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3 Ways To Have Stains Removed From Your Bean Bag and Furniture

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Bliss Bean Bags is how to get household and general stains out of the bean bag fabric. This question is asked so often that we’ve decided to create a blog post that answers just that question. The following should help you get stains out of your bean bag and should help with general upholstery and furniture as well.

After brainstorming a few techniques here at Bliss HQ we’ve decided that there are predominantly 3 ways to get your bean bag. You can attempt to clean the stain yourself using cleaning products; get a professional house cleaner or carpet cleaner or wash the bag in the washing machine.

1) Use Elbow Grease and Cleaning Products
This is the recommended method for cleaning one of our bean bags. The reason is that we make all our products from high quality vinyl. It can easily be wiped clean and most marks or spills will be removed instantly. Use a Chux or strong paper towel with water and soap to simply wipe the bag clean.

This simple method will be enough to clean 99% of spills you may receive on your bean bag. If however your furniture uses a different fabric or upholstery you may wish to use a different type of cleaning product. For example, with red wine stains, bi-carb soda and vinegar can be a good way to lift the stain before it sets into the fabric.

2) Hire a Professional Cleaner
While it may not suit everyone’s needs or budget another option is to hire a professional cleaner to do the so called dirty work for you. This is a good solution if you have a lot of items that need cleaning, are time poor or have really stubborn stains than you weren’t able to remove using your own elbow grease.

A good friend of ours, Michael, over at Carpet Cleaning Sydney gave the following advice to follow when choosing a cleaner. “Before hiring anyone to clean your furniture be sure to get a quote and describe any troublesome stains. Ensure they give you an accurate price before agreeing to the job. If your intentions are to have stains be completely removed be clear about that with the cleaner. Doing all these things will avoid problems after the job is complete.”

3) Use a Washing Machine
Finally, a simple solution for some type of fabrics or furniture might be to thrown the whole thing in the washing machine. If you have a bean bag, couch or pillow cover that can be removed without effecting the inner filling then the washing machine will make life easy. We would always recommend washing furniture covers on a delicate setting to avoid damage.

Taking one of the three options above will ensure that you have the best shot at removing any and all stains that might plague your bean bag or furniture.

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