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Cool Bean Bags To Buy Online – (With Links and Photos)

Looking for Cool Bean Bags to liven up your room?

The following post provides a summary of cool bean bags and describes how can add functionality and personality to your space.

We have even listed a few bean bags we had never seen before at the very end of this post.

So, let’s get right into it!

Bean bags are the embodiment of comfort, and over the years, the bean bag has changed the way people relax, and decorate their interiors.

Some fans are attracted by the comfort offered by bean bags, others are in awe of their functionality.

double day bed
Double Day Bed – Example of a large bean bag design


Yet others see their bean bags as a cool addition to their interior décor.

Are Bean Bags Cool?


Let me just get a couple of things straight.

Bean bags used to only be a common sight in student dorms back in the day, owing their popularity to the fact that bean bags were comfortable, convenient, and much easier to maintain than traditional furniture. They were also surprisingly cheap!

Today, the bean bag is experiencing a bit of a revival, and yesteryear’s teen-favourite is now taking up a prominent position in offices, libraries, and public spaces across the globe.

Bean bags, and the countless customisable options they offer, they are “cool” in much broader ways than pictured decades ago.

The largest companies in the world have bean bags
The largest companies in the world have bean bags


If someone tells you that their office has bean bags, don’t you find yourself wishing YOUR workplace had bean bags too?

A bean bag at the office implies that the company is understands that their employees need to relax sometimes, that maybe that particular workplace values their staff.

This isn’t the result of classical conditioning or the development of a social norm but rather the exclusivity and utility of the product itself.

What Makes a Cool Bean Bag?


Comfort, minimalist design and colour.

People demand flexibility, and regular furnishing options demand long-term commitment.

Unlike regular furniture, bean bags are viscous (softer looking), flexible, and easily movable.

They can be redecorated, re-purposed, and reset at any given time.

This allows people the opportunity to constantly change at least one aspect of their homes. Add to that the level of comfort bean bags provide, their utility, and their ability to blend in any given environment and you’ve got plenty of things that make a cool bean bag.

Thinking about ways to incorporate cool bean bags into different rooms?

Cool Bean Bags for Your Living Room


The Grand Lounger

The Grand Lounger is a popular choice.
The Grand Lounger is a popular choice.


The Grand Lounger is one of the most recognisable additions to living rooms.

Easily at par with traditional lounge chairs and even recliner sofas, the Grand Lounger provides the comfort of a big chair coupled with the flexibility of a recliner.

The soft shape and design of this bean bag is unobtrusive, seamlessly integrating with the rest of the furnishings in your living room.


The Chaise Lounger

Chaise Lounger - Put your feet up and relax
Chaise Lounger – Put your feet up and relax



The Chaise Lounge is an extended version of the Grand Lounger that also allows you to suspend your legs.

This bean bag is the embodiment of cool when you’re watching TV or playing a video game.

The best thing about the Chaise Lounger is obviously its compactness; you can move it closer or further away from your TV without much effort.

A truly valuable addition to any living room.


The Double Grand Lounger

When you need room for two
When you need room for two



The Double Grand Lounger is the larger version of the Grand Lounger built to act as a bean bag for two. Combine it with two Grand Loungers and you have a complete living room set!

While the Double Grand Lounger works wonders on its own, it works with other designs as well. Beloved by everyone, this

Lounger is sure to be a hit with your family!


The Footstool

Footstool bean bag
Footstool bean bag


Why put your feet on the ground when you can rest them on a bean bag as comfortable as one you’re sitting on?

Meet the Footstool bean bag, a great complement to any bean bag really

You might be thinking, why not just go for the Chaise Lounger?

The simple answer is décor. You want your living room to look inviting and comfortable, yet presentable. A Double Grand Lounger with a Footstool will help you achieve just that.

Any don’t worry about getting it dirty. You can wipe the bean bags down and give them a clean.


The Modular Ottoman


Modular Ottoman Sofa
Modular Ottoman Sofa


The Modular Ottoman embodies the multi-purpose nature of the bean bag.

Amongst other uses, the Modular Ottoman can be re-purposed as a sofa, a temporary mattress, a footstool, and even as an extension to other bean bag Loungers, etc.

Customise your ottoman to your liking, and use it as you need! The Modular Ottoman bean bag’s simple design and structural integrity opens users up to a world of cooler possibilities you might be used to.

Cool Bean Bags for Outdoors


The Single Bed

Single Day Bed Bean Bag
Single Day Bed Bean Bag


Many of us think that a standard bed and mattress are the way to go when decorating a bedroom.

