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Media Room Bean Bags: Best Choice Listed By Home Theatre Size

If you are looking for the best theatre room bean bags, then you are in the right place.

We scoured the world before designing the best solutions.

Bean bags that look like traditional furniture, as well as a series of classic bean bag designs for any size media room.

Here is just a quick taste of what I will cover today:


Smaller Media Room Bean Bags
Best Bean Bag Chairs for Home Theatres
Recliner Bean Bag Options
Massive Bean Bag Options
Design Layouts for Home Theatre Bean Bags
Game Room Bean Bag Ideas

No two home theatres are alike, so depending on the space you have we have created these bean bag ideas below:

For Smaller Media Rooms


For smaller home theatre rooms, bean bags with the same footprint as chairs are the best choice.

low lounger and side table
Low Lounger For Media Rooms – Fits Nicely With a Side Table


Side tables also make a great option for your bean bags. As they don’t take up a huge amount of space.

They keep your snacks nice and close and prevent distractions from people stretching out while a movie is playing.

As a side note, I really like the IKEA side table shown above for home theatres.

They can be adjusted for various heights no matter which bean bag you opt for and are always a perfect fit!

If your home theatre is all one level, then opting for the Flip chair bean bag means you can have them closer to the screen yet when the movie is over they can folded up and take up a lot less space.

Flip Chair Bean Bag
Flip Chair Bean Bag
flip chair bean bag
Flip Chair Bean Bag Dimensions


If furniture height is not a concern and you have an “upper level” in the media room, then the Unwind recliner will provide a little more back support if you don’t want to be lying down the whole time.

Reclining Chair
Unwind Recliner For Media Rooms


For larger home theatre rooms all of the bean bags above will still work, however you also have a little more choice.

If you are looking to build a two or three tier home theatre bean bags lower to the ground may work better such as the Classic Tear Drop.

This classic design will always have a place in media rooms worldwide.

Classic Tear Drop Design bag
Classic Tear Drop Design


The design has not changed much in the decades it was first brought to market. And for good reason.

The Tear drop provides lower back support and provides a border around your body to act as two armrests.

It does however take up a bigger footprint (over 80cm) across the base once filled.

So be sure to measure the space you have before buying anything.

If the space a bean bag takes up is not that important for you, then the King bean bag works well. It allows more than one person to relax, (especially if you don’t mind snuggling up.)

In fact “Australia’s Next Top Model” opted for this design in their living room.

Bean Bags from australia's next top model
Australia’s Next Top Model House


A popular choice is also a Single Sofa Bean Bag, with matching ottoman.

bean bag sofa
Modular Pieces to Mix and Match


I thought to add a picture of how they look when placed together.

Basically, your legs can be completely stretched out, it is like you have a whole king-single bed to yourself 😊

Again, if space is not a concern and you don’t need to “fold” a bean bag away then the largest bean bag we have; the Double day bed will really feel like you have your own bed.


Double Bed Size Bean Bag
Double Bed Size Bean Bag


This bean bag above is the size of a double bed, so plenty of room for two.

Design Layout for Home Theatre Bean Bags


To give you some ideas for home theatre bean bags, this image below is a common design regarding home media rooms.

home theatre design layout
Common Home Theatre Design


All furniture is slightly positioned inwards, toward the main screen.

So be sure to measure out the front row, knowing that you will have to bunch the bean bags together a little more.

I noticed when researching for images that the classic tear drop seems to be the most popular choice when it comes to soft furnishings in theatres.

However I wasn’t certain if this was because bean bags which look and act like sofas don’t seem to be as popular yet?

If you are looking for a complete guide for designing a home theatre this guide does a wonderful job of all aspects to consider.

Game Room Bean Bag Options


If your home theatre room also works as a general rumpus or games room as well, then a couple of these bean bags might do the trick:

Grand Lounger
The Grand Lounger
Circular Lounger
Circular Lounger Bean Bag


Both the Grand Lounger and the Circular Lounger are popular selling bean bags.

However, they sit higher off the ground than the bean bags mentioned above. So they may not be ideal for only watching movies.

Especially if family and friends are watching behind you.

The added height of these bean bags does make them a little easier to get in and out of though.

-insert grand lounger and – insert circular lounger bean bag here.

What To Consider with Home Theatre Bean Bags


Whether you opt for a handmade bean bag we make or purchase them from any other manufacturer, we thought it was important to list two factors to consider before buying one.

1. Stains:

Watching movies in the dark with snacks means any furniture you use will be riddled with marks and crumbs.

Unfortunately, as your attention is on the big screen and light is low, things will get messy.

So, if you opt for faux fur or fabric bean bags, be sure they are scotch-guarded and are coated with anything else you can get your hands on to try and prevent irreversible damage.

We make all our bean bags from commercial grade vinyl, a type of vinyl which acts and feels very much like leather.

The same fabric used on the interiors and exteriors of large yachts and boats.

It is naturally stain resistant so stains won’t ever be an issue.

luxury yacht
Luxury Yacht Interiors Share The Same Fabric


2. Noise of beans inside bean bags:

When watching a movie the old rustling noise of beans inside a bean bag can be annoying.

There are two ways to combat this:

1. If you mix in a little crumb foam within the bean filling this is will prevent the beans from rubbing together. This acts as a buffer to quiet down those beans.

2. The second option is to use bean bags which are made of a heavier grade material, like leather or like the marine grade fabric we use.

If you opt for a material which isn’t made of a weave (only a solid piece of fabric) then this will be your best bet to sound deaden the beans in the first place.

If you have any questions about any of these points at all, please feel free to contact us any time.



We hope this post provided you with ideas for dressing up your home theatre with bean bags.

They make a great choice for relaxing and watching a movie.

Super soft, easy to sink into and they can be easily moved to setup your home theatre just as you like it.

Whether you are looking for a seating option, a reclining option or just a massive bean bag option there are plenty of styles out there to choose from.

Especially with bean bags looking just like traditional furniture.

In many cases it is hard to know what is a bean bag or a traditional lounge these days.

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