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Resort Bean Bags For Outdoors or Indoors | (Photos + Links Included)

How do you find the perfect resort style bean bag?

…Especially if you have tried others before.

They might have faded in the sun, looked droopy over time or simply didn’t hold up outdoors.

Today, I am going share the best designs that work for resorts.

I also explain exactly what you need to do when it comes to filling them.

And how to ensure leaving them outside all year round won’t be a problem.

So let’s get right to it…

Outdoor Resort Bean Bags


When I think of a resort I tend to think of sitting outside by a pool or beach and being fully exposed to the warmth of the sun.

day bed bean bag
Double Day Bed


However at some point, it will get to hot.

Furniture left outside will have to cope with heat or rain for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

That is why crafting bean bags from commercial grade fabric is the best solution.

Marine grade vinyl is the optimal fabric for resort living.

It won’t crack in the sun, since it is UV resistant.

It won’t fade in the sun, (the colours are embedded into the fabric) and not coated like fabrics made of a weave.

The fabric is also mould and mildew resistant, waterproof (not just water repellent) and scratch resistant.

custom bean bag fabric
Custom Fabric


By using this fabric and by using a commercial grade thread which is also weather proof, you can be rest assured no matter the environment.

It now means you can use bean bag sofas that replace furniture which look like this:

bean bag sofa
Modular Pieces to Mix and Match


Luxury living is simple with furniture that looks like a modular sofa set.

Unlike outdoor furniture though, there are no coverings needed to keep them safe from the rain.

And if you need to move the entire sofa set you can do it with one hand.

Bean Bag Lounges for Lobbies


Looking to make a statement in a commercial space?

Then you need furniture that is not only durable, but inviting.

Whether you are looking to fill in a hotel lobby, breakout room or pool side area.

All common areas look best when tied together with matching furniture.

When it comes to larger common areas (such as a lobby) we recommend these bean bags:

bean bag ideas
Seating for a Lobby


Choosing bean bags with a smaller footprint means you can fit more in, without the space looking over crowded as well.

Cushions can make all the difference.

If the surface area of a bean bag allows for a cushion to rest on then choosing colours in line with your decore will tie everything together nicely.

cushion on bean bag
Bean Bag with a Cushion


A common choice for our designer clients is choosing white bean bags. (Or bean bags with white on top and light grey on the base).

lighter coloured bean bags
Lighter Tones for The Outdoors Work Well


Using white as a basis for your bean bag means it will work with any space.

Bean Bags as Resort Deck Chairs


The major issue with traditional deck chairs or (pool deck chairs) is they are heavy to move around and can be quite hard to rest on.

Especially if you are reading a book for more than an hour or so.

This concern is not an issue with the day bed below:

day bed bean bag outdoors
Single Day Bed Design


Since bean bags are much lighter they can be stacked out of the way if space needs to be created.

Unlike deck chairs as well they have an in-built headrest, so you don’t need to worry about keeping separate accessories safe.

If you are looking for a pool deck lounger but want to keep the option of a bean bag chair than the Unwind Recliner is the preferred choice:

converting bean bag chair to bed
Unwind Recliner As a Chair
day bed converting chair
Unwind Recliner As a Deck Chair









I should also mention that these bean bags can be used indoors just as easily as out.

Kids Bean Bags at Resorts


Break out areas to keep kids busy are very popular among resorts worldwide.

And kids love colours.

The “design your own bean bag” feature means that you can mix and match designs from 16 colours to create 120 colour combinations for any style.

Fabric Colour Choices
Fabric Colour Choices


Sometimes bright colours might not mix with your style.

When it comes to designing furniture for children the “kid in us” can decide otherwise.

Branded Bean Bags for Resorts


We also have the ability to place a logo or artwork on the fabric.

The fabric we have been using for years is stain resistant, nothing will adhere to it quite like embroidery.

We house 600 thread colours for embroidery meaning any logo can be colour matched to exact Pantone specifications.

personalised bean bag embroidery
Example of Embroidery on Our Bean Bags – Including a Close Up


All of this can also match the chosen bean bag fabric itself.

This ensures the furniture is kept on-brand when it comes to the final product.

Company Logo Example
Company Logo Example
personalised bean bags
Another Logo Example








If you need a mock up created for your one-of-a-kind bean bag please reach out and let me know.

Bean Bag Covers


Many clients reach out to us and ask about dressing up their bean bags.

As they are made to be durable you can pretty much do what ever you like to them.

Flame Retardant Bean Bags
Bliss Bean Bags Are Flame Retardant


We understand that you might want to cover them for aesthetic reasons with natural linen fabrics to create a coastal look by the pool for instance.

luxury bean bags
Coastal Design Idea Using a Throw Rug


We do like to mention one thing, since dark colours absorb the sun, if you plan on leaving your bean bags in direct sunlight during the summer, try to opt for a white or light colour (as this will reflect heat a lot more).

Just like when you touch a black cloth left in the sun and then compare it to a white one which reflects the suns rays better, there is a noticeable difference.

Due to this reason our clients tend to choose a lighter colour on top with a darker colour on the sides.

Keep Your Bean Bags Looking Full


Truth be told, a bean bag looking flat is never a great look.

There is a little trick to keeping bean bags full as time goes on.

The way to ensure you don’t have to worry about “topping your bean bag up” is with a combination of crumb foam and regular bean filling.

Too much crumb foam however and you will feel like you are sitting directly on the ground as you sink into the bean bag.

Due to this, I recommend the ratio of 40% crumb foam and 60% common bean bag filling.

This ratio of crumb foam creates the perfect density (not too soft and not too hard).



Resort style bean bags allow you to create on your own little paradise.

And when hand made with commercial grade materials it means you can share that paradise with everyone else.

Not having to worry about how they will be treated.

They are easy to shift around from location to location.

Completely fine to be left outside 365 days a year, no matter what mother nature has to throw at them.

The ability for them to be personalised with branding means they can be made to fit in with any other furniture or fixed installations you have on the premises.

We have customers who ask about our bean bags after seeing them on holiday or at an event and end up wanting one for home.

Such as these companies we have worked with:

company logos
Companies We Have Supplied Bean Bags To


So it doesn’t matter if your establishment caters for 1000 people or 2, bean bags are always loved.

Who would have thought the simple bean bag could unite us all?

If you have any specific questions about resort style bean bags or have an enquiry about customised work, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Otherwise happy designing online!

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