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Personalised Bean Bags | Every Option Listed

Just what exactly is personalising a bean bag, you may wonder?

Well, it’s giving you, or even your business, the opportunity to express yourself. To be noticed.

You see, here at Bliss Bean Bags, our bean bags come in shapes, sizes and colours that will suit any room, any person, or any ambiance.

So, if you’re looking to “posh” up your lounge room, we can help you do that. Or, if you’re looking to add a level of relaxation and comfort to your resort, we can definitely help you do that. Maybe you’re looking for bean bags to make an impact on people with your logo branded on them for a festival – well, yep, you guessed it, we can help you do that too.

You may be surprised to know just how good a form of marketing this is, just how much attention personalising a bean bag will attract for your brand. Or, if you want to keep the bean bag for yourself, that’s okay by me too, as a personalised bean bag as a stand-out piece of furniture is always a great addition to any household.

Today’s article is all about just how you construct a personalised bean bag, from learning how to choose the shape and size, to learning how to pick the arrangements of colours, to how to brand a bean bag and the advantages of doing so.

So, get comfortable, because you’ve got a lot to learn.

What is a Personalised Bean Bag?


One of the ultimate benefits of handmade bean bags, such as Bliss Bean Bags, is that they are constructed from the ground-up, providing room for a greater level of personalisation.

Our bean bags have a “Design Your Own” feature that allows you to create your very own, truly unique bean bag.

Simply follow the below steps:

• Click on the “Bean Bags” link at the top of our website
• Select the style you want, as per the picture below;



Once you have chosen a style, it’s time to get creative!

You have 16 colours to choose from, and can choose any arrangement of these colours for the top of the bean bag and side of the bean bag;


Fabric Colour Choices
Fabric Colour Choices


Choose different colours for the top and side if you wish or choose the same colour for both –


Yellow and red bean Circular bean bag shown


It’s all up to you and what impression you wish to make!


Brand Your Bean Bag


Bean bags are becoming the seats of choice for a number of businesses, due to their comfort, versatility, durability, plus many additional benefits:

  • Motels
  • Resorts
  • Cinemas
  • Schools / Libraries / Universities
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Sporting associations and more.

Why, you wonder? Well, read on and allow me to explain to you the benefits personalising a bean bag can have on your company.

• Make your mark – Highly competitive markets such as motels and resorts are always looking for ways to stand-out. To be different and ‘steal’ guests away from their competitors.

Additional little ‘extras’, such as a super stylish, comfortable bean bag seat on which their customer can sink into and relax will always make their property stand-out, and make their customers contemplate either returning or telling their friends all about what a great trip they had.

huge bean bags
Double Day Beds


Our Double Day Bed – Imagine yourself relaxing on this luxurious bag at a resort, away from kids, pets, or any of the troubles of home or work. Instead, you get to experience nothing but pure bliss.

• Make marketing “trendy” – Advertising is a very important aspect for any brand, as it is used to promote what your business is associated with and the mood they wish to portray, and – hopefully – make a lasting impression on people.

Bean bags are a way of making a unique impact on people, being a trendy, cool, stand-out and overall perfect way to promote your brand.



Our stylish photo of our classic Tear Drop bean bag seat is the perfect example of a trendy, modern uptake on marketing design.

• Capture people’s attention – If the aim of your businesses brand is to capture people’s attention quickly – whether you want them to associate you with comfort, luxury, fun, friendliness, or whatever you wish to portray – the ideal way to do so is by using something they have never seen before.

Sure, people are always going to appreciate the freebies or cheapies such as keyrings, pens and notepads, balloons, water bottles or hats, but we’ve seen it all before and it will very quickly be thrown in their ‘junk drawer’ and forgotten about.

What will make an impact on people, however, is a personalised bean bag, branded with your company’s logo, as it is something most people have never seen before.


Our personalised bean bag above is the perfect example of an attention-grabbing bean bag.

• Make them yours – Be sure to personalise your bean bag by branding it with your logo. At Bliss Bean Bags, our vinyl was designed so that it can be customised with our embroidery service, so that your office space or next event can truly catch people’s attention with your unique, one of a kind bean bag.

As all of our bean bags are handmade, we can embroider the front or back of your bean bag especially for you, with your brand name, in your choice of over 600 different colours and your choice of placement.


bliss bean bags
A representation of our quality logo’s.


Your choice of where you would like to place your logo on the bean bag:


Personalisation Example


You can decide where ever you would like the branding on the bean bags

Bliss Bean Bags for Commercial Use


Rest assured, here at Bliss Bean Bags we have plenty of love and experience when it comes to bean bags for commercial use. And we hope to continue to share that love with you.

A small selection of clients we have served include these below:


Uses for Personalised Bean Bags


Indoors or outdoors, personalised bean bags are a unique piece of furniture that are perfect for:

Offices and other workplaces
Schools and universities
Events, promotions and festivals
Cinemas and theatres
• Motels and resorts
Healthcare systems, waiting rooms, medical and psychiatric settings
Sports Bars and clubs



Regardless of where you decide to use your personalised bean bag chairs, your customers will always love them.

Comfortable, eye-catching and out of the ordinary, they’ll make your clientele want to keep coming back for more. In outdoor settings such as cinemas and festivals, they will provide a cost-effective solution to seating whilst still being lightweight, luxurious and cosy.

They’re fun, easy to sell, and most of all, durable. Because in a commercial setting, nobody treats your furniture like they would their own. Here at Bliss Bean Bags, we understand that, and know that is why we continue to serve repeat customers, from big brands, to event organisers, to hospitals, offices and schools. As such, we will always pride ourselves on making durable, high-quality bean bags.

We also can provide you with the ultimate in personalisation, starting from choosing your own size and style of bean bag, to choosing from 16 different colours in multiple different arrangements, to having your logo embroidered on the front or back of your bean bag in your choice of over 600 different colours in your own choice of placement.

Your potential customers and guests will admire the quality and craftsmanship of our hand-made bean bags, whilst the eye-catching design will capture people’s attention and promote your brand in a trendy, cool, stand-out way wherever you go.

Simply consider the overall mood you’re trying to set for your business, and this will help you decide on the shape, size and colours you wish to choose for your bean bag. You can rest-assured knowing that Bliss Bean Bags are only made from the highest quality fabric that is designed to withstand Australian conditions, both indoors and out, including being stain resistant, mould and mildew resistant, and fade resistant.

So, now that you know all the factors that you should take into consideration prior to personalising your bean bag, you should be ready to get started on the fun part – designing and personalising! Start today at Bliss Bean Bags, and rest assured knowing our Lifetime Warranty means that we stand by the quality of our workmanship, zippers and thread, as we genuinely want you to be happy that you have invested your money in value and comfort.

If you’re still unsure or have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to Contact Us, we’d love to hear from you!

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