Bean Bags for Corporate Events

Corporate events are a valuable way for a business to engage with their employees or their customers, both existing and potential.

Whether you are holding a company meeting, or attending a tradeshow to advertise , visualise the look on the faces of your attendees when they see they are going to be able to sit and relax on an assortment of welcoming bean bags.

With a big range of shapes, sizes, and colours, giving your guests a place to sit with Bliss Bean Bags can make them feel comfortable. When people are relaxed and at ease, they will have an even more fun, perhaps even making happy memories. This adds a personal touch to any corporate event, associating your brand with things such as entertainment and enjoyment.


Corporate events work in many different settings


This is a great way to make an instant impression on your target audience, and set yourself apart from your competitors. Read on to find out more about how putting your name to our branded bean bags and then using them at your corporate events will make your business or product stand out.


Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Using Bean Bags


If you have ever worked in advertising or marketing, then you would know how important it is to get publicity for your brand.

It is a big world out there, full of brands competing against yours, so getting your brand to have long-lasting impact on a person can be very tricky. So, how do you do that? By promoting your brand.

You can use our bean bags here at Bliss Bean Bags to do just that.

You see, we fabricate very innovative, custom-made bean bags for you to use at corporate events. These bean bags are bright and eye-catching, fashionable, comfortable, and the ideal solution for bringing publicity to your brand.

Why do we say that our bean bags are such a great answer to generating the exposure and promotion that you want for your brand?

Well, what would you like people to correlate with the logo of your business? Things such as approachability, comfortability, lavishness, and enjoyment? Then stop thinking about using the normal things people use to promote their brand, such as keyrings, pens and pencils, notebooks, caps, shirts, jumpers, or water bottles. People will always be appreciative for these things, but they aren’t necessarily attention-grabbing.

A bean bag, however, that has been custom-made for you, and branded with your logo, is truly noticeable. The majority of people have never seen a bean bag that has been tailor-made in this way before. So, consider adding your company name, logo and/or slogan to one of our bean bags, which will make them stand out and catch the eye of your target audience.


Break out areas for corporate events are a perfect place for soft furnishing


On top of promoting your brand in a very inventive, original way, using branded bean bags at your corporate events comes with a bunch of other benefits. These include that they are:

• A cost-effective solution for seating, as outdoor bean bags are very affordable.
• Comfortable and supportive, which also makes them great to use for seating.
• Lightweight. Most bean bags weigh under 5kg, making them both easy to transport and move around, so you can use them at multiple events.
• Bright, adding both colour and fun to your event. You also have a huge range of styles and colours to choose from, so you can choose any to suit your brand.
• Low-risk. With no sharp, pointy edges or hard exterior, there is little chance that your client will hurt themselves on a bean bag.
• Practical. They fit into almost every setting, and they are adored by all age groups.
• Clean. Our bean bags are anti-microbial and super easy to clean.


What Makes Bliss Bean Bags work for Your Corporate Events


Why should you trust Bliss Bean Bags as the brand to make the bean bags for you to use at your corporate events?


Well, we are very proud of our bean bags, and we hope you will be too. This is because they are:

• Waterproof, so you are able to use them both indoors and outdoors.
• UV protected. The fabric we use is used on luxurious yachts, both inside and outside. They will not fade in colour, even if left outdoors.
• Abrasion resistant.
• Stain resistant.
• Made with the highest quality material, one that has unmatched durability.
• Given a lifetime warranty, so you will always have peace of mind in them. Yes, we are that confident in them that they will never fall apart that we guarantee them for life.
• Strong, yet still soft and comfortable.
• Made to high standards, overlooked by our team that has skill, experience, and passion for the product.
• Made using the latest technology for vinyl production.
• Made in Australia to withstand the conditions of the weather in Australia.
• Fire resistant.
• Available in multiple colour options that you can choose from.
• As mentioned, treated with anti-microbial protection. This offers sanitation, repelling both mould and bacteria.
• Easy to clean – just wipe down with warm water. Mild soap can also be used if required.
• Delivered for free Australia-wide.

Finally, they have been used as furniture at numerous luxurious establishments, including both The Parliament house of Australia and the only 6-star hotel we have in Australia – The Versace hotel, Queensland.


Events Where You Can Bring out the Bean Bags


You can use your branded bean bags at so many different events, such as those listed below.


