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Bean Bag Chairs | List of Every Choice

Here at Bliss Bean Bags, we know that Bean Bag Chairs are a highly-regarded piece of furniture.

Popular with everybody from schools and offices to cinemas or even sporting events, bean bag chairs are one of our most prized pieces.

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So just what makes a bean bag chair so extraordinary, and what are your choices?

Well, they are the most versatile seating option, as they can be used indoors or outdoors, such as relaxing whilst watching a movie or playing video games, providing support whilst working on a computer, or creating a laidback setting for a table at a cafeteria.

grey bean bags
Our range of light grey bean bags. (Also available in dark grey colours)


All the while they still offer health benefits that other furniture will not, such as preventing or reducing any existing back pain, correcting bad posture and other poor sitting habits.

They also come with so many other benefits, including providing cosy, casual comfort without having to set up awkward, uncomfortable and most of all irritating chairs, reducing stress, inspiring individuality, encouraging teamwork, and they can be fully customised to suit you or your business.

If you’re a little overwhelmed about how just one simple bean bag chair can do all of this and more, read on – you’re about to be fascinated by what you learn.

Bean Bag Chairs and Your Back


We have discussed before in our article “Are Bean Bags Good for Your Back” just how much a bean bag can assist with reducing pain and tension from your back.

However, Bean Bag Chairs in particular are often used in places such as behind a computer desk, as they are an ideal piece of furniture designed to hold your back up.


The benefits of using a Bean Bag Chair include

• Its filling conforms to your body – Whether you choose to your expanded polystyrene (EPS) beans or a DIY substance, the filling of a bean bag chair actually conforms to your body, supporting it in any position you wish to sit. This means that you no longer must fit your body to the chair, but rather the chair will fit to your body.

• They are made to adapt to every one of every size – Despite of what your age, size, weight, shape or height may be, you will find a bean bag chair that is comfortable for you.

• They will improve your posture – The fact that bean bag chairs support your body means no more sitting in awkward, unnatural or crooked positions, and no more slouching, straining your neck, or other forms of poor posture or bad sitting habits, such as tucking your legs up underneath you or crossing them whilst on behind a computer desk. This is especially convenient for people who work long hours in an office and as a result, experience back pain.

Importance of good Posture - Grand Lounger Bean Bag
Importance of good Posture – Grand Lounger Bean Bag


• Back pain is reduced and your muscles and joints learn how to realign themselves – Any tension, pain, or undue stress that you may be feeling from sitting with poor posture in uncomfortable positions for extensive periods of time can be reduced simply by replacing an office chair with a bean bag chair.

The support a Bean Bag Chair provides to your spine, muscles, joints and bones whilst you sit, allows you to improve your posture whilst you work and reduces pressure and pain in your shoulders, lower spine, hips, gluteal muscles and your sciatic nerves. As it properly supports your spine, it also teaches your muscles and joints to align properly again.

Comfort and therapy in the form of a bean bag chair… if you can’t have one in your office, the least you can do is treat yourself to one in your home, where you can relax whilst enjoying all of its benefits. I’ll now discuss all of the great places where Bean Bag Chairs can be used.

Where to Use Bean Bag Chairs


In modern society, many people are using Bean Bag Chairs instead of traditional furniture. Available in many different shapes, sizes, colours, and fabrics, a high-quality bean bag chair is designed to last and can be just the splash of colour needed to bring any room or outdoor setting to life – or, alternatively, a soft, subtle tone can be chosen to lighten the mood of the room.

Bean Bag Chairs are commonly used:

With Tables

Often found in restaurants, hotels or cafeterias, you could also use Bean Bag Chairs surrounding your own table, if you wish to create more of a laid-back, informal setting.

The idea behind using Bean Bag Chairs at these tables is that they allow people to relax. Choose between vibrant colours or delicate shades, but either way the soft, gentle support of the bean bag chair will help people feel more at ease.

They are also extremely versatile, so can be easily rearranged to fit multiple people at a table, are available in a variety of colours to suit any setting, practical and most of all, fun!


