Purple Bean Bags – Along with Purple Combinations

Are you still hunting around, trying to find the perfect purple bean bag?

Well, look no further – to make your life easier, I have created a list of every purple bean bag we stock below!

Today, I also discuss what colours work best with purple. As we custom make every bean bag especially for you, any colour combination that you want, we can make!

So, wait no longer for your perfect purple bean bag – let’s get ready to create.

Purple Bean Bag Range


The Bliss Bean Bags company was created to produce quality furnishings, for you and designed by YOU. As we craft each and every bean bag to order, we are never out of stock. Once you have chosen your design, our team of talented craftsmen will get to work, doing what they love best – that is, shaping your bean bag in purple. By following this simple philosophy, we will produce you

Bliss Bean Bags Purple Bean Bag Range available online – 18 to choose from!

The entire range of purple bean bags


An additional benefit of everything being made right here in Australia, is that we will allow you to custom design your bean bag at no extra cost. Personalise your bean bag using our Embroidery services, with over 599 thread colours to choose from, or adding any digital image or logo you desire.

The most popular colour combinations with purple that clients ask us about are listed below.

Purple Bean Bag Sofas


As mentioned, every bean bag we make can be hand made for you in our Purple Fabric.

Mixing and Matching Purple has Never Been Easier


However, many customers specifically ask us about our Bean Bag Modular Sofa;

1. Single Modular Sofa
2. Double Modular Sofa

These sofas are designed with style, comfort and durability being our main priorities.

They are also stain resistant and can be easily moved anywhere – use it as you wish, indoors or out.

A great feature piece in a living room, office or outdoor setting, these bean bags are tailored with the DNA of a sofa. It’s proportions and sharper edges create a distinctive look in any space, yet the softness of its fabric still makes it a comfortable piece of furniture.

The colour purple is a great choice for the sofa as it combines the calmness and stability of blue with the fierceness and energy of red. Purple is associated with luxury, power, and ambition, and represents extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, devotion, peace, pride, and independence.

We can also customise bean bags such as this one shown


Often occurring in nature, purple is also seen as having sacred meaning. Thus, it can be uplifting and enhancing for your mood, it can calm your mind and nerves, it can improve your nurturing tendencies, and encourage your imagination and creativity.


What Colours Match Purple the Best?


Purple is an eye-catching colour, and purple bean bags look fabulous on their own, as they are able to stand out in any room.

However, matching purple bean bags with other colours works great as well.

If you have a chance check out this fantastic post on the best colour combinations that work with purple.


Purple & White Bean Bags


In general, people find purple creates a calming feeling.

However, it is quite a bold colour, so you should follow the common rule of thumb – if your room is small, avoid a shade too dark or bold as it can make your room appear smaller. As such, matching purple with white is a great choice – it will look more natural, it won’t overpower the room and it will fit in with any of the furniture you already have.

You can easily create a purple and white bean bag to match just about any indoor or outdoor space perfectly;


Purple & Pink Bean Bag Chairs


One of our most popular orders, purple and pink is common choice for a girl’s room, as they tend to match the pre-existing colours.

As shown above in a girls room, it sets the stage for a great centre piece.



Purple & Grey Bean Bag Chairs


Another great choice, purple and a light shade of grey show femininity. This is a great colour combination for a smaller room.

Purple + Grey works well


As the grey is the lighter colour, I recommend using it on the top, with the purple on the side, such as the below;


Purple & Blue Bean Bags


Another popular choice is purple and blue bean bags. Blue is the perfect forefront for purple on a bean bag, as both are natural colours.

Purple + Blue as a combination


With a soothing effect, it can look as though you are recreating the sunset.


Purple Bean Bags for Offices


More and more offices are using Bliss Bean Bags, setting the stage for relaxed, open and creative work environments. Clients Bliss Bean Bags have served include;

company logos
A few companies We Have Supplied Bean Bags To


The benefits of using bean bags in a corporate environment include:

• They encourage teamwork, with larger, more open spaces, helping keep the lines of communication open.
• This stimulates productivity, creativity and collaboration.
• Their comfort inspires individuality, unleashing ideas and inspiration.
• They make your workers want to stay and also attract new workers.

Purple is a great colour to be chosen to use in the office as it is known to increase creativity and imagination, calm any confrontations, and reenergise your learning process.

Teenager Bean Bags


Parents – if your child is in their teens  please check out our article on bean bags for teenagers.

At this age they are going through a time of transition and change.

You will find they are becoming more independent, and their behaviour and attitude will reflect this. Updating their belongings, such as renovating their room so it no longer looks childish, will help them retain a positive attitude.

Particularly with teen girls, purple is considered to be the “grown-up” pink.

It can represent their newfound independence and individuality, feminine energy and delicacy, whilst still calming and inspiring unconditional and selfless love. Thus, a purple bean bag may be just what they need to grow with them through their tween and teenage years!

Quality Bean Bags Made in Australia


We can offer these bean bags in purple, matched with an array of other colours, because they are all hand made for you right here in Australia. None of our procedure is performed overseas, which means we have full control of the whole process from beginning to end.

Having such a thorough approach to the manufacturing of our bean bags means that we do not compromise on detail or craftsmanship, and you get a quality product that is designed to last you for years.

Our team is made of traditional furniture makers who pride themselves on the final result, so if you need a customised purple bean bag for yourself, your office, a special event or for any other particular needs please Contact Us and let us do the work we love! We have been crafting bean bags for years and have designed specialised bean bags that you cannot find elsewhere.

The benefits of our bean bags include:


• They are made of a commercial grade vinyl, however, unlike other vinyls you may be familiar with, it is much softer to the touch and feels a lot like leather.
• It is easy to keep clean and resistant to stains.
• Our fabric is designed to last for years. We want you to be able to pass it down to your next generation if that is your wish. Our Lifetime Warranty guarantees this we have made this possible.
• Its softness ensures you are getting a comfortable piece of furniture – and absolute comfort is a trend that is never going to die.



Here at Bliss Bean Bags, we pride ourselves on being an Australian based bean bag manufacturing company and not just a retailer. This means we have a little more control over what is possible when it comes to designing and hand-making your bean bag.

All of the bean bags we make are designed to last for years, both indoors or outdoors, and are completely waterproof, stain resistant and easy to clean.

Purple bean bags have increased in popularity, and so has our range. With over 600 thread colours, if you want something unique and Personalised with an image or logo that is special to you, we can deliver. We also have a great array of colours that suit purple for you to mix and match so you can fit any room – just check out our Fabrics and start your design now.

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