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Choosing the Best Pool Bean Bags (Photos Included)

When summer approaches there is nothing like resting on a pool side bean bag.

However, some bean bags work better than others due to how well they handle water.

We cover why this is below, so you can make a better choice for your pool.

Feel free to jump to the section that interests you most:

  1. Floating Bean Bags For Your Pool
  2. Best Pool Bean Bag Choices
  3. Chlorine Water Pool Bean Bags
  4. Salt Water Pool Bean Bags
  5. Poolside Bean Bag Colours
  6. Dangers of UV Radiation for Bean Bags
  7. UV Resistant Bean Bag Thread
  8. What Does Waterproof vs. Water Resistant mean?
  9. Are they Mould and Mildew Resistant?

Floating bean bags for your pool


Firstly, it is important to note. No bean bag sold in Australia can be sold as a flotation device. There are strict rules around such things for safety reasons.

However, a benefit of the beans used in bean bags is that they do naturally float.

Pool Bean Bag
Double Day Bed Bean Bag


Even better news is that bean bag filling is entirely waterproof.

It is a great idea to take the bean bags out of the pool once they are used so they can dry out. Before being used next time.

I will explain why this is important and below I cover the impact of Salt water Vs. Chlorine water on pool bean bags.

Best Pool Bean Bag Choices


All of our bean bags are made of Marine Grade Vinyl, so (are literally) made for the water.

The most popular choices for pools are:

pool lounger bean bag
Circular Lounger Bean Bag
Single Sofa and Square Ottoman
Single Sofa and Square Ottoman
fold out bean bag by pool
Unwind Recliner – Fold Out Bean Bag

Chlorine Water Pools


One thing to consider is the effect of salt verse chlorine in the water and the damage it can cause to outdoor bean bags/furniture.

Chlorine can act as a bleaching agent and if colour dyes are coated on a fabric (instead of embedded) it can also cause your bean bags to fade over time.

You may notice a similar thing happening to T-shirts when run through the wash cycle a few times. The chlorine which is in the tap water can have this effect on your clothes.

The levels of chlorine in pool water are a lot stronger however so this can have a much greater impact on soft furnishings.

If the colour is embedded into the fabric (and not just coated) as it is with Marine Grade Vinyl, it won’t be a big issue.

 Bliss Bean Bags - Marine Grade Vinyl
Bliss Bean Bags – Marine Grade Vinyl

Salt Water Pools


Because salt is a naturally occurring substance, it won’t have the same bleaching effect as Chlorine on your pool bean bags.

The only down side for bean bags is the fabric texture.

Bean bags which are made of a slightly rougher surface will have small “pockets” where salt can be built up once the water dries on the bean bag.

Having a smoother fabric can allow the salt to be brushed off without crystalising in the small crevasses of the fabric itself.

Salt from your pool can also ‘cake’ up along the zipper lines so they need to be rinsed after used in the pool.

If not rinsed off it will make it harder to open the bean bag in the future if you ever need to add more filling.

Poolside bean bag colours


Just like the feeling of a black leather car seat on a hot day, darker colours will hold heat a lot more than lighter colours.

This means that if your pool deck does not have any covering, choosing lighter colours might be a better idea.

It is never a nice feeling to lay bare legs on a hot surface in the middle of summer.

Since light colours reflect light much more that dark colours, white, light grey, cream and other softer colours are popular for pool settings.

Bean Bag Colour Choice
Bean Bag Colour Choice


You can always overcome the temperature from darker coloured bean bags; but you must remember to lay down a towel before resting your body on them.

In Australia, our situation is a little different than other parts in the world, in that our hot climate can damage goods a lot faster.

Dangers of UV Radiation for Bean Bags


UV Radiation from the sun can have a dramatic effect on some man made materials.

Over time this UV light affects the material first by having colours fade over time.

fading bean bags
Non – UV Resistant Bean Bags Over Time


The next stage of UV exposure to bean bags is further breakdown of the material by noticing peeling and cracks in the fabric itself.

There are better options however.

Bean bags which are UV-Resistant have added stabilizers within the fabric themselves.

These stabilizers absorb the UV and dissipate it instead of directly affecting the strength of the fabric.

Bean Bags such as Bliss Bean Bags also have their colours embedded into the fabric along with these stabilizers.

Because the colours are not coated on the bean bag fabric itself and are combined with UV stabilizers they won’t fade like traditional fabrics.

UV Resistant Bean Bag Thread


It is important for the UV radiation to not be adsorbed into the thread used to bind the bean bags together as well.

Unfortunately, bean bags are only as good as the materials holding their components together.

bean bag thread
Marine Grade Strength – Bean Bag Thread


The marine industry with its decades of scientific research have come up with some pretty cool materials to fight nature on this front.

So we believe a good idea is to use marine grade materials which are UV resistant along with a heavy ply nylon thread also used on yacht sails.

Sailing ships go through tremendous pressures, from the salt water to the sun, to the sheer force of wind beating down on their sails.

The thread we use can hold +200kgs from just one piece of thread alone.

weight bean bag thread strength

More importantly it also contains stabilizers that won’t allow weakening of the thread over time.

Lastly; the great news about marine grade products is that they are also rated for saltwater and other chemicals such as Chlorine over the long run. And work well to combat Mould and Mildew (More on that a little later in this post).

What does Waterproof vs. Water Resistant mean?


When keeping your bean bags by the pool or leaving them out in the rain you obviously want them to be safe from the water.

wet bean bag
Waterproof Fabric


There are two types of bean bags you can purchase when it comes to using them by water:

1. Water-resistant bean bags: Able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely water-repellent.

2. Waterproof bean bags: Impervious to water getting through.

Both types of these materials are fine to be left outside.

Water-resistant bean bags can be a little weaker over the long run. Simply because they can be penetrated with water.

More penetration over time, like erosion on beach side rocks will weaken any material as time goes on.

When opting for a pool side bean bag, that are only water-resistant ask yourself if you have room to keep them out of the water when not in use.

This will help extend their life.

Are they Mould and Mildew Resistant?


An important question to ask is; will your bean bag be affected by mould and mildew?

mould mildew resistant bean bags

Again, the great thing about buying bean bags made for the marine industry is that their vinyl’s also contain qualities “melted” into the fabric through the manufacturing process which keeps mould well away.

These compounds prevent the growth of harmful mould and mildew on the surface and inside the bean bags too.

I love this quality about the fabric we use.

It means you don’t have to concern yourself with harmful fungi that leads to a whole host of health problems (some which can be quite dangerous).

If you do happen to have mould built up on an old bean bag one of the best methods for removing it is with clove oil. A natural remedy which kills mould without the dangers that come with harmful chemicals.


outdoor bean bags


A nice smooth, flat fabric helps to prevent dirt, grime and other nasties from making themselves at home on your bean bag.



Pool side bean bags make an excellent furniture choice for the outdoors.

We craft every bean bag to order within 2 business days, so you can choose to “design your own” from 16 colours (Or 120 colour combinations)

design your own bean bag

They are light to move around compared to traditional deck chairs and other loungers generally used by pools.

You can get them in a larger range of colours compared to traditional pool furniture and bean bags made of marine grade materials can certainly last a lifetime.

If you have any further questions about pool side bean bags or want to reach out for any other concerns you might have.

Give us a call or feel free to contact us here.

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