In recent years, Bean Bag Chairs are being used at schools and universities in place of traditional seating. It has been found that school furniture should enable the children’s ability to express themselves and participate in tasks, as well as enhance their creativity, energy and interest in activities.

It has also been found that uncomfortable furniture in dull colours such as grey (which is common in many schools) suppress their imagination, restraining their mental state, and creating a lack of confidence and low energy levels. On the other hand, however, bright colours encourage creativity, intelligence, confidence, interaction, trust, and harmony.

Another benefit of Bean Bag Chairs in schools is their safety – according to the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority, all furniture in a setting designed for children should allow for safe use and minimise accidents, which will assist children with enhancing independence, confidence, and self-esteem.

This includes taking into consideration the surface material, corners, weight, and stability. Bean Bag Chairs abides to the safe sitting regulations much better than items such as backless stools.

Bliss Bean Bags is lucky enough to have served schools and universities including;




We have also crafted bean bags for Twitter in Sydney
Like Google – We have also crafted bean bags for Twitter in Sydney


Hooray – yes, you can use Bean Bag Chairs at your office! As a matter of fact, one of the best places to use them is behind your computer desk or in conferences.

It has been proven that when employees are more comfortable, they tend to be more productive and more motivated, which is beneficial to the company as a whole. Creating a relaxing environment for workers can also prevent staff from wanting to leave and improves the overall office morale.

Bean Bag Chairs have overtaken traditional seating in many offices, as they have a great reputation for encouraging teamwork, especially in larger, more open spaces, which is a more common working environment in recent years.

This allows the communication between the co-workers to flow, leading to increased efficiency amongst your team. Once again, the brighter colours and even stepping outside the box with Bean Bag Chairs that accommodate more than one person help to stimulate creativity and prevent workers from becoming inactive and feeling isolated.

Bliss Bean Bags is lucky enough to have served well-known companies such as, Google, Sony and Yamaha

Cinema Rooms

Due to their comfortability, versatility, durability and easiness to both set-up and clean-up, indoor and outdoor cinemas all over Australia are using Bean Bag Chairs to spice up their events. To find a cinema close to you that’s adding a bit of extra fun, flair and support to their atmosphere in the shape of a bean bag chair, see our article List of All Bean Bag Cinemas in Australia.

Lounge Rooms

You can even use a Bean Bag Chair in your very own lounge room. Use it instead of a couch and play video games whilst sitting in the chair or watching television. The Bean Bag Chair can be designed homely, and they are versatile so you can move them anywhere you want. They are also cheap – an affordable alternative for a couch, and it will be a stand-out piece to your lounge room.

Event Seating i.e. Corporate Events


Bean Bag Chairs are a great option for extra seating. Available in a variety of colours and comfortable and cosy, they are suitable for every event, from a company party to a family event.

A collection of inviting, relaxing, comfortable Bean Bag Chairs will instantly put everyone at ease, meaning everyone will have a better time at your event. Even better, you can customer your event seating with your company logo or any other embroidered design you wish.

Bliss Bean Bags is lucky enough to have worked at some of the events and with some of the event companies below;

Event Seating i.e. Sporting Events

Bean Bag Chairs are the ideal solution for a sporting event – they give you the opportunity to view your team from a comfortable, enjoyable vantage point. Bring your own and there’s no more awkward and uncomfortable folding chairs or getting messy and missing the view sitting on the grass.

Bliss Bean Bags is lucky enough to have worked with some of the sporting associations below;


Relax your mind as well as your body by performing certain types of exercises, such as yoga or meditation on your Bean Bag Chair.

Practicing mediation in a Bean Bag Chair is an added benefit, as people hold a lot of stress in their shoulders after working all day with them hunched over. However, whilst sitting in your bean bag chair, try and imagine sliding your shoulder blades down your body, whilst you pull them closer together. This motion will straighten your spine into an almost neutral posture. The Bean Bag Chair will support your spine whilst doing so, helping reduce any pain you may be holding in your back.

