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Looking for an orange bean bag or a combination of orange and another colour?

We have you covered with our handmade bean bags.

The Bliss Bean Bags range in Orange


Designed by you, made by us and shipped from Melbourne.

Orange Bean Bags Australia


Our bean bags are all designed and made right here in Australia.

This enables us to not only keep jobs in this great country of ours but it means we can control the entire process of manufacturing.

The control we have over every aspect ensures we are happy with every bean bag sent from our workshop.

It also means we can offer a little more choice for our customers to design their own bean bags.

More choice, means greater customisation as listed below:

Orange and Black Bean Bags


The most popular orange combination of colours we are asked about is Orange and Black.

Just as we recently created for The Canberra Cavalry Baseball club.

Designed for one of our clients


This of course matches an NRL team such as the West Tigers as well.

Orange and Black works well due to the stronger tone of orange we use.

However, this is not the only choice people ask us about.

Orange and White Bean Bags


Since designing your own bean bag is up to you, it means you can choose from over 100 colour combinations.

Orange and White bean bags are the next common choice of orders we see.

Similarly, to above (where black is also a tone and not in fact a colour)

This combination means that looking like a tiger has never been easier!

There are many local and international sports teams that use this pattern.

So, it could be the perfect gift for that die hard fan.

Orange and Blue Bean Bags


Orange and Blue work well together as the dark blue we use is of similar contrast to the orange we stock.

We also have a light blue shown below:

Orange and blue bean bag shown. With the addition of light blue piping


Orange tends to match both of these blue colours well.

Offsetting each other nicely to create a piece of furniture that won’t be missed.

Sometimes school colours match against this colour combination so keeping bean bags on brand is a little easier.

Green and Orange Bean Bags


Just like nature intended on an orange tree itself.

Green and orange signify a fruitful environment.

So why not take a page from Mother Nature herself and craft a bean bag with the same combination.

The beauty of nature can be replicated in any style


I am not sure why this combination is popular other that the vibrancy of these colours together.

Once again it could be due to matching brand colours or creating a bright break out area in a library for example.

Just something a little different.

Outdoor Orange Bean Bags for Boats


Need your bean bag to last while out in the ocean?

Not a problem.

Our orange fabric is made of Marine Grade Vinyl. This ensures you are completely fine to battle salt water.

The wind, the UV radiation and any fish guts that will land on your new bean bag!

Having marine grade vinyl used on your boat gives you one less thing to worry about.

Being stain resistant with an ability to keep mould at bay is extremely useful as well.

While hosing your boat day down after a day outdoors, just give your bean bag a quick spray as well.

Unhook your boat and leave them in there for your next outing.

They don’t need any special treatment.

And every design we craft by hand is made of this same fabric.

Orange Bean Bags for Adults


This title may seem obvious; however, we do get a few questions about the use of bean bags for adults.

Every bean bag on this site can be used for adults and children.

It may seem like the type of furniture that kids are drawn to.

The truth is that bean bags are a lot more common place for adults than they are for children.

Working well to replace traditional furniture, why not swap your old couch for a two seater bean bag?

Orange Bean Bags for Toddlers


We only have one style of bean bag for toddlers (at the time of writing this).

And it works perfectly well for kids up to the age of 6 or so.

I recommend a larger size of bean bag for kids after this age group, as it will be a little too small.

The issue of safety is a priority for us, hence we would never sell any bean bag without the inbuilt safety locks on our zippers.

They are all tear resistant and include an extra flap on the end to hide the lockable zipper as well.

Orange Bean Bags for Dogs


Want a splash of colour for not only your toddler but for you other family members?

Have some fun designing a bright orange bean bag for your dog.

Simply by choosing both orange as the top and side colour you will be in business.

There is no way your dog will miss their bed walking past it.

Because the base of their bed is such a striking colour.

You can spice things up with a specific throw rug over their bean bag bed and convert the look in a matter of seconds as well.

Orange Bean Bag Chair vs Sofa


You may have decided on an orange bean bag chair, but are not sure if a sofa might be better?

We also craft bean bag sofas and they are simply larger than the chairs we make.

If you have the room to spare and want greater filling to rest on, I would recommend the sofa designs.

They come in a single, double and a separate ottoman which can be used to create a chaise lounge.

If you have specific questions about these options please reach out.



Orange bean bags are really popular.

Which make sense considering how much we use the colour for sport teams, company logos and artworks in today’s day and age.

The benefit of being able to make our Australian bean bags from scratch means you can have exactly what you want.

A completely orange bean bag or a bean bag mixed with another colour?

No problem!

It is our pleasure to serve you with a design you have fallen in love with.

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