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Ethically Produced Bean Bags | How to Buy Them Online

With a lot of talk recently about changes to society, the economy and the environment, one thing to contemplate is the consumer (you) purchasing ethical products. So, are you already, or are you perhaps interested in becoming an ethical bean bag consumer?

Simply put, being an ethical consumer means buying products that have been manufactured by companies that have produced them in an ethical manner – mainly, they were not harmful to the environment or to society.

You may be surprised to realise that ethical production reaches as far as – yep, you guessed it, bean bags!

Today’s article is all about just what involves being in a company that manufactures ethical products, why you should contemplate buying ethically produced bean bags, and companies that make ethically produced bean bags, including us here at Bliss Bean Bags.

So, please, sit, relax, and get ready to learn just why the benefits of ethically produced bean bags outweigh the costs.

What Are Ethically Produced Products?


Well firstly, what does it mean to be ethical? The word “ethical” comes from the Greek ethos “moral character” – so it is describing a person concerned with the principles of right behaviour, someone who is truthful and fair. Therefore, an ethical company is one that is honest and follows good moral standards.


Crafting products ethically can mean great care. Especially if handmade such as our bean bags in Australia
Crafting products ethically can mean great care. Especially if handmade such as our bean bags in Australia


So, generally speaking, an ethical company will be focused on:

1. Not causing harm to the environment – including reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible.
2. Not exploiting their employees – rather, they will want their employees to work in comfortable conditions, they will pay them fair wages, and they will not use child labour.
3. Producing products that are safe – they will not manufacture dangerous products (such as guns), nor will they manufacture any products that are likely to cause harm to others.

Is it Worth Buying an Ethically Produced Bean Bag?


Yes, the truth is you may pay slightly more for any product that is ethically produced. So, is it worth it, you may ask? The answer is simple – yes.

Why, you may want to know?

Well, ethically produced bean bags are better for the economy, are better for the people working to create them, are better for the environment, are better for your health, and much more. The benefits behind purchasing an ethically produced bean bag include;

• They have minimal impact on the environment – Companies that produce ethical bean bags work hard to ensure our products have as minimal impact on the environment as possible.

You may find some companies will actually use recycled plastic bottles for the threads to construct their bean bags.

Others will supply you with their recycled products that you can use for the filling in your bean bags instead of having to purchase expanded polystyrene (EPS) beans. Other companies will give you the advice in which you can reuse your own recyclables, as you can see in our article “Alternative Bean Bag Filling”.

• They are hand made to order – This allows you to choose exactly what you want, creating a bean bag that is unique and special for yourself that ethical companies will then design especially for you, from the ground up.

A bean bag that is made to the highest quality standards. A bean bag that is quality checked, more than once, prior to it being dispatched to ensure that you receive it in nothing but perfect condition.

They are made in Australia – Yes, it may be cheaper to manufacture something overseas, but ethical companies believe in producing our bean bags right here in Australia, as the benefits far outweigh the costs.

By doing so, we can ensure our highly talented employees are given the clean, secure working conditions and the wages that they deserve.

Manufacturing in Australia rather than overseas also keeps more jobs in Australia. Ethical companies that produce bean bags work with designers, consultants, manufacturers, artists, craftsman, technicians and more, and all of these jobs help support our economy. Manufacturing in Australia is also better for the environment, as it too helps reduce our carbon footprint – if our bean bags travel a shorter distance for delivery, less greenhouse gases are released into the air.

Who Makes Ethically Produced Bean Bags?


Companies whom I recommend that you take a look at as they produce ethically produced bean bags right here in Australia include;
King Kahuna Bean Bags

And let us not forget us… Bliss Bean Bags.

Feel free to take a look and have fun exploring what you find!

What Does it Take to Produce the Ethical Bean Bags at Bliss Bean Bags?


Bliss Bean Bags are ethical producers of bean bags, and we rate ourselves highly for our ethical credentials. We make every single part of our bean bags right here in Melbourne, Australia.

By doing so, we can ensure our skilled craftspeople are given the very comfortable working conditions they deserve.

A brand that prides itself on integrity, Bliss Bean Bags will always continue to provide ethical treatment to both our employees and to you, our clients.

As such, the idea behind Bliss Bean Bags is to build something we are extremely proud of. Our priorities include;

• We have and always will support Australian made products – Our items are not made offshore, but rather they are all made in right here in Australia. One of the reasons our bean bags are made in Australia is that we want to manufacture a quality product for you. It allows us to directly control the whole process from beginning to end and test every bean bag individually prior to delivering them to you.

Our head craftsman has 30+ years’ experience, and still oversees every single bean bag being built – now that is both a passion and a priority. As such, we can put a great deal of care and attention into creating a bean bag that has been designed by you, built for you, and results in a bean bag that has never once been compromised on detail or craftsmanship.

• We stand by every single thing we do – Manufacturing safe, quality products is something that is very meaningful for us, as we genuinely want you to be happy with your bean bag once you have received it. We want you to be able to relax knowing that you have made a perfect purchase. For your safety and security, all of our bean bags come with a Lifetime Warranty, which covers our workmanship, zippers and thread (when the bean bag is used under normal conditions).

This is our way of saying “Thank you” for putting your faith in us to deliver you a quality product and knowing you will be able to enjoy your brand-new piece of furniture for many years ahead.


In modern day society, “ethical consumerism” is a phrase that is at the tip of many people’s tongues. So, just exactly why should you purchase an ethically produced bean bag?

Well, whilst it may cost slightly more to purchase any ethically produced product, the benefits far outweigh the costs. One of the main principles of Bliss Bean Bag’s policies is our commitment to make high-quality products that last for years and we will repair for you if something goes wrong, with our Lifetime Warranty – although we do believe our bean bags will last for years into the future, we would like you to know that if something does happen to go wrong, we will provide you with nothing but help.

The reason we have such faith in our bean bags is that our items are made right here in Melbourne, Australia – none of our goods are manufactured offshore.

This allows our head craftsman, who has over 30 years’ experience, to directly control the manufacturing process from beginning to end. We can also test every bean bag individually prior to delivering them to you, to ensure we never compromise on detail or craftsmanship.

Manufacturing in Australia also has benefits for our employees that any ethical company would be very proud of – we can ensure our highly talented employees are given the comfortable working conditions and the wages that they deserve, and that no child labour is ever involved. Keeping these jobs in Australia rather than overseas also helps support our economy.

Although we hand make your bean bag, we do so from the ground up, meaning we have as little impact on the environment as possible, whilst still allowing you to design your own bean bag, one that is unique and special for you. As they are manufactured and delivered in Australia, this too is better for the environment – the less distance our bean bags travel, the more it helps to reduce our carbon footprint, as less greenhouse gases are released into the air.

So if you are interested in ethical consumerism – that is, purchasing ethical products from ethical companies, those who focus on not harming the environment, being fair to their employees and producing safe, quality products only – check out our range of bean bags at Bliss Bean Bags today.

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