The Advantages of Bean Bag Chairs vs. Traditional Bean Bags

It’s hard not to get a Bean Bag Chair confused with the many other types of bean bags on the market, including bean bag games, bean bag heat pads, kids’ beans bags or even Traditional Bean Bags. However, to give you some insight into the advantages of bean bag chairs versus other forms of bean bags, the benefits of Bean Bag Chairs include;


One of the best things about Bean Bag Chairs is their versatility – they are the most versatile seating option as they can easily be moved anywhere without having to set up bulky chairs. This is why they are such a popular seating option for outdoor events, as they can easily be picked up and moved around into different seating layouts. They can be easily moved in or out of the shade if it’s hot or cold outside or are even just a great option for additional seating when you have extra guests.

Easy to set-up and easy to clean, you can just bring them out whenever you need some extra seats. Light and compact, they are easy to store away when not needed. In fact, they are so light and compact even kids can move them without damaging them.


You can find a Bean Bag Chair that is suitable for anyone of any age size, weight or height. It can also suit any home or office, or indoor or outdoor area, as they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. This means they can suit your pre-existing design perfectly. As they are so easy to move, the one chair can be used for multiple purposes in multiple places, from sitting at your table to relaxing in your lounge room, to doing yoga or meditating or even doing office work.

Medical Benefits

Bean Bag Chairs are the most suitable for people who sit for long hours, as they help to ease muscle and joint pain. Sometimes, these may even be recommended to you by your Doctor, particularly if you went through a back injury or surgery. This is as Bean Bag Chairs can help to soothe your pains and give you a level of support that other furniture cannot.


Another of the biggest benefits of Bean Bag Chairs is that they are an affordable option in comparison to other types of furniture. If you can’t afford a couch or an office chair, a Bean Bag Chair is actually a cheap and advantageous option.
In most cases, traditional furniture needs to be replaced after 5 to 10 years due to general wear and tear, whereas your high-quality Bean Bag Chair can last you a lifetime. It is also better for your back, easier to assemble and can also be far more attractive.


Bean Bag Chairs can be customised for events, offices or even yourself with your very own logo or any other embroidery design you choose.

Personalising your Bean Bag Chairs means your name or logo will be front and centre and your guests won’t miss it. A stand-out addition to a comfortable, high-quality piece of furniture is exceptional, as people will notice you’ve taken extra-special care preparing the event.


Bean Bag Chairs may be easier to get up from than Traditional Bean Bags. Some bean bags are very low to the ground, and so they may be difficult to get up from for those with mobility problems, for example the elderly or pregnant women.

However, Bean Bag Chairs, such as our Grand Lounger, was designed with this in mind and made higher from the ground. This makes it easier to sink into, and even easier to get out from.

Ergonomically Friendly

Those who work behind an office desk for long periods of time tend to suffer from back and joint pain and even headaches. Think about the structure of a typical office chair, and you’ll realise why.

Most office chairs are either on wheels, or are old-fashioned chairs shaped like uncomfortable squares… or what we like to call pain-stations. These chairs do not adapt to your body, so you have to sit in awkward positions, hence the back and joint pain. Every time you reach for something, you twist your body, making the back pain worse. You also strain yourself and your eyes to see the computer, hence the headaches. Basically, traditional office chairs break most of the rules of ergonomic furniture – that is, that it should be designed for comfort and efficiency in a working environment.

Enter – Bean Bag Chairs! Bean Bag Chairs are ergonomically designed for a working environment. They conform to the shape of your body, making them comfortable to sit on for extensive periods of time without compromising your posture. They do not cause back or joint pain or headaches from tension, but instead let you sit comfortably in any position while supporting your back. So instead of the uncomfortable chair on wheels, try sitting on a giant Bean Bag Chair for your time behind the computer screen and you’ll quickly notice the difference.


Here at Bliss Bean Bags, our Bean Bag Chairs come in many different styles, so there is something to suit everyone and their every need. Our products are so casual and easy to set up, so versatile and multi-purposeful that they are so easy move around the house or office, more economical than traditional furniture, and so much more ergonomically friendly that your back will thank you for having something so comfortable to sit in by reducing any levels of pain, pressure, tension or stress and increasing any levels of creativity, motivation and inspiration! What could be better… get designing yours today!

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