Green Bean Bags | Discover How Many There Are.

Are you hunting around, trying to find the perfect green bean bag?

Here at Bliss Bean Bags, we have come to the realisation that green bean bags may be more popular than we first considered, and as such we have achieved our goal of creating an entire range of 18 green bean bags for you to enjoy! (see below)

I have created a list of every bean bag from our range that is available in green.

Today, I also discuss what colours work best with green. As we custom make every bean bag, any colour combination that you want can be made especially for you!

I will also share some information about common questions that we are asked on a regular basis.

So, let’s get to it!

Bliss Bean Bags – Green Range


Our bean bags are all made to order within 2 business days, and since we custom make them, we are never out of stock.

Yes, that’s right – with Bliss Bean Bags, you can get whatever design you desire, and it doesn’t take long to arrive right at your door!

You can choose from any of the styles below, and our talented craftsmen will get straight to work, doing what they love to do best – shaping these bean bags for you in your favourite colour green!

“The Green Bean Bag range available online”

The added benefit is that everything is made right here in Melbourne, so you can custom design your bean bag at no extra cost!

The most popular colour combinations that clients ask us about are listed below;

Green & White Bean Bags


In general, people find natural colours to be soothing. Green will typically create a relaxed feeling. However, it is quite a bold colour, and the common rule of thumb is – if the room is small, avoid a shade too dark or bold as it can make the room appear smaller.

As green is such a bold colour, matching it with white is a great choice, as it doesn’t overpower the room and fits in with any of your pre-existing furniture and accessories.

Creating a natural look, it will match just about any indoor or outdoor space;

The bean bag above can be custom made with piping for a feature unavailable anywhere else in Australia.

Green & Yellow Bean Bag Chairs


A popular order that is possibly related to sports team colours, green and yellow bean bag chairs are another great match.

Green and Yellow Circular Lounger


As both are bold colours, usually the green is used on the side as it is darker, and the yellow is used on the top, such as the below;

Green & Brown Bean Bags

Another popular choice is Green and Brown bean bags. Brown is a perfect back drop for green on a bean bag, as both are natural, neutral colours. As such, both a light and a dark shade of brown match with green well;

Green and brown tones can make all the difference


If you have a large room, dark brown is also a great choice for covering any stains and scuff marks, and the two bold colours combined make a great feature piece.

Personalised Green Bean Bags


Green is the colour of nature, health, growth and safety. Relaxing and pleasing to the eye, it is said to have healing powers, and is often used to represent anything to do with health, or even sports teams.

Green logos can easily stand out on bean bags


Many companies use the colour green to advertise safe and natural products, or charities to market the healing of dangerous disorders and diseases.

Emotionally positive, green gives us the ability to love and care for ourselves and others.


Green Logos


These examples represent just a few companies that chose green to stand out.

You can choose your favourite green logo, and place it on a white background by using our Personalisation services.

Have any logo you would like on our personalised bean bags – Source:


We will hand make a personalised bean bag for you in any shape and size and embroider it with your logo. We craft all our logo work with specialised machines so you can rest assured it will turn out looking fabulous – just like the design you chose!

Our fabric is stain resistant, so your logo will remain fixed on the bean bag for years to come – which is guaranteed by our Lifetime Warranty.

Green Vinyl Bean Bag Fabric


All of our bean bags are made from a commercial grade vinyl.

Unlike any other vinyl you may be familiar with, ours is much softer to the touch and feels a lot more like leather than anything else.

It is easy to keep clean and resistant to stains.

Other benefits of our material include:

• It is long-lasting, as it is designed to last for years. It is a priority of ours to create bean bags that you can hand down to your children if you would like to.
• It shows no signs of distress such as creases or slight discoloration after a few years, unlike other fabrics which tend to fade and wear out.
• It is comfortable – which is a trend that is not going to die any time soon!

Tween Bean Bags


Parents – if your child is in their tween years (that is, between the ages of roughly 9 to 12) – look into our range of green bean bags.

As your tween is no longer a little child, but not yet a teenager, they are going through a time of transition and change and are maturing. Updating their belongings so they no longer look childish will help with their behaviour and attitude.

Particularly with tween boys, who find bold colours appealing, a green bean bag may be just what they need to grow with them through their tween and teenage years! See our article “Tween Bean Bags” for more information.

Green Bean Bags for Dogs


Who says bean bags were only created for us humans?

Our fur babies can be just as cosy and comfortable as us with our range of Dog Bean Bags!

With green being such a natural colour, it makes sense to design your dogs’ bed around it. Just choose your shape – round or square – and size – small, medium, or large.

Green dog bean bags – in both square and round shapes


There’s nothing to be concerned about as:

• Our fabric is washable and will not retain that “dog smell”.
• The bean bags can be used indoors or outdoors.
• The material is easy to keep clean – just wipe down with a damp cloth.
• They are long-lasting – they will keep in your house years longer than an ordinary dog bed that ends up chewed to bits! We are so confident that we offer a Lifetime Warranty to guarantee this, which covers the stitching, zipping, and all the craftsmanship of every handmade dog bean bag we deliver!
• The fabric we use on the bean bags is flea resistant.

So, what are you waiting for – get designing your Dog Bean Bag to match your own today.

Refill beans for Bean Bags


After purchasing their bean bag, our customers main concern is generally how long it will last before it needs to be topped up (refilled) with beans.

Admittedly, refilling your bean bags can be a bit of a hassle at times – it can not only be slightly messy, but also slightly pricey.

Therefore, the best thing I can recommend is that you take the hassle out of the price that you need to pay and visit either Kmart or Target to purchase your bean bag filling.

I personally recommend these shops as the best choices to purchase your bean bag filling, as they are consistent with prices across Australia.



Green is a great colour for a bean bag – a natural colour, it is soothing, relaxing, pleasing to the eye, and even said to have healing powers. Often used to represent anything to do with health or sports teams, you can use green to Personalise your bean bag with your favourite logo.

Green also works well with other colours, such as such as white, yellow and brown. Matching it with these colours is a perfect way to tone down the bold colour and use it to compliment your pre-existing arrangement and furniture.

Children in their tween and teenage years, especially boys, will love the bold colour of our green bean bags. See our article “Tween Bean Bags” (PLEASE LINK OUT TO ARTICLE) for more information on just how to satisfy them and their needs!

Green, which represents nature, is also a great colour for your dogs’ bean bag! We consider our products to be, unlike other dog beds that may fall to pieces or be chewed apart, especially long-lasting, and our Lifetime Warranty reflects this.

So, if you are looking to replace existing furniture – for yourself, your child or even your dog – and have your heart set on a green bean bag, you can depend on us here at Bliss Bean Bags to meet all your needs!


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