean bag fits that perfect ‘grey area’ between too soft and too hard that we like to call “just right”.

The filling in your bean bag is very supportive, however it is still supple enough to conform to your body, allowing it to bend precisely to the shapes required for your body and your posture. This provides support to your spine, not only preventing you from worsening your back pain, but also teaching your muscles and joints how to align again properly.



Bean bag covers are made from a whole array of different fabrics. The type you choose will make a large impact on your levels of comfort and versatility, including;
• Whether your bean bag is indoors only or can be moved outdoors as well.
• How soft and warm your bean bag will be.
• How luxurious, chic and stylish your bean bag will look.

Fabrics that can be used indoors only include:
• Suede
• Silk
• Microsuede
• Faux fur (plush)
• Twill

Fabrics that are so trendy any fashionista would approve, yet versatile, comfortable, and designed to last – well, many would say these are best materials for a bean bag you could buy.

These include:
• Vinyl
• Nylon
• Corduroy
• Denim
• Linen

They may be more costly, but that’s only because they are ultra-luxurious. These fabrics include:
• Velvet
• Lambswool
• Leather

More affordable fabrics include:
• Cotton
• Polyester
• Olefin
• Faux leather


What Are Bliss Bean Bags Most Comfortable Bean Bags?


Bean bags in the garden


At Bliss Bean Bags, we have a great range of large, comfortable, supportive bean bags for you to choose from.

All of our bean bags are hand made to the exact design you choose, in the colour you want, with the versatility to move both indoors and outdoors. They are safe, hygienic and durable, so you can be guaranteed you will be purchasing nothing but comfort and quality.

Our range of most comfortable bean bags and their details are listed for you below;

Circular Lounger Bean Bag


White circular lounger
Bliss Bean Bags – Circular Lounge


Once you sit in this super-size bean bag, you’ll know why we’ve nick-named it the ‘bear hugger’. At 105cm x 80cm, it’s more than 1m across and 1m wide at the back, which makes it one of our biggest chairs, whose contours feel as though they are cuddling you. Its size makes it super comfortable, as you can easily move your body around into any position you want.

King Bean Bag


large king size bean bag
Waterproof Fabric – Double Day Bed with King Bean Bag Shown in Grey


At 165cm x 135cm, the King Bean Bag is like a super-sized cushion with the ability to be bent and shaped any which way you want. This makes it so cosy and comfortable for you to lay down and snuggle into.

Single Modular Sofa


Single modular sofa
Bliss Bean Bags – Single Modular Sofa


If you’re looking for both style and comfort in a sofa, then look no further than the Single Modular Sofa. At 90cm x 70cm, this is a bean bag with the resemblance of a sofa, meaning it will assist you with your back posture and support, whilst still being a stand-out, stylish design piece in your area. A foolproof idea, if you ask us.

Double Day Bed


(Please see image above with King Bean Bag – The Double day bed in white)

At 180cm x 120cm, our massive Double Day Bed is perfect for sharing with your bestie.

For an added level of comfort, the lounger is made with fabric through the middle, creating two sections – this leaves both sides with an even number of beans, even if one person moves, sits or stands up.

No more arguing over who is taking over half the bed or complaining about a person wriggling around – just total comfort with company.

Single Day Bed


Single day bed


At 180cm x 60cm the Single Day Bed is similar to the Double Day Bed but designed for an individual. Perfect for those who don’t like to share their space, you can lounge around comfortably inside or outside without a worry in the world.

Unwind Recliner


Lounge to chair bean bag convert
Unwind Recliner


Our Unwind Recliner was designed to take comfort and relaxation to the next level. At 150cm x 55cm when opened to full length, you have your own super comfortable day bed. Fold it up, and you have simply stunning, snug chair to sit on. Now that’s comfort and versatility at its finest.

Double Grand Lounger


bean bag ideas
Bliss Bean Bags – Double Grand Lounger (Shown in Centre)


One way to up the ante on a single sofa is to double it! At 110cm x 80cm, our Double Grand Lounger is style and comfort at a larger size. Whether you choose to lounge on it yourself or invite a friend, this is one of our largest pieces of furniture and will be supportive of your every movement.

Chaise Lounger


(Shown in the far right on photo above)

At 80cm x 65cm, the Chaise Lounger feels like absolute bliss. As soon as you sink into this bean bag, you can feel all the tension release in your body as it provides perfect support for your back, and has a great shoulder width, allowing your muscles and joints to begin to realign. Close your eyes, relax, and feel as though you are floating away on a cloud while the bean bag does all the work for you.

Double Modular Sofa


2 seater bean bag banner
Bliss Bean Bags – Double Modular Sofa


At 70cm x 135cm, the Double Modular Sofa takes the best of both traditional couches and modern bean bags, with its’ distinctive edges, lower proportions and unbelievable level of comfort. You can relax further knowing its versatility means there’s no need for concern when it needs moving to sweep behind either!



Finding the perfect bean bag for you, and your level of comfort, involves some thought into what suits your individual needs. Size is an important factor, as a large bean bag will help with you posture and back support.

Fabric is another thing you must take into consideration, as to whether you want a stand-out piece, or something soft and warm. Depending on your personality, you may end up with something a little smaller and more casual, or you may choose something larger and super-stylish.

Perhaps you’re choosing a bean bag because you want to cuddle up next to a loved one, so a Double is a better option. Either way, hopefully after reading this article you have more of an idea regarding what you wish to choose and how bean bags can help improve not only the quality of your room but also your health.

Here at Bliss Bean Bags, it’s our passion to make comfortable, quality bean bags to the exact design that you want. Still confused, not entirely sure what you want, or have any questions? Feel free to Contact Us, we’re always happy to help.

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