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Adult Bean Bags – Your Choices Online

For a long time, bean bags were viewed as a fun and casual addition for children and teenagers, however adult bean bags are more widespread than ever. In this post I am going to list the most popular adult bean bags and share in which setting they work best. With increased lumbar support, durability, and […]

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Leather Bean Bags – Online Buyers Guide (With Links)

Looking for a leather bean bag? We have compiled a list of examples and where to buy leather bean bags below. Although we hand make bean bags right here in Australia. There is also a great range to view online. Enjoy! Cozy Signature Comfort Bean Bag without Bean Black Cover Leather Sofa Chair     […]

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Better Homes and Gardens Bean Bags

Australian made and designed we have served 1000’s of Aussie customers for years. Our bean bags have been displayed at the better homes and gardens live show and featured on TV. Made for outdoor use all year round, they also fit in any indoor setting. We have also been featured on “The Block”, “Grand Designs” […]

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13 Amazing Facts About Bean Bags

Bean Bags are very popular these days all across the globe. So I wanted to highlight some amazing facts about this furniture that might just surprise you.. Lets get into it. 1. The First Bean Bag was designed by an Italian Furniture company. And it is still sold today. It was classed as the first […]

A large colour range makes all the difference

Quality Bean Bags and What to Look For

We all have a story of a bean bag exploding and filling a room with tiny white bean filling. And nobody wants to clean that up. Buying a quality bean bag, means a durable product that can take the beating of children jumping on them. They won’t come apart at the seams. Won’t crack due […]

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What Makes The Best Bean Bag Fabric

Bean Bags are now seen as another form of furniture. Especially with the designs available today. This means there are plenty of fabrics just like those used on sofas and outdoor furniture which work for bean bags as well. The best fabric for indoor bean bags is a linen or natural fibre, it feels the […]

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Bean Bags & Zip Pay | Buy Now Pay Later

When looking for a Bean Bag using Zip Pay we have you covered. Bliss Bean Bags has partnered up with Zip, so we thought to answer some common questions customers have about Zip to buy bean bags. Is it Free to Use?   Zip Pay is free to use for the first 60 days. How […]

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We have launched our brand new website!

After our bean bags have graced thousands of Australian homes, we have decided to launch a brand new website. Fitting for what we believe is a great step in a new direction. As time goes on we will continue to add more and more products based on current trends and of course the feedback from […]