Black Bean Bags – Our Entire Range

When trying to find the perfect black bean bag, there might be a few options you haven’t considered.

Below I highlight the bean bags from our range available in black.

I also share some information about common questions we are asked on a regular basis.

So, let’s get straight into it…

Bliss Bean Bags – Black Range


Our bean bags are all made to order within 2 business days.

And you can choose from any of the styles below. (All available in black)

Range of black bean bags online


The added benefit of making everything right here in Melbourne, means you can customise your bean bag. And at no extra cost.

Black, technically is not a colour. It contains no visible wavelengths of light.

This makes it more of a “tone” than anything else. Which means it works well with combinations of other colours.

And the most popular choices that clients ask us about, are these listed below:

Black and White Bean Bags


The option of contrasting tones to create black and white bean bags is a common choice.

Like traditional floor tiles, black and white has been the perfect backdrop for centuries.

And it has never really gone out of fashion hundreds of years later.

In fact, the first bean bag I ever sold years ago was a black and white tear drop shown below:

Create you own black and white tear drop bean bag


This combination of contrasting tones also works well for other designers as well:

Design your own black and white bean bags online


These will just about match any indoor or outdoor space.

Red and Black Bean Bag Chairs


I am not sure if this is related to sports team colours, however red and black bean bag chairs are another popular order.

If you are a footy fan or not, black with red on a bean bag works well.

Usually the black is used on the side with the bold colour on top, such as this image:

Black on the sides and red on top is a popular colour combination


Black and red bean bags are purchased a lot for the home and when I ask customers they say they enjoy them in their living rooms.

Also, many teenage boys tend to love this colour combination as well.

Black and Grey Bean Bags


The last popular choice I thought to list are Black and Grey bean bags.

Black is perfect back drop for both light grey and charcoal on a bean bag.

Black with light and dark grey (charcoal)


It covers stains and scuff marks well and creates a great feature piece for any room.

Just be sure to keep a bean bag like the ones shown above out of direct sunlight since they can get hot.

Black Bean Bag Sofa


Black sofa and couch bean bags are a great alternative to traditional furniture.

They are less expensive and being made of the fabric we use, mimics leather well.

The great news is that unlike leather you can get your bean bag wet and stains won’t be an issue.

We craft 2 versions of bean bag sofas and you can have them all in black if you wish.

The range of bean bag lounges


Each set can be purchased in individual parts. The Grand Lounger comes in a single, double and a chaise.

The Modular Sofa set comes in a single, double and a matching ottoman which can also be used to create a chaise.

Black Vinyl Bean Bag Fabric


All our bean bags are made of vinyl. We truly believe vinyl bean bags work best.

The are soft to touch, easy to keep clean and resist tough stains.

Since we introduced the ability to order online we have had customers tell us horror stories from bean bags they had ordered in the past.

Some customers mentioned when they ordered a custom bean bag in the past, it was made of vinyl and just kept serving them for years.

I personally prefer vinyl bean bags, especially in black. The main reason is I don’t want a distressed look, which is what that other fabrics tend to show over time.

Such as the creases and slight discolouration after a couple of years on older leather lounges.

Children’s Black Bean Bags


Parents are thrilled to know all the bean bags we offer come in black.

They have been through the pain of cleaning up after their kids and know that prevention is better than cure.

The benefit of our fabrics, means stains are not much of an issue which ever colour you choose.

However, I have noticed that if you keep a bean bag in a common walking area and it is scuffed by shoes. These stains will become noticeable in a short time.

Having a bean bag made entirely in black will hide these stains really well.

Plus, kids bean bags in black will grow with children as they mature and not look “kiddish”.

Refill beans for Bean Bags


After customers purchase their bean bag they are concerned about how long it will last before needing to be topped up.

Refilling your bean bags can be a hassle from time to time.

Therefore, I suggest at least taking the sting out of the price you need to pay.

Kmart and Target and the best choices for bean bag filling.

They are consistent with prices across Australia and that is why I recommend them.

Black Bean Bag Zipper Lock


The last question customers ask us is more about practicality over style.

And that is about the safety of the bean bags we make.

Every bean bag which leaves our work shop (no matter the colour) is fitted with an inbuilt safety lock on the zipper.

This ensures the filling is always kept safely at bay and strict Australian standards are met.



Black in particular works well on vinyl, due to the nature of it looking like leather.

The best part, unlike leather you can float your bean bag on water, drench it in food and drink and simply wipe it down when you are done.

Customised bean bags are made by us on a daily basis and I see how popular the choice for black is when the orders come through.

It works really well with other colours, such as white, red and grey.

If you are looking to replace existing furniture or just have your heart set on a black bean bag for any reason, you are in great company.

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