However, there are a surprising number of people opting for bean bag beds instead. Introducing the Single Day Bed.

The Single Bed is the cheaper alternative to a regular deck chair – you don’t have to worry about a bulky bed frame and expensive mattress. Just some sheets and a blanket will have you all set for a comfortable night’s sleep on the Single Bed bean bag.


The Double Bed


day bed bean bag
Double Day Bed


Rightfully favoured by young adults and couples.

The Double Bed offers a stylish and functional alternative to the standard, and very pricey, double beds you are likely to find in furnishing stores.

The concept here is the same as that of a Single Bed, with the Double Bed bean bag offering a better choice for two people.


The Circular Lounger


 Circular Lounger Bean Bag
Circular Lounger Bean Bag


No room is complete without a proper lounger and that is where the Circular Lounger comes in.

Its simple shape and design let you place it in any corner where it will add to the comfortable and casual vibe of your bedroom.

The Circular Lounger makes a great addition to your bedroom as well. Providing a comfortable place to read a book beside the bedroom window!


Small and Large Cool Bean Bags


The Classic Tear Drop

This Classic design will always be cool
This Classic design will always be cool


The Classic Tear Drop is a great example of a small but convenient bean bag. This bean bag is light, super-portable, and makes a good addition to any room it is placed in. Fill it with as many beans as you like to find the right fit for yourself!


The Toddler Chair

Perfect for kids to play on
Perfect for kids to play on


Young children deserve to get in on the fun too and the Toddler Chair is the way to do just that! Available in different shapes and sizes, these bean bags are smaller, with lower seats.

The Toddler Chair is a great option for all parents, and offers a cheaper alternative to typical toddler carriers that may be uncomfortable for the little ones, especially special needs children.
For more on special needs bean bags, we have complied some things to look out for.

The King

The King bean bag - nice and bright
The King bean bag – nice and bright


The King, as the name suggests, is, in essence, a giant pillow-shaped bean bag. It can be used in a multitude of ways.

Lay it on the ground or prop it up against the wall as a seat, it’s up to you.

Think of the King as a massive viscous pillow that you can take anywhere!

You can get cool bean bags in all sorts of shapes and sizes, ranging anywhere between the size of your palm to the size of a small car.

Extreme sized bean bags (like the king) tend to add a certain flair to the space around them and do wonders for any room that’s looking for a fun makeover!

Chair Furniture Alternatives


The Single Modular Sofa

We can also customise bean bags such as this one shown
We can also customise bean bags such as this one shown


The Single Modular Sofa is a great alternative to regular sofas and chairs.

It serves as a soft, comfy, and portable chair, that looks much fancier than it costs! Let your personality shine as you customise this bean bag to fit your space the way you envision.


The Double Modular Sofa


Two Seater Modular with Square Ottoman
Two Seater Sofa Bean Bag with Square Ottoman


The Double Modular Sofa is basically a larger version of the previous bean bag.

The sleek design and customisable colour options are further enhanced by the decorating options this item offers.

With the right additions, you could potentially grow the Double Modular Sofa into a full living room set!


The Low Lounger


low lounger


The Low Lounger replaces the need for low base chairs.

Along with providing a sturdier and more comfortable alternative, the Low Lounger’s practicality and convenience make it a must-have in your home!


Cool Bean Bag Ideas


cool shark bean bag


The best thing about bean bags is that you can do almost anything you want with them.

Bean bags are for everyone, even someone who is just looking to change things up a bit.

Always wanted a plush velvet couch? Bean bags are a great way to experiment with new colours, designs and fabrics. Fans of football can pick and choose from a world of football-themed bean bags and decorate their rooms as they please.

cool bean bag list


I highly recommend checking out the list of 25 cool bean bags as shown in the image above to get your imagination going!


How to Design Your Own Cool Bean Bag


In today’s world, you can even design your own bean bag. Websites like ours (Bliss Bean Bags) allows customers to pick and choose from a variety of designs and colours. We offer multi-colour option where you can choose any two colours and customise your bean bag to fit your design needs and interior look.

We want everyone to get in on the fun.

Now, you can also design a comfortable, cosy bean bag for your best furry friend!

design your own bean bag
Dog Bean Bags


All in all, it is understood that bean bags work in many spaces and make an excellent addition to any room they are added to.

Providing comfort, portability, and customising convenience, cool bean bags are an all-in-one gift to your home.

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