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Foam Bean Bag Filler

Just what is foam bean bag filler? Foam bean bag filler is a type of filling made from shredded foam, such as memory foam, a traditional foam fabric used to make pillows, mattresses, cushions, couches, and more. Bean bags that use shredded foam filler use foam that has been cut into small, durable pieces. This […]

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How to Stop Bean Bags from Going Flat

A high-quality bean bag is designed to be almost indestructible, and, if cared for properly, can last you a lifetime. It’s filling, however, is not. After a while of prolonged use, your bean bag may begin to look flat and feel less comfortable, and this may you leave you wondering, “How do I stop my […]

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How to Fill a Bean Bag | 7 Steps to Fill One Easily

Bean bag chairs – you must admit, we all love them. We love how comfortable, convenient, well-constructed and even how colourful that they are. But there are just seven words that can give us all nightmares… And those seven words are “How do I fill my bean bag?” SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE 7 SIMPLE […]

how to fill a bean bag

Where to Buy Bean Bag Filling

After our customers purchase their bean bags, one of the main questions that we get asked is – where should I buy my bean bag filling? Generally, we tend to recommend Kmart, Target or Big W as they are easy to access and have a steady price set across Australia at $12 per 100 litre […]

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Alternative Bean Bag Filling

Typically, bean bag filling is made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) beans as they are considered to be the best quality – known for outlasting other materials, they are great value for money. However, the question still remains What is an alternative bean bag filling? Alternative bean bag filling includes, old clothes, shredded paper, cedar shavings, […]