Top Australian Interior Designer Blogs to Follow in 2020

Feel Inspired with 10 of the best Australian Interior Designer Blogs as chosen by our bean bag designer.

Today, we have picked out what we think are the 10 best Australian Interior Designer blogs for you.

A lot of the time, when you start an interior design project, you don’t know what you’re looking for until you find it – or, that is, you don’t know what your style of interior design is, so you don’t know what you’re going to like in your home.

Here are the top 10 to motivate you – now don’t forget to check them out (we have links to each)


The Interiors Addict – Jen Bishop


The Interiors Addict is full of blogs containing all the information you ever wanted to know.

Are there any questions that you ever wanted to ask a stylist, like how to choose paint colours for your renovation, what type of artwork or sofas to select, or the best ways to layout your furniture?

Have you ever wondered if there are any apps in this new world of technology that can help you with interior design, such as those that might help you with matching colour palettes or building 3D models of your home, allowing you to test ideas and see exactly what they will look like before you begin with a design?

The Interiors Addict has all these answers and more, written in an entertaining way by a knowledgeable Australian interior designer Jen Bishop.


House Nerd – Maya Anderson


The journalist turned blogger of House Nerd, Maya Anderson, claims to be obsessed with houses for as long as she can be remember, and definitely more than a little on the nerdy side too.

If this sounds like you, if you’re someone who can sit down and chat about every single detail of a house for hours, you’re going to love these blogs.

Living in what she calls a “1970’s fixer-upper”, the house that her and her husband are constantly renovating, these blogs are full of information on DIY projects – and trust me when I say, Maya does write about every single little detail, from budgeting, to wall trimming, and even hand-sawing.

Along with some fabulous photographs to match, if you’re stuck on a DIY project, visit the House Nerd today and you’ll get all the inspiration you need – and more.


TLC Interiors – Chris Carroll


TLC Interiors has both an interior decorating service in Melbourne and a blog where Chris shares all his knowledge.

His aim is to make great design affordable and easy for everybody to accomplish, as he does not like the idea that it is thought of as “exclusive”.

If you want the names of the best brands and products straight from the mouth of a well-renowned interior designer, with some handy hints, tips and tricks to go with them, visit TLC Interiors today. You’ll find the blogs are fun and fabulous, unique and full of crafty ideas.

By reading Chris’s blogs, you’ll learn how to budget in style – his knowledge on the inside world of interior design will teach you what you need to spend a bit more money on, and what you can save your money on.


We Are Scout – Lisa Tilse


The blogger behind We Are Scout, Lisa Tilse, is passionate about living a creative life, and inspiring others to do the same by sharing her skills.

Her DIY craft projects have been featured in some of the world’s leading design sites and more than 40 international magazines.

If you are looking to motivate yourself when it comes to interior decoration, if you want to go against the trend and create a space that is perfect for you, We Are Scout can help. Their blogs are about creating a space that you love, that looks how you want it to, and works how you need it to.


The Little Designer Corner – Clare Le Roy


Another interior designer who likes to share their knowledge, Clare Le Roy at The Little Designer Corner is a busy woman.

Sending a weekly newsletter, running online courses and workshops, operating the Designer Collective, which is a membership and community for other interior designers, architects and decorators to assist them with starting, building and scaling their businesses, as well being a mother of 3 children, her blog is bound to be full of inspiration.

From ways to design a girls’ room, straight from the mouth of a mother, to how to work out your own interior design style, Clare talks to you with certainty and ease that will motivate and encourage you.


Elements at Home – Kristie


The blogger behind Elements at Home, Kristie, embraces both colour and humour in her blogs, so if you wish to bring a touch of both to the very serious, sometimes boring world that is design, this is the place for you. Eclectic and quirky, her design styles include all of the fun of the 1970’s.

If you’re the type that likes to let your hair down, and wants to bring a splash of boldness and brightness to your world whilst still aiming for a luxury finish, Elements at Home will show you exactly how to achieve this look.

Be sure to check out their post: The Love Child Interior Collection from Art Hide and Amigos De Hoy – it’s one of our favourites!


Miss Kyree Loves – Kyree


Looking for exclusive discounts whilst you’re looking for inspiration for your own interior design project?

Miss Kyree loves to support small online businesses whilst she writes about her passion for the life she lives with her husband, daughter and son.

You’ll find some great blogs on Miss Kyree Loves on DIY renovations for updating your own children’s bedrooms as they grow older, with handy hints on what products you will need, where to purchase them, DIY crafty products, and gorgeous photographs to match for ideal inspiration.

See the article: Alaska’s Room – Every Magical Detail Listed. From Vintage Finds, To Shopping Small!” as it’s an ideal example of Kyree’s love for both blogging and designing.


Style Curator – Gina


Style Curator is an award-winning blog that will help you to achieve the stylish home that you’ve always wanted.

It features blogs about the latest trends in colours, fabrics, the best places to shop, how to layout your furniture in each and every room of your house, and it also offers plenty of other stylish news you won’t find elsewhere, such as interviews with experts and tours of designers homes.

If it’s luxury and comfort you’re after, with such original information on offer, the Style Curator will help you find your missing inspiration and motivation to get your interior design groove back on.


The Design Files – Lucy Feagins


The Design Files features a team of eight people, who not only post great, original content about real Australian homes, but whose high quality, glamourous photographs will get your mind overflowing straight away with stunning interior design ideas that you can use in your very own home.

The blogs stay up to date with the latest trends that are happening in Australia.

So, if you feel as though you need a spark in creativity on art, architecture, design, furniture, homewares, food, or more, make sure you head to The Design Files and subscribe to your choice of either daily or weekly newsletters ASAP.


Ish & Chi – Vivian Panagos


Ish & Chi is actually short for “fish and chips”. That’s how out-of-the-ordinary this blog is in comparison to other interior design websites, because of course, it has nothing to do with fish and chips.

The philosophy behind the blogger, Vivian Panagos, is to “build your surroundings as an extension of who you were, who you are, and where you want to be.”.

If you want to learn how to bring colour, pattern, texture and light into your home by using design, then Ish & Chi are the blogs for you.

The best thing about her blogs is that Vivian is very warm and welcoming, letting you get up close and personal inside her own designs and ask any questions regarding what you might see and decide you want – all queries and comments are accepted.



This brings us to the end of our choice of the of the top 10 best Australian interior design blogs.

I do hope you’ve learnt a lot from reading this post, as it’s easy to get lost in the world of design at times when jumping from blog to blog.

But sometimes it must be done, to learn our taste in colour, or what layout we need for bean bags in our homes, or what limit to put on our budget. By finding your favourite one or two designers on our list, and subscribing to their regular updates, you’ll not only learn this valuable information, but stay up to date with the latest trends.

We would love to hear your thoughts on your personal favourites from our list, and any comments on why that blogger is your favourite. Feel free to leave a comment for us below!

Until next time 🙂



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