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Vinyl Bean Bags – (Which Ones Work Best & Links to Each)

It is hard to go past quality vinyl bean bags.

Below I list our range of vinyl bean bags and share other choices available in Australia.

I cover why they are suited to water, UV exposure and keeping stains at bay.

However if you would like to jump ahead…

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Vinyl Bean Bag Covers


After considering a bean bag for comfort the next most important feature to worry about is durability.

Since the first bean bag was invented in 1967 they have swept the world.

The Sacco was the worlds first bean bag and is still sold today. You can purchase it for 333 EURO, approx. $530 AUD at the current time of writing this post.

This evergreen product has been on sale for over 40 years and is made of vinyl.

If that doesn’t say anything about "style" vs "short-term-trends", I'm not sure what does.

It should be noted there are various grades of vinyl you can make a bean bag of. The most “robust” you could say is marine grade vinyl.

red vinyl bean bag
Our Circular Lounger Bean Bag - In Red Vinyl


We also had an image created to illustrate the properties of the vinyl we use.

It highlights the three layers which make up the fabric and the purpose of each:

commercial grade bean bag material
Bliss Bean Bags Vinyl Fabric


Benefits of Marine Grade Vinyl:

1. Mould and Mildew Resistant
2. Anti-Bacterial
3. UV Resistant
4. Waterproof
5. Flame Retardant
6. Stain Resistant
7. Hypoallergenic

Flame Retardant Bean Bags
Bliss Bean Bags Are Flame Retardant


Vinyl bean bags are like the "Rolls Royce" of bean bags when it comes to lasting.

We handcraft each and every bean bag.  And I would like to think we are playing a small part in this reputation of durability.

Classic Vinyl Bean Bags


When Flower Power was in full force in the 1960’s there was no better furniture created to align with the younger generation at the time.

With the advancement of new fabrics in the 60's, it meant vinyl became popular with the colours at the time.

vinyl bean bag fabric
Our Vinyl Colour Choice


And the original bean bag was eventually coined the Classic Tear Drop:

Classic Tear Drop Design bag
Our Classic Tear Drop Design


A simple shape which hugged the human body, provided lower back support and is still relaxing to slouch down into today.

bean bags from the block
Bliss Bean Bags Used on "The Block"


This is one of our best sellers and has been featured in many Schools, libraries, Uni's and even on a couple of TV shows.

Department Store Bean Bags


As time progressed the benefit of mass-produced, low-cost products from department stores such as Bunnings, Big W and Kmart meant bean bags have graced many homes across Australia.

And I personally love that there is a huge range for Aussies to pick from.

These bean bags have sold in major department stores for years and usually offer at least a 12 month warranty.

So if you are looking for a bean bag guaranteed for a season or two then they are a great alternative to other furniture.

What Can Go Wrong with Vinyl bean bags?


Vinyl bean bags are very strong, however like anything they have their ‘failure’ points.

Our craftsmen have been constructing furniture for over 30 years so we know about these failure points.

Unless pressure points on bean bags are double stitched, top stitched along zipper lines and reinforced, than bean bags are vulnerable to splitting… And nobody wants that!

two pieces of vinyl stitched together
Bliss Bean Bags Vinyl With Internal Stitches


If constructed correctly there is little to worry about regarding the final product.

However a few things I would certainly suggest is to keep sharp object like blades and knives away from any fabric.

We make dog bean bags and I mention to pet owners, that the rounded edges of dog claws are perfectly fine for vinyl bean bags.

Though I strongly recommend that cats keep well away from them – Simply due to their much sharper claws.

Below is a video we created to show our vinyl tear drop compared to an alternative one:


The great news is that vinyl bean bags can pretty much take most things you throw at them.

How To Repair Vinyl Bean Bags?


Vinyl is used in so many applications.

The fabric we use for instance is the same vinyl used on the seats of Wimbledon Stadium and in luxury boats.

It is made through a process of melting different elements together and then letting the vinyl mixture set over a backing cloth. This gives the vinyl extra strength.

If you are interested, here is a video which shows the process of making vinyl similar to our marine grade fabric.

If you find your vinyl has a hole in it, it can be mended with a heat gun.

Effectively, this heat gun melts the fabric and allows it to “mend” itself together, this brief clip shows how this amazing process works:


There is also a company in Australia which can fix any vinyl issues you have. It is called New Life Repairs

If you want a quick fix however, you can use Tarzan Grip Glue.

We have found this to be an excellent glue to stick a vinyl patch over the original vinyl fabric when a bean bag has been stabbed by scissors for example.

If you don't like the look of a patch then another idea is to stick the "patch" on the inside of the bean bag.

This is to prevent the edges of the patch from showing through.

Large Vinyl Bean Bags - Adult's Choice


Large vinyl bean bags work well, due to how they then can be dragged inside and out with relative ease.

Compared to large lounges or sofas for example.

Like these bean bags below:

Circular Lounger
Circular Lounger Bean Bag
single modular sofa
Single Sofa
King Bean Bag
King Bean Bag


They work well when exposed to the elements and match most interior decor.

This is because they resemble leather and other fabrics used in living rooms, bedrooms and offices.

Small Vinyl Bean Bags - Children’s choice


The benefit of small bean bags (especially when used with kids) is how easy they are to clean. Wiping them down with a little warm water will remove 90% of stains.

For tougher stains, such as ink left to bake in the sun for hours I simply recommend eucalyptus oil

It really is like magic when it comes to cleaning vinyl and dismisses the need to use bleach, or any other harsh chemicals.

This is important, especially when you want to protect your home from these toxic products.

Here are a few of the smaller vinyl bean bags we offer:

Toddler Vinyl Chair
Gamer Chair
Flip Chair


These are great for kids.

I should note that the toddler chair is really only for children up to the age of six.

Vinyl Bean Bags for Commercial Settings


We sell a lot of bean bags for commercial use, from school's to office's and all sorts of events in between.

Our Bean Bags Used in Commercial Use


They are easy to transport from place to place.

Easy to stack in the corner of a room and work perfectly well if people rest their feet on them.

Or mark them with pens, food or drink.

They even do well with cigarette ash when used in clubs and pubs. As they are flame resistant (see image above).

Vinyl is the best choice for hospitals and other venues where allergies are of concern as well.

hospital bean bags
Our Bean Bags in Healthcare


If you would like to read more about commercial applications for bean bags, please click on the “Commercial Use” link at the top of our website.



Vinyl bean bags have been on the market for decades.

You could arguably say more vinyl bean bags have been sold than any other fabric.

They have served people well for ease of maintenance, comfort, durability and not to mention they come in a great range of colours.

If you are looking for a neutral tone or a bright colour to change any room, it is hard to go past vinyl for its great qualities.

If you have any questions about vinyl bean bags please leave a comment below or contact us here.

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