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Red Bean Bags & How to Order Online

Ordering a red bean bag online has never been easier.

Especially in Australia.

We make all our bean bags to order. So, if you are looking for any of these bean bags below just click on the “Bean Bags” link at the top of the page and order online.

The range of bean bags in red


To select an entire red bean bag, be sure to click side and top as both “red”.

Red Bean Bag Cover


Bean bags are all sold as a cover.

Some people ask us about a cover for leaving them outdoors however the truth is you don’t need to cover them up.

The cover is stain resistant and flame proof

Flame Retardant Bean Bags
Bliss Bean Bags Are Flame Retardant


This means the bean bag ‘skin’ is all you need from protecting them from anything unexpected.

Or expected, especially if you have kids.

Red Outdoor Bean Bags


You may need a bean bag to rest by the pool, on a deck or for an outdoor event.

If you are looking for an outdoor red bean bag, you don’t want to worry about a bean bag fading or:

• Cracking in the sun due to UV radiation
• Becoming water logged
• Having any thread fraying at the edges

In order to achieve this and being able to leave a bean bag outdoors all year round, specific materials are required.

We hand make all our bean bags in Australia with Marine Grade Vinyl.

And we bound them with Nylon thread. This is the same thread used on the sails of ocean-going vessels.

Starting with fabrics designed for the harshest of outdoor environments means you will be safe.

Big Red Bean Bags


If you have room for a bean bag in the first place, you may have room for a really big one.

xl or xxl bean bags look great in red.

A strong colour that will ensure your bean bag is a focal point in any space.

Why not make sure it always stands out by picking a bigger size.

These are the bean bags I recommend if you are after the “bigger is better” look:

A couple of larger bean bags in red


Again, any of these styles can be used indoors or out.

Red Bean Bag Chairs


Bean bag chairs have become a lot more popular over the years.

The idea is that you can combine the style of chairs (what we have been using for hundreds of years) with the comfort of bean bags.

Ensuring the internal edges with the most pressure is double stitched you have a firm foundation on which to sit on.

More importantly, you have a firm underpinning on which to lean back on.

Most of the weight of a human body is rested from the torso downwards.

So, the simple act of physics comes into play.

Your weight becomes the fulcrum on which the bean bag stays fixed to the ground.

Bean bags designed as chairs


Therefore, no matter how much you lean back on the designs above, they won’t topple over.

Red Bean Bag vs. Chairs


Our customers ask us what is more popular a lot of the time.

After they know they want a red bean bag, the next most common question is:

Should be pick the traditional bean bag design or the chair?

Traditional bean bag design or something a little different?


The truth is, we only have one classic design most people are used to and most of the other styles look more like lounges and chairs.

I would say that for comfort sake, to maintain a relaxed posture when sitting the chair styles are my “go to” choice.

You get the best of back support and you still don’t miss out on that sinking-in feeling you can only get from a bean bag.

Bean Bag Filler Alternatives


So, you have designed your own bean bag.

And you have decided on the style.

Now you want to fill it with the best filling.

After years of filing bean bags, I can tell you the best is a combination of both bean filling and crumb foam.


• 40% Crumb foam
• 60% bean filling

This combination works best, enough filling to feel super soft.

Yet firm enough to keep its shape.

If you have too much crumb foam, it will feel far to soft to rest in and you might hit the ground.

The crumb foam houses the traditional filling and prevents it from going flat for a much longer time.

Plus, you can recycle bean filling so rest assured that it isn’t as bad for the environment as you might think.

Red Bean Bag for Babies


I thought to list a few words here about red bean bags for babies.

Since this is something people ask about.

We don’t sell bean bags for babies but these sites might help:

1. ChiBebe
2. KJ Essentials
3. Pods and Sods

Regarding colour choices and their range of bean bags, it would be best to contact them directly and see what they currently have in stock.

Red Bean Bag Quality Checks


On the back of discussing baby bean bags, quality is another question we know people are concerned about.

And let me tell you, that it is very important as you don’t want to be sweeping up a snow storm inside your living room.

Every bean bag sold in Australia needs a mandatory label attached to it with a specific safety label on it.

This is just the beginning.

The label with a warning doesn’t help you too much when things go wrong.

Our method of manufacturing ensures quality checks are made from the first step until the last.

We ensure the fabric is cut to exact dimensions so the overlap from one piece to another is exact.

We then ensure there are no frays in the thread we use before stitching.

After this, the zipper is installed and top-stitched to extra strength.

The final check is then made before being hand packed and shipped to you.

Be sure to ask about the steps that overseas bean bags go through regarding production.

It is important you are happy with any purchase you make.



Red bean bags are a popular choice due to how they make a statement.

Working perfectly well in a kids room or in a breakout room for a company like Coca Cola.

(We have made bean bags for them in the past)

They come in many different styles and red works well with a combination of other colours as well.

Being well suited for indoor our outdoor use, you can literally take your red bean bag anywhere and make a splash!

If we can help with anything relating to your bean bag needs please reach out through the contact page.

And if you need inspiration for how a red bean bag looks best in a room check out this link.

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