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The Definitive Guide to Waterproof Bean Bags

This guide will explain everything you need to know about waterproof bean bags.

Discover the difference between 100% waterproof and ‘water resistant’ bean bags.

And what questions to ask when looking for one.

I have also listed product images to buy online if it helps.

wet bean bag
Waterproof and Stain Resistant Fabric


This is a longer guide, so feel free to skip ahead using the links below:


Waterproof vs. Water Resistant Fabric
How to Prevent Mould
Waterproof Bean Bags for Salt & Chlorine Water Pools
Waterproof Bean Bags for Boats
Waterproof Bean Bags for Dogs
Children’s Bean Bags – Stain Proof. More than just ‘Waterproof’
What Makes a Durable Bean Bag?
Cost of Waterproof Bean Bags

Lets get started…

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant Bean Bags


When we began Bliss Bean Bags years ago there was a slew of materials we went through to find our ideal fabric.

In fact; we tested a huge range of bean bags in the market.

We filled them up, hosed them down with water, spilled countless other liquids on them and threw them into swimming pools.

The team even left them outside to test what early morning dew did to them.

We soon discovered there was a major difference between:

“Waterproof” vs. “Water Resistant” Fabric

Waterproof, means not a drop of water can penetrate a bean bag.

Water-resistant means that they do a good job of repelling most water.

Interestingly; after all our tests, we found out there is no such thing as a complete “Waterproof bean bag”

All bean bags are stitched together or have a zipper to top up their inner filling.

This means every single bean bag sold on the planet is technically not 100% waterproof.

two pieces of vinyl stitched together
Stitch Lines Across Fabric


There are many bean bags which are made of vinyl or a completely solid fabric (no mesh or fabric weave), so the bean bag fabric itself is waterproof, yet the stitch lines and zippers could never be.

The good news is, having water enter the bean bag is fine.

As long as you leave a bean bag to drain outdoors and dry naturally after it becomes wet.

The biggest problem lies in what water can do to a bean bag once it penetrates it.

How to Prevent Mould


It is good to know that the Polystyrene bean balls prevent mould and mildew building up on them.

They are finished in a smooth material, without pours or cracks from which mould can start growing from.

However, it’s a different story when it comes to the outer fabric.

And there are only a handful of bean bags that contain “Mould and Mildew” resistant qualities.

The marine grade vinyl we use is made through a detailed process.

This is where a mesh backing is layered with a thin coating of foam. Then it is topped with a vinyl resin left to cure, completing the vinyl material.

large king size bean bag
Waterproof Fabric – Day Bed with King Bean Bag Shown


Within this vinyl mixture is a compound which resists the growth of mould and mildew on the fabric itself.

It is actually ‘baked’ into the fabric (and not coated) afterwards.

If you are curious about vinyl and how it is made, there is a lot of info at “Vinyl Info” a dedicated site about the material.

Since the Mould and Mildew resistant compounds are embedded into the fabric there is no way they can be washed away as time goes on.

They will be there for a lifetime.

Waterproof Bean Bags for Salt & Chlorine Water Pools


Many customers ask if it is ok to leave their waterproof bean bags by their pool? And are concerned about the chemicals or salt levels in their pool.

These are great questions to ask.

Flip Chair – Resistant to Chlorine and Salt Water


Chlorine is a strong chemical with bleaching effects. Therefore it is worth asking bean bag retailers if their fabric will be affected by Chlorine.

Funnily enough vinyl is actually made with Chlorine and salt as a component that goes into the manufacturing process:

Source: https://www.vinylinfo.org/vinyl/facts


With further chemistry applied to the vinyl resin it can change the quality of the vinyl, making it thinner, thicker and even more flexible.

Just how the mould and mildew resistant compound is ‘built’ into our fabric. The bean bag colours are also baked into the vinyl itself.

The colours are not dyed onto the fabric after it is made.

This means the colours won’t be ‘bleached’ out as time goes on or washed away due to UV exposure for instance.

