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How to Clean up Bean Bag Beans

The great news is: It isn’t as bad as you think with these tried and tested tips below. You may be thinking; how do you clean up bean bag filling as easily as possible? And the simplest way is to close all windows and doors first, to prevent even the slightest breeze. Use anti-static spray […]

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Disposing an Old Bean Bag | How to Get Rid of it Safely

Our team craft bean bags to last a lifetime, however when it comes to old furniture and bean bag disposal, we hope these tips help. So how to you safely dispose of a bean bag and it’s filling? Common bean bag filling, expanded polystyrene (EPS) can actually be recycled by separately containing the small beans […]

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How to Clean a Bean Bag

It is frustrating when your new bean bag is stained. I have tested many ways to clean fabrics and I hope these step-by-step actions help. If you have a vinyl bean bag, they are the easiest type of bean bag to clean as there isn’t a weave for stains to be caught in. If water […]