are bean bags good for back pain

Are Bean Bags Good for Your Back?

Back conditions are an extremely common problem. Estimates from the Australian Bureau of Statistics have shown that roughly 16% of the Australian population – that’s approximately 4 million people – have back problems, and another 70-90% will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives.

You may be left wondering – “Are bean bags good for my back?”.

Bean bags help prevent and reduce back pain and tension by improving poor posture and providing you with the support your muscles and joints need to realign themselves.

They also adapt to any body shape, weight, size or height, so you can sit in comfort and relax, all the while providing your back the care it requires.

Today’s article is all about just how good bean bags are for your back and the benefits you will receive from sitting in one.

Please read on to learn all about how you can prevent or reduce back pain with the help of a bean bag.


Do Bean Bags Help Reduce Back Pain?


Treating back pain can be rather difficult – there are so many different causes for back pain, and an even more substantial amount of treatments. As such, if you start suffering from back pain, the most important thing you can do is:

1. Assess your pain and your lifestyle.
2. Figure out what is the cause behind your pain.
3. Make any necessary modifications to your lifestyle as soon as possible.


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Back pain is never fun


This way, you can start living your life pain-free again before things take a turn for the worse.

With the exception of injuries or severe conditions, the most common causes of back pain are bad posture and poor sitting habits. You can be creating a feeling of tenderness or stiffness in your back if you have a tendency to:

• Slouch in your chair.
• Sit in uncomfortable positions.
• Sit in your chair for extended periods of time.

If this unpleasant feeling is left untreated, it can lead to far more serious pain and back problems.

Treating the issue includes treating yourself to a place to sit which assists in improving your posture, is comfortable, supportive, and allows you to be more mobile. It may come as a surprise to you, but big bean bags are designed to help you in all of these areas in all environments – the house, the office, at a table or desk, indoors or outdoors, and so much more! Read on to find out exactly how a bean bag can help you reduce or even prevent back pain in any area of your home or office.


The Benefits of Bean Bags for your Back


Bean Bags are So Very Comfortable

One of the greatest things about high-quality bean bags is that they are super, super comfortable.

Made to accommodate the size of everyone from small children to larger adults, they can be used as chair to sit in front of a computer, or as a replacement for a sofa to lay in front of the television.

A bean bag is malleable, so it will adapt to your body shape.

This means no more leaning forward, straining your neck to see the computer, and no more imitating the shape of a couch to try and find a comfortable position to sit. Instead, your body parts are supported, and you can sit in comfort easily. This helps to reduce tension, pain, and ensure that none of your body parts are affected by undue stress.

Bean Bags Create Better Sitting Habits & Improve Your Posture

Once you have found the bean bag for you, it is important to ensure you use it on a regular basis, and to make sure that you use it properly. For example, if using your bean bag in the workplace whilst on a computer, this may mean sitting in an upright position, without leaning forward and curving your spine all the time, as this can be an easy habit to fall back into.

Proper posture with the assistance of a large bean bag will reduce pressure and pain in your shoulders, lower spine, hips, gluteal muscles and your sciatic nerves. Although you may initially find the feeling of sitting upright uncomfortable, stick it out – you will get used to it and it will become comfortable, especially as you notice the pain in your back lessening.

For more information on how important bean bags are for improving your posture, and our suggestions on which of our range at Bliss Bean Bags may help reduce your back pain, please see our article – Most Comfortable Bean Bags – We Compile “The List”.


Bean Bags Support Your Back, Creating Alignment


It is a little-known fact that most mainstream chairs sold today don’t actually properly support your spine.

You can check whether yours is doing so by checking how you sit on them. If the bottom half of your spinal column is not pressing firmly against the chair whilst sitting down, then the chair isn’t supporting your lower spine. Bean bags, on the other hand, fully support your entire spinal column.

This not only prevents back pain, but also teaches your muscles and joints how to align properly again whilst you’re sitting.

These days many offices and schools are using bean bag seating rather than traditional seats as it has been proven that their ergonomic design creates a level of comfort that actually improves both morale and productivity in the working environment.

Bean Bags Conform to Your Body


The filling in your bean bag is supportive, yet still comfortable, so it is supple enough to conform to you and your body. This allows it to bend precisely to the shapes required for your height, weight, and whatever position in which you wish to sit. After a hard day’s work, the softness of a bean bag chair can be very relaxing – as no matter which way you move, your bean bag literally has your back.

A New Bean Bag Chair Allows You to Focus More on Mobility


Are you often paying attention to your posture whilst sitting? Take a look at your body right now…is your back straight, or are you straining your neck and leaning forward? If you are sitting upright, are your feet straight on the floor, or are your legs crossed or feet tucked up underneath?

There’s so much we can do to improve our body posture, and it generally starts with body awareness.

This is where a new bean bag can really help.

Not only are you more aware of new feelings when you are trying out a new object, but with a new bean bag chair, every time you move, you will feel the EPS beans (the filling) moving with you. You’ll start being more aware of just how you are placing your body.

The more you focus on positioning your body correctly, the more you’ll find it easy to notice when you’re incorrectly aligned and the easier it will be to perfect that posture.




Whilst bean bags were once viewed as a fun piece of furniture for kids, or a decorative piece of furniture only, in recent years more people are beginning to realise that bean bags are in fact good for your back.

Back pain and problems are a very serious as well as very common issue throughout the entirety of Australia, with up to 90% of our population expected to suffer from some form of back pain throughout their life. However, this is something that can be both reduced and prevented with the use of a bean bag.

Whilst a bean bag assists with improving and maintaining good posture, it also supports your back, so is very comfortable and relaxing as well as very therapeutic.

In fact, it is considered to be one of the most comfortable, relaxing pieces of furniture in which you can invest your hard-earned money, as the filling inside a bean bag conforms to any body shape, size, weight or height, which provides you with the ideal support for any position you choose to sit.

They also allow you to focus more on your mobility and sitting habits, which, along with being so supportive, helps teach your muscles and joints to realign again, thus reducing back pain. There are not many items of furniture that have as many benefits as what a bean bag can give you!

So if you are interested in ensuring that your body can fully relax with no unwanted stress, what could be better after a long, hard day at work than sinking into something so soft, comfortable and cosy that it feels like it’s giving you a cuddle.

Simply check out our range of bean bags at Bliss Bean Bags and begin designing your very own today! A simple tip is that, as far as reducing back pain goes, the bigger, the better. Any other questions, feel free to Contact Us, we’re always happy to help.


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