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Foam Bean Bag Filler

Just what is foam bean bag filler? Foam bean bag filler is a type of filling made from shredded foam, such as memory foam, a traditional foam fabric used to make pillows, mattresses, cushions, couches, and more. Bean bags that use shredded foam filler use foam that has been cut into small, durable pieces. This […]

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Personalised Bean Bags | Every Option Listed

Just what exactly is personalising a bean bag, you may wonder? Well, it’s giving you, or even your business, the opportunity to express yourself. To be noticed. You see, here at Bliss Bean Bags, our bean bags come in shapes, sizes and colours that will suit any room, any person, or any ambiance. So, if […]

bean bags going flat

How to Stop Bean Bags from Going Flat

A high-quality bean bag is designed to be almost indestructible, and, if cared for properly, can last you a lifetime. It’s filling, however, is not. After a while of prolonged use, your bean bag may begin to look flat and feel less comfortable, and this may you leave you wondering, “How do I stop my […]

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List of All Bean Bag Cinemas in Australia

Everybody loves going to see a movie at the cinemas… and everybody loves a bean bag. But have you ever thought about going to sit in a bean bag while watching a movie at a cinema? One industry that has begun utilising the advantages of the extra support and vibrancy that bean bags bring is… […]

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Kids Bean Bags | The Ultimate Buyers Guide

It’s no secret that kids of all ages simply love bean bags. But has it ever left you wondering, among other things, “Why?”. There are also far more benefits to buying kids bean bags – they are safe, long-lasting, good for their posture and a fantastic learning aid. What I will be sharing with you […]

Bean Bag Covers | The Ultimate Guide & How To Buy

The popularity of bean bags has skyrocketed in recent years. No longer just for kids, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can use them indoors or outdoors, such as to lounge around the pool, as an ergonomic chair behind your work desk, or even as a replacement for a sofa. So […]

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Most Comfortable Chair for Pregnancy

It’s a question asked by so many women out there – “How can I get comfortable sitting while I’m pregnant?”. Whilst pregnancy is a highly exciting time, it can also be very painful for many women. The aches and pains in your back, the stiffness in your neck and the swelling in your feet can […]

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Most Comfortable Bean Bags | We Compile “The List”

Bean bags – not just for children, they are becoming increasingly popular, with a range of everything that can go indoors, outdoors, replace couches, and even assist with your health. So, the question is –  How do you find the most comfortable bean bag for you? Well, there is a trick to that. To find […]

Ethically Produced Bean Bags | How to Buy Them Online

With a lot of talk recently about changes to society, the economy and the environment, one thing to contemplate is the consumer (you) purchasing ethical products. So, are you already, or are you perhaps interested in becoming an ethical bean bag consumer? Simply put, being an ethical consumer means buying products that have been manufactured […]

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How to Fill a Bean Bag | 7 Steps to Fill One Easily

Bean bag chairs – you must admit, we all love them. We love how comfortable, convenient, well-constructed and even how colourful that they are. But there are just seven words that can give us all nightmares… And those seven words are “How do I fill my bean bag?” SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE 7 SIMPLE […]