Made in Australia
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Toddler Chair

indoor / outdoor use
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  • 55cm x 50cm
  • Perfect for Small Children
  • 125 Litres of Beans Req.
  • Outdoor/Indoor Use
  • Made in Australia
  • Lifetime Warranty
The Kids’ Chair lets children feel comfortable among the too-big world of grown-up proportioned furniture. Give your kids a chair matched to their size where they can flip through their favourite storybook, or lean back while watching a movie. This chair can take plenty of rough play and remain intact while looking good. It’s bright, fun and light so that kids can carry it easily around the house, or take it to the garden. It’s safe to use and being UV resistant, mould and water-proof it will stay looking new much, much longer than you’d likely expect it to. In fact, they’re made with care to outlast your children's childhood!

Product Description

  • 55cm x 50cm
  • Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • Suits any location
  • Made in Australia
  • 125 Litres of Beans Req.
  • Lifetime Warranty

Our Fabric

After much research, we chose the robust marine grade vinyl as our bean bag fabric. We found this material has many safety features and stays looking fabulous over time. Choose from 16 vibrant colours

Our Thread


Making stylish, attractive bean bags is just the start for us. Making them to stay looking good takes care and attention. It is why we use high grade, superior strength 25 Ply thread to sew our bean bags together. Even if left for long periods in the sun or subjected to dampness, this thread will not fall apart. It can even endure searing temperatures as high as 20ºC! While this may sound excessive, it's all part of creating bean bags with a lifetime warranty. The thread even matches the myriad of fabric colours that you can select for your kids. We're rather fussy about such things.

The Details


You need not have any concerns about safety. We quite literally have this well covered. Each of our bean bags is fitted with a safety zipper that has a special trigger built in to it. This trigger needs to be elevated using a paper clip before the zipper can move. No matter how much you or your kids bounce around on the bean bags, you won't have to worry about the beans spilling. So go on, leap about on them. You know it's what you want to do!


We always look out for details. That's why we took safety that step further and added a raised layer of fabric that encloses the safety zipper when it is closed. It's how we keep any sharp edges concealed and make doubly sure the bean bags will not accidentally open.


Bliss Bean Bags™ has had an exceptionally long-lasting period of 'incubation'. Our trials and experiments were all conducted before we ever went to market with our products. We had to get our processes and materials just right to be able to produce a new breed of superior bean bag.

The bean bags we make are rather distinctive. Each one is handcrafted, and it is difficult to let go until we are sure all details are perfectly finished. To that end, we carefully inspect each and every bean bag before it leaves our warehouse. We check for any flaws in the fabric, make sure that all safety zippers work correctly, and thread lines are stitched cleanly and evenly. Such small details mean the difference between mediocrity and high quality.


There's a whole different approach to making things by hand, as opposed to mass manufacture. There is an element of care and attention that goes into it to ensure that each item is the best that it can be. That kind of quality is immediately apparent when you see and touch the item. And importantly, it translates to a product that remains durable and beautiful over the long run.

Bliss Bean Bags is part of a growing movement to bring back the human touch in a small manufacturing operation.We are a quality driven brand, where craftsmanship comes first. So you can feel the connective quality of an item crafted by human hand, created for human use. Feel the difference between having and using an item that disintegrates and quickly becomes landfill, and one that is especially designed to stay intact and last.

We have extensively tested each of our bean bag designs to ensure that they not only look appealing, but are also functional, safe, hygienic and can adapt to the way that they are used by people. Both indoors and out.Our bean bags stay intact and beautiful despite years of harsh sunshine or lots of pouring rain. That's because we have spent years researching the very best materials – fabric, thread, zippers, safety elements – to allow us to create something unique: bean bags with a lifetime warranty.

To make it easier we have a configuration tool which allows you to choose between various designs and colours to ensure you are


The bean bags we purchased are used in our business classrooms. Students are loving them. - Gail N.

We have three young children and I was initially concerned about durability- but this won't be an issue - LAURA M.