Event Sponsorship


Many brands will sponsor events as a way of getting themselves noticed amongst their local neighborhood. Just find a gathering that is relevant to your product or the service you offer, which is really quite easy. You can ask your local community centre, or look on social media. Perhaps you sell health products. Then your ideal places for marketing your brand is at leisure centres or sporting events.

Once you have found the right event for you and your brand, all you need to do is get in touch with the organiser of the event, with a proposal to provide them with extra seating for the day. By doing this, they may even allow you to present your products on the day, or hand out flyers. This is a great way to get your brand noticed.


Outdoor Events


The majority of events that are held outdoors do not have enough seating for the substantial amount of people that attend.

An outdoor occasion, such as a festival, concert, carnival, tradeshow, market, fete, or fairground, could be the perfect chance to display your bean bags.


We personalise bean bags with branding for corporate events


A tradeshow, for example, is the perfect place to connect your business or product with potential clients. They are typically held in large spaces, where various businesses pay for a portion of that space. To offer seating to the attendees in the way of bean bags with your brand on them is a way to get yourself noticed.


Sports Days


Businesses will hold various sports events amongst their employees, as this gets employees and their families together to intermingle amongst one another. So, whether this is your business holding this, or whether you just get in touch with the people organising these events, they are a great opportunity to show your bean bags.

There have been so many sports days I have gone to that have been held outdoors, where there has been no seating at all. The people hosting these events will always appreciate some bean bags, so they have somewhere for people attending the events to sit in comfort. And there are always so many people at these events, so these people will all have the chance to see the name of your brand, whilst having a fun day.


Product Launches


As suggested in the name, these are days when a business will unveil their new product or service.

By offering your potential clientele a place to sit in comfort during your promotion, and perhaps even allowing one or two people to take a bean bag home by holding a raffle giving it away as another sort of prize, this helps to achieve your aim of expanding the familiarity of your brand beyond the people that have attended the launch.


Conferences & Other Meetings


Even under the best circumstances, these types of meetings can be quite boring.

Most times you are either offered a plastic chair, or you have to stand. Why not make those attending more relaxed and comfortable, by offering them a branded bean bag.

This comes with further pros – as well as promoting your brand, you will not have to hire furniture. You can promote your brand even more by allowing those who attend to take the bean bag home with them – then they will have your brand name around them for life.


Special Occasions


Business also have special event days that you can use to promote your brand using a bean bag.

These include things such as appreciation ceremonies for your employees or clients, days to celebrate company milestones, or award ceremonies.

You can always give the attendees / the main person of interest a memorable, special gift by personalising a bean bag for their day, so they have something to remember it by forever.


Designing Your Bean Bags


Let us go over some tips for helping you in designing your bean bag.

To make them attention-grabbing, and so they have an unforgettable impact on the customer, choose a message or image that represents your product or business in the most precise, accurate, confident, affirmative way.

Normally this would be your logo. But if you do not yet have a logo, an inspiring slogan that is related to your business or product can be highly beneficial, as well as adding on your businesses or individual name.

Prior to putting your order in with us, just be sure that it meets all the length and size constraints – that is, the message or logo fits the bean bag without looking like it is too big or too short.

Tips for Using Your Bean Bags at Corporate Events

Now you have finished designing your bean bag, here are some tips for using your bean bags to their greatest advantage at these corporate events:

• Place several bean bags around areas such as low-lying tables. This will encourage the people in attendance to sit for a break, relax, and speak amongst each other. This interaction between people such your target audience or your employees can progress relations and make the atmosphere both enjoyable and relaxing.
• Give away some of the bean bags as a prize in a game or raffle. These types of giveaways can increase the audience you get at your event, and also the amount of people that see the bean bag once the event is over.
• If you have the room for it in your budget, order your bean bags in several different colours, sizes, and styles. This will make people look at them more, hence increasing their awareness of and level of interest in your brand.




If there is one thing that a new business tends to strive to do on a continual basis, it is to get their name out there into the public, and to make it stick into the minds of people.

You are competing against many companies, many of whom use some crazy new marketing techniques, so it may be essential for you to use ingenuity and creativity when it comes to promoting your brand.

Bean bags that have been custom-made for your business are a way to do just that. We have seen it ourselves – they catch the eye of people at corporate events. They make people look, sit, relax, take photos, all sorts of things that associate your brand with being fun and trendy.

Contact us now and you can get started by personalising a bean bag with your brands name, thus putting your brands name right in people’s faces at corporate events such as product launches, tradeshows, fairs, auctions, and more, right here.

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