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Are Bean Bags Safe for Toddlers?

Safety is top of mind for parents and caretakers of toddlers.


According to Kidsafe, the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia, each year over 68,000 children between the ages of zero and fourteen are hospitalised as a result of unintentional injuries.


Many of these accidents involve household furniture and, for the most part, could have been prevented by the thoughtful deployment of proper safety standards, such as covering sharp edges on furniture. Which is why soft bean bags can be such a great choice for safety-conscious parents.


So are bean bags safe for toddlers?

Yes they’re comfortable and with no sharp edges. However to be safe they need to adhere to strict quality controls and follow specific rules set out by the Australian Government. And these safety standards include warning labels; such as: “fitted with a child-resistant slide fastener” being mentioned on every bean bag sold in Australia.


In many ways bean bags are an attractive and reassuring prospect for the parents of toddlers to use.

Toddlers generally love to play with bean bags and they’re comfortable spots for them to settle in and watch their favourite TV show or colour in. All types of bean bags are appropriate for kids. At Bliss Bean Bags, we have a range of modern designs, although some people just love the nostalgia of our Classic Tear Drop bean bag – as it takes them right back to their own childhoods.


The Tear Drop Bean Bag
The Tear Drop Bean Bag


The difference is that these days, bean bags come with a whole range of inbuilt safety precautions.

Naturally, some parents have questions around potential hazards such as the filling of bean bags or the security of fastenings. Don’t worry, we’ve got all your questions answered! If you use a high-quality bean bag properly, there should be no worries about safety.


Can a toddler suffocate on a bean bag?


When it comes to bean bags, suffocation may occur from either the rare scenario of a child unzipping the bean bag and climbing inside, or from the bean bag not being filled properly and a small child suffocating without proper head and neck support. You should always make sure the bean bag is filled properly and is firm.

Suffocating is a major risk for toddlers from a range of household items, which is why young children should always be attended by a responsible caregiver. Teaching children to understand how to safely use bean bags and supervising them is important.

Both these risks should not be an issue with good bean bags. Responsible and high-quality bean bag manufacturers will always make furniture with safety zippers to make it extremely difficult for kids to open bean bags.

Are there government guidelines governing bean bags?


Yes, it is compulsory for bean bag openings to be fitted with a child-resistant slider fastener.


Sealed products, that is those without openings from which filling can escape or be accessed, are not covered by this standard as they aren’t able to be opened.


What kind of zippers do Bliss bean bags use?


The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has also made recommendations to govern the sale of bean bags, which include the recommendations about a child resistant zip or fastener. They also advise that it does not have a tab or handle that would allow a child to open it.

At Bliss Bean bags, we take child safety extremely seriously. Every bean bag that we manufacture, and sell is equipped with a child proof zip. They need to be opened with a paper clip, or a thin metal wire that can be used as a zipper handle.

This handle is not sold with the bean bag; it must be used independently of the bean bag itself, as per Australian law.


Are bean bags safe for babies?


When it comes to babies, government recommendations advise that children under the age of 12 months should never be put down to sleep on a bean bag.


How much should I fill the bean bags?


You should ensure that a bean bag is always firmly packed. Leaving too much space in a bean bag can be a hazard for small children, as toddlers need good neck and head support.


Can bean bags be a choking hazard for toddlers?


As we know, toddlers like to get into everything! If toddlers do manage to get the bag open somehow, there’s a chance they may choke on the stuffing. As mentioned, our bean bags come with safety zippers, and are also made from extremely strong material which means they are difficult to split open. However, you may like to consider an alternative filling.


And there are a lot of different types of filling that can be used.


What’s the safest type of bean bag filling?


There is a diverse range of fillings available. It really depends on how imaginative you want to get.


Expanded polystyrene is the filling most people would be familiar with and is widely available from big department stores like Target and Kmart.


However, you might be looking for a more environmentally friendly option, as the polystyrene can be difficult to recycle. There are lot of other recyclable fillings you can use, such as shredded paper and cedar shavings. Organic matter such as rice and buckwheat hulls can also be a good option.

Our Bliss Double Sofa bean bag is a cool option for kids’ rooms and can be easily stuffed with alternative fillings, such as stuffed toys to keep the bean bags comfy and the toys out of the way.


The two seater bean bag
The two seater bean bag we sell.


Another great idea for recycling is to use old clothes that you’re no longer using to stuff the bags. Just choose something soft and fluffy for optimum comfort. This is one of the safest stuffing you can use. If you don’t have enough clothing, you can always stuff the inner core with shredded newspaper or a mixture of other fillings.

Take a look here for more ideas on alternative fillings. Just make sure that anything you insert is completely dry, as otherwise you’ll have a mould problem on your hands down the track!


Should I get a child-sized bean bag or is adult-sized fine?


Kids can use bean bags of all sizes! However, just like sturdier furniture, it’s great for kids to have one perfectly sized for them. That means they don’t have to climb up on them, and their little feet can reach the floor. Make your toddler feel special with the Kids’ Chair from Bliss Bean Bags. It’s the perfect place for them to sit and listen to their favourite story or (better yet) watch a movie and give Mum and Dad some time off!


Kids love bean bags
Kids love bean bags. And it is up to us adults to ensure they remain safe


It comes with child-safety zips and is waterproof and UV resistant as well. Create a creative space outside where your little ones can relax and let their imaginations roam free.


What’s kind of fabric do bliss bean bags use?


We use the latest technology in vinyl production to make bean bags that are extremely durable but also soft. They’ll last for years while remaining comfortable!


The high tensile thread used to make the bottom layer of the fabric means it is strong and won’t split easily. This adds an extra layer of protection and means it is almost impossible for a toddler to split the material! It then has a secondary foam cushion layer for comfort, with a soft external layer on top.


In addition to being waterproof and UV resistant, the fabric is also resistant to stains and repels abrasions. This makes it an extremely useful material to have around toddlers!

We also use 25 ply nylon thread to stitch all the bags. This strong and durable thread is also UV resistant, which means the bags won’t fall apart in the sun.


At Bliss Bean Bags, we’re so confident in the quality of our bean bags that we offer a lifetime guarantee.


If the vinyl is torn, there are a few ways to fix this including ways using specific tapes or glues as well.


Are the bean bags colourfast? Is there a wide choice of colours?


One of the differentiators of our bean bags is that they the colours are not painted on the fabric, as can be the case with lower-quality brands. Instead they are embedded into the top layer of the material during the manufacturing process. It means the colours won’t fade, even out in the sun or with many years.

We offer a huge range of colours to choose from, so that you can match your toddler’s bean bag to their room. Our vibrant colour palettes are a particularly great way to add a splash of vitality to an otherwise neutral room.


Can I personalise a bean bag for my toddler?


All of our bliss products can be customised with embroidery. All our bean bags are made by hand which means we can embroider your toddler’s name on the front or back of their special chair before it is stitched together.


What non-toxic bean bag cleaners can I use?


Our bean bags are easy to clean. All you need is some warm water and a mild cleaning product. We recommend using natural, non-toxic cleaners like a dash of Eucalyptus oil.

Rest easy that your toddler is safe and secure with our Bean Bags. By choosing a brand that uses the latest technology in fabrics and safety, you can provide comfort and joy without the headache. All our products come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can continue to enjoy them long beyond the toddler years!

Browse our extensive range of modern designs today and choose from a huge range of colours to match your toddler’s tastes. Drop us a line with any questions, we love hearing from you.

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