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Heavy-Duty Bean Bags – Commercial Grade

Not everyone imagines a bean bag to be a strong, ‘heavy duty’ seating option. To the contrary, bean bags made from tough materials can be a great solution for environments that need durable seating.

At Bliss Bean Bags, we use the latest and greatest production techniques to make our bean bags soft, comfortable and extremely durable. Whether you’re looking for something that will survive the rough and tumble of a teenager’s rumpus room, or an industrial workspace, heavy duty bean bags are an excellent solution.


Firstly, when and where are heavy duty bean bags important?


Bean bags are awesome, comfortable seating options for the home, but they are also excellent in a commercial setting.

In a commercial environment, durability is essential for furniture. Unfortunately, employees and casual users probably won’t treat your bean bags like they are their own! Plus, they’ll get a lot more use thanks to the volume of people.


Heavy duty bean bags are used by big brands, major events, offices, hospitals, schools, prisons and more.


bean bags for Twitter in Sydney
Like Google – We have also crafted bean bags for Twitter in Sydney


It’s important in such settings that heavy duty bean bags are made from commercial grade fabric and high-quality manufacturing techniques.


What constitutes commercial grade fabric?


Commercial fabrics are manufactured to possess strength and enhanced to perform in environments that demand varying degrees of durability.

Bliss Bean bags use cutting edge vinyl production for fabric that feels soft and is also extremely durable, possessing all the qualities of commercial grade textiles.

Are heavy duty bean bags still comfortable?


Our fabric is comprised of three layers. The bottom layer is made from high tensile thread for extreme durability. The inner layer is made of foam and then there is a soft external layer.

This means that although they are heavy duty and can handle a wide range of conditions, they are still comfortable to sink into.


Do heavy duty bean bags withstand extreme weather?


We use the same fabric that’s used on luxury, sea-faring yachts. It’s designed to stay fresh against the elements! While it may not be worth testing them in a typhoon, the fabric we use is waterproof and UV resistant. So, it’s safe to leave beanbags outside.


orange bean bag outdoors
No matter the elements heavy duty bean bags fair well


They’re a great idea for recreation clubs or outdoor areas at gyms and schools. You don’t have to rush outside to bring the bean bags inside at the first hint of a shower!


Are heavy duty bean bags safe for kids?


The fabric we use is also stain and abrasion resistant. That means it’s great for kids, especially ones who are prone to spilling sticky liquids such as cordial or Neapolitan ice cream! It will wipe right off.

Bliss Bean Bags also won’t scratch easily. Our bean bags are extremely difficult to split open, which also means they won’t be a suffocation hazard for little children.


Do spills still leave a faint mark or a smell?


Not at all. Unlike fabric bean bags, heavy duty, commercial grade material doesn’t absorb spills at all. So that means there won’t be a nasty odour from liquids activating in the fabric down the track!


keeping bean bag clean
Most stains can simply be wiped up with water

Are heavy duty bean bag zippers tough?


Another hazard for children can be too easy to unzip fastenings. This is also a concern if you want to use bean bags in security conscious places like prisons or juvenile detention centres.

All the zippers we use are child proof. They also need to be opened with a thin metal wire such as a paper clip, that can be fashioned into a zipper handle. Without this, the zipper opener is hidden.


Safety zippers fitted to every one of our heavy duty bean bags
Safety zippers fitted to every one of our heavy duty bean bags




What type of stitching do heavy duty bean bags use?


The thread used in sewing is just as important as the material to ensure durability. It must also be waterproof and UV resistant to safeguard against deterioration. Without this precaution, furniture – and bean bags – can fall apart with time!


We use 25 ply nylon thread that withstands the sun and rain; it will keep everything held together under the toughest conditions.

We’re so confident that it will last that all our bean bags come with a lifetime warranty.


What kind of industries use heavy duty bean bags?


Heavy duty bean bags are particularly great for industries which are very active, involve many people, or are subject to extreme weather or conditions.

For example, heavy duty bean bags are perfect for the breakout areas of mining sites, where you would expect to get a high level of heat, dust and grime. This can be wiped right off! They are also UV resistant so won’t fade under the hot sun.

We have a wide array of heavy-duty bean bags that can create a relaxing environment in a stressful industry. The King Bean Bag can be personalised for a company in a range of colours for full length stretch out on a lunch break!


Can I use heavy duty bean bags on my boat?


Bliss Bean Bags are terrific for the deck or interiors of boats. As they are waterproof, sailors don’t need to worry about damage from the waves! Plus, there is the added benefit that they love the sun.


Marine grade vinyl
Marine grade vinyl. Perfect for the open seas



Our bean bags are made in Australia, which makes the process and purchase cheaper than buying from one of the boating manufacturers overseas. The quality is exceptional for the price.

What about heavy duty bean bags for prisons?


Heavy duty bean bags are also appropriate for breakout or relaxation areas in maximum-security prisons.

The material is hard wearing and can’t be split open easily, plus the zippers cannot be opened or broken off without a thin wire device fashioned into a zipper handle, which certainly should not be available in a maximum-security prison.

Bliss Bean Bags are used by the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre, a maximum security women’s prison located at Deer Park in Victoria, Australia. They provide a comfortable, safe seating solution for prisoners that give prison staff peace of mind.


Do heavy duty bean bags come with a lifetime warranty?


Not many things in life come with a guarantee but our Bean Bags come with a lifetime warranty! We’re so confident because we’re involved in every step of the production process. Our handmade, heavy duty bean bags are made using the best possible fabric. Produced in Australia, we quality control every part of manufacturing.


This allows us to offer a lifetime warranty to all our clients, even large-scale orders.


Am I able to tailor the design for heavy duty bean bags?


They come in a range of versatile modern designs. Whatever your interior design vision, we can match it with the right shape and size.

Our modern designs encourage commercial settings to think outside of the box when it comes to heavy duty bean bags. For example, our bean bag lounges are a beautiful way to enhance the look and feel of any space.



They are carefully designed to factor in elements such as weight distribution, back support and overall functionality.

The heavy duty bean bag lounges are available in single chair designs or as one or two-seater loungers. The latter come with sharper edges and can be tailored with piping for a sharper look for corporate or hospitality spaces.


They’re perfect for the deck of a yacht or an outdoor terrace!

Are many colours available? Are the bean bags colourfast?


Heavy duty bean bags offer a versatile range of colours, so that you can match your bean bags to your corporate brand, boat design, sporting team colours or the theme for an event.


We match our heavy-duty nylon thread exactly to the colour of the fabric. The colours are also not just painted onto the fabric, as happens with some manufacturers. They are embedded into the top layer of the fabric, so that they are colourfast and will not run, even if the bag is saturated.


Are heavy duty bean bags easy to move?


The phrase ‘heavy duty’ makes many people think these types of bean bags aren’t flexible and transportable. On the contrary, they’re perfect for businesses which move around a lot, such as event companies.

If you choose a light filling, they’re still easily transportable.


What are they filled with?

The durability and commercial-grade toughness of bean bags comes directly from the fabric. The filling is up to you. Most people are familiar with expanded polystyrene (EPS), the white fluffy balls that are widely available from major retailers such as Target and Kmart.

However, you can also stuff heavy duty bean bags with alternative, more environmentally friendly fillings such as hay, rice, beans, shredded newspaper and old clothes.


Whether you are looking to use heavy duty bean bags in a commercial setting or for boating, we’ve got the right design for you. Get in touch today to find out more about our range and bulk orders.






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