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Luxury Bean Bags + How to Craft Your Own with Free Delivery

Do luxury bean bags exist, and if so, what makes a luxury bean bag?

The short answer is – yes, luxury bean bags do exist. Often used at luxury resorts for the guests’ maximum comfort around the pool area, they can create a feeling of relaxation and bliss.

However, for your own level of maximum comfort, you must know what kind of bean bag you need…

outdoor bean bag couch and bean bag ottoman
Our Outdoor / Indoor – Bean Bag Sofa and Ottoman Pair


The good news is, it’s our job here at Bliss Bean Bags to manufacture bean bags for your ultimate comfort, safety, and quality. So today I will share the information with you on how you can design a luxury bean bag so comfortable that you won’t want to get up!

What Makes a Luxury Bean Bag?


The best bean bag chairs for adults are not only comfortable, but they are also stylish and versatile.

The key to finding a bean bag that is for you comfortable is knowing exactly what you need from your bean bag chair;

Size – Are you a tall person? If so, do you need something a little bit bigger?
Shape – Do you want to sit upright, or do you want to lay down? Do you want it to replace your couch so you can lounge all the way back?
Colour & Personalisation – You’ll be surprised how much of a difference that designing your bean bag to suit you and your surroundings will make

Not only is it fun; but being able to match the bean bag to sit your space is important.

The colour you choose can have an effect on your mood – some are calming, some are uplifting, some are energising, and so forth.

You can also go as far to design your bean bag with your favourite digital image or logo – now that’s luxurious!

We can craft custom logos on all our bean bags
We can craft custom logos on all our bean bags


Once you decide the qualities that suit you, all you must do is pick one of the many fabulous options that are available to you. Visit our website where we have a great array of comfortable, eye-catching bean bag chairs available. We hand make all our products in Australia from quality materials, and offer a Lifetime Warranty as guarantee.

The values we abide by are strict yet simple:

• We make quality products with quality materials.
• We control all aspects of design, craftsmanship and quality control inspections from the same warehouse, right here in Australia. Nothing is performed overseas, so we have full control over our procedures from start to finish.
• Our bean bag fabric is specifically designed to withstand Australian conditions. It is easy to clean and, unlike other fabrics which tend to fade, it shows no signs of distress such as creases or slight discoloration after a few years.

If you have any questions about our manufacturing process or require any information on our product, please feel free to Contact Us. We are more than happy to share any information with you.

How to Design Your Luxury Bean Bag


Design your own bean bag


Ready to design your very own luxurious bean bag? Visit us at Bliss Bean Bags and let’s get started!

I will share all the tips on the designing process with you below;

If it is a nice Size & Shape you are after:

1. Circular Lounger Bean Bag

One of our biggest chairs, this super-size bean bag is more than 1m across and 1m wide at the back. Super comfortable, we’ve nick-named it the “bear-hugger” as its contours will cuddle you! Whilst sitting in it, you’ll feel so cosy, you’ll probably hug it back.

Circular lounger
Single Seater – Circular Lounger


With so much room, you can easily move your body into any position you wish. Its simple design also makes it easy to stand up from.


2. Grand Lounger, Double Grand Lounger, Chaise Lounger

You can use our Grand Lounger as part of a couch set, if you also purchase the Double Lounger and Chaise Lounger. A great perk to this is that the Grand Lounger is very versatile – simply pick it up and move it to another room as you wish.

Bean Bag Couch
The trio of bean bags together


The Grand Lounger is just the right height from the ground, for your comfort.


3. Single Sofa, Square Ottoman

Our Single Sofa is manufactured with the priorities being style, comfort and durability. Second on the list is stain resistance and versatility – you will have the ability to easily move it anywhere, for use indoors or outdoors as you desire.

The bean bag is tailored with the DNA of a sofa. It’s proportions and sharper edges has given it a distinctive look, yet the material is designed for your comfort – so we’ve created a luxurious, soft piece of furniture.

larger bean bags


Add a Square Ottoman for somewhere to rest your feet and you’ve reached maximum comfort!


4. Unwind Recliner

We designed the Unwind Recliner to take relaxation to a resort-style level. Open it to its full length of 150cm and you have yourself an extremely comfortable daybed on which to take a nap or simply relax in the sunshine.

But it’s so versatile, you can fold it under, and you have a beautiful entertaining chair to sit on while you read a book, enjoy a drink or socialise with friends.

Unwind Recliner

Unwind, Relax and Recline
Unwind, Relax and Recline


Choose from over 120 colour combinations when selecting your Unwind Recliner to set the mood for your area of ultimate relaxation just perfectly.


Deciding on Colour

Our colours are not just painted on the fabric – they are actually embedded into the top layer of the material. This means your colours will never fade, even if you choose to leave your bean bag outside.

Refer to our Fabrics page to see our colour chart, and when designing your bean bag you have the option to choose between soft, subtle tones such as cream or beige, or bold, vibrant colours such as pink or yellow.

bean bag fabrics


You also have the option to mix it up and use two colours on one bean bag, so you can ensure your bean bag fits into any setting you wish!



Our vinyl has been specially designed so it can be customised with our embroidery service. Because all our bean bags are handmade, we can embroider the front or back with a digital image or logo for you.

With over 600 thread colours, we can match almost any logo or image you desire. We will also send you a mock-up of the final design in a digital image, to ensure that you are happy before we begin manufacturing it.

However, we have no doubt you will be – our embroidery team has been in business for over 15 years and specialises in crafting logos for luxury car, boats and plane seats.


Still not sure how all of this equals a luxury bean bag? Well, we pride ourselves on making the best bean bags possible. Using the latest technology in vinyl production, our bean bags feel soft for your comfort, are extremely durable for use indoors or outdoors, and are made to last you years. This fabric we use is used on luxury yachts, both indoors and out. When we decided to manufacture our furniture, we also decided that we wanted to use the best materials available. Its qualities include;

• Microguard ™ – This inhibits mould and mildew.
• Barrierguard ™ – This ensures it is stain and abrasion resistant.
• UV Protection – Tested to Australian standards.
• Fire Retardant – Tested to Australian standards.
• It is long-lasting, as it is designed to last for years. It is a priority of ours to create bean bags that you can hand down to your children if you would like to.
• It shows no signs of distress such as creases or slight discoloration after a few years, unlike other fabrics which tend to fade and wear out.
• It is comfortable – which is a trend that is not going to die any time soon!

The thread that is used to construct bean bags are just as important as the fabric itself. Without high resistant, waterproof and UV safe thread, furniture can fall apart after some time. We use 25 Ply thread and guarantee its quality with our Lifetime Warranty.

bean bag thread
Thread Used to Bind Our Bean Bags


All our bean bags are hand made for you right here in Australia. None of our procedure is performed overseas, which means we have full control of the whole process from beginning to end. Having such a thorough approach to the manufacturing of our bean bags means that we do not compromise on detail or craftsmanship, and you get a luxury product.

We have a team of traditional furniture makers who pride themselves on ensuring a luxurious final result, so if you need a customised bean bag for yourself, a special event or for any other particular needs please Contact Us and let us do the work we love! We have been crafting bean bags for years and have designed specialised bean bags that you cannot find elsewhere.

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