Waterproof Bean Bags for Boats


When looking for a boat bean bag it is hard to go past marine grade fabrics.

One of the harshest environments on earth is the sea. Strong winds, fierce currents and sun expose with no shade.

Since vinyl was invented in the 1920’s it has come a long way.

boat bean bags photo
Our Bean Bag Used By @SouthCoastAdventures


Over the decades the technology behind vinyl fabric has improved and now we have a huge range of vinyl’s to choose from.

One of the “strongest” of these is commercial grade marine vinyl.

It won’t crack in the sun or at freezing temperatures either.

So when looking for a boat bean bag it makes sense to choose the fabric used on boat seating in the first place.

Waterproof Bean Bags for Dogs


There are a huge range of bean bags for dogs and that is great news for our furry friends.

Many of them are perfect for snuggling up into and are made of a soft fabric, either of a faux fur, cotton weave or PVC coating.

And they are all great choices for dogs to rest on.

The benefit however of waterproof bean bags for dogs is they don’t contain a weave for odours, fleas and any other liquids to be trapped within the fabric.

The trick to achieving this is to opt for a bed with the smoothest fabric possible.


Within this clip you can see how I hose down the bean bag and what it looks like afterwards.

Children’s Bean Bags – Stain Proof. More than just ‘Waterproof’


We have sold to many day care centres schools and hospitals in Australia.

Bliss Bean Bags Tear Drop Design – Source: https://www.outhousedesign.com.au/portfolio-items/sydney-childrens-hospital/


Having a little one at home myself, I know how messy furniture can get.

The process of learning about your new world as a toddler means food, drink and anything else will be spilled countless times.

And cleaning up stains with just using water is a huge benefit for parents.

Having a waterproof fabric means that there is never permanent damage left after playtime.

If you are looking for children bean bags which are well suited to stains than see this video below:

This is a comparison video which shows that stains will never be a concern for you.

What Makes a Durable Bean Bag?


The first aspect of a durable bean bag is the filling itself.

I recommend buying bean filling from Kmart or Target. We know of the wholesaler and can vouch for the quality of the final product.

To ensure your bean bag lasts as long as possible, it is best to find smaller diameter beans.

bean bag ball filling
Smaller Beans Work Best for Longer Life


For some reason Kmart sells their beans in two different batches and you can see this through their clear plastic bags.

(Smaller beans and larger beans grouped together that is.)

Smaller beans, cannot by their nature compress as much as larger beans.

This is also the reason why once you top a bean bag up for the second time it lasts a lot longer.

Durability of the Fabric


Waterproof bean bag covers are a great choice for any outdoor and indoor setting when it comes to durability.

If you want to keep a bean bag for a lifetime there a few things that need to be considered:

1. Strong zippers
2. Waterproof and UV resistant thread used to bind bean bags panels together
3. Commercial grade (tested) fabric.

Attention to Detail is Never Out of Fashion


Like all things in life, if furniture is well made, double stitched in important parts and thoroughly quality checked it is ready to live a long life.

Cost of Waterproof Bean Bags


As mentioned earlier there are no ‘true’ waterproof bean bags only water-resistant bean bags.

To be completely water-tight it would be a complete fabric without any openings, zippers and/or stitch lines.

Here are a couple of sites to gauge the cost of bean bags constructed with Marine grade waterproof fabric:

EseaRider bean bags USD $99 to USD $149 + Shipping

Ocean Tamer bean bags USD $99 to USD $149 + Shipping

And our bean bags of course: From $156 to $198 AUD + Free Shipping for most designs.



Ensure you know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant.

One of the impacts of a bean bag fabric not being waterproof is how well it handles mould and mildew. This is a real problem when exposed to humidity, mist or rain.

If a bean bag does well against mould than it can be used in many different settings without much worry.

Another benefit of waterproof fabric is how they do against stains as well.

If you own a pool, it is a good idea to check with retailers about how their bean bags do against chlorine and salt.

If you have any questions about waterproof bean bags on or near water please reach out, we would be more than happy to answer any concerns you have.

Happy relaxing!

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