Tween Bean Bags | The Best Choice for This Age Group

Today, I will share with you what are some of the best suited bean bags for your tween, including images to assist you in deciding what may suit your tween the most.

I will also list any safety concerns that you should be aware of when it comes to choosing a bean bag for your tween.

A “tween” is when your child is between the ages of about 9 and 12 – they’re no longer a little child, but not yet a teenager.

A time of transition and change, they are maturing, and their attitude reflects this – so what can you do to help?

One wise idea is to redecorate their bedroom, acknowledging their new level of independence and grown-up behaviour.

So if you are looking to buy your tween a great present for any room in the house or even outdoors, look no further – our bean bags can be used for everything from comfortable gaming chairs, large lounges that can be used instead of a couch, or even pool recliners!

The best part of it all is, you and your tween can design these together in their favourite colours.

So, let’s get started!

Best Bean Bags For Tweens


You will probably find that your tween is spending more and more time in their room, maybe playing games or reading books. The best thing you can do is give them a special spot to sit comfortably whilst doing so, and a bean bag chair is the perfect choice.

An important factor to keep in mind is that for growing bodies, you want to purchase a piece of furniture that accommodates an adult size body. This way it will last them throughout their tweens and into their teenage years.

If you have enough space in the room, our super-size bean bag, nick-named the “bear-hugger” is a popular choice. Easy to sit in and stand-up from, the Circular Lounger Bean Bag is perfect for your tween to use whilst studying, reading or playing games, whilst still providing cushioning for comfort and support to their back.

1. Circular Lounger Bean Bag

Circular Lounger work well for growing Tweens


However, if you do not have the space, or perhaps want to fit more than one bean bag in the room, our Low Lounger is a similar, great option;

2. Low Lounger


Another great idea is to have bean bags that work as a couch set in your tween’s bedroom, so they can watch movies or use them when hanging out with friends. As shown below, you can use our Grand Lounger as part of a couch set, if you also purchase the Double Lounger and Chaise Lounger. Another perk to this is your tween can simply pick up the Grand Lounger and move it to another room, as it is another easy chair to sit in and stand-up from and perfect for studying, playing games and reading.

3. Grand Lounger

The Grand Lounger is a popular choice.


Another great idea is to allow your tween a versatile option that they could use anywhere. The King Bean Bag is comfortable enough to suit their every whim, whether it be relaxing and taking a nap, laying down to watch movies or providing enough support to read or play games.

4. King Bean Bag


King Size Bean Bags


Another lenient and versatile way to approach your tween’s space is with our Unwind Recliner. This is a popular choice for outdoor use, such as by the pool, as when folded out it acts just like a pool deck chair.

However, when folded up, it’s just like a comfortable chair;This emphasises your tweens independence, giving them the option to use it as a daybed for chilling out around the pool, or as a chair in their room! (See Below)

5. Unwind Recliner


Unwind recliners – Both a chair and a lounge in one


Design Your Own Bean Bag


One of the best features of Bliss Bean Bags is our Personalisation services, where you can DESIGN YOUR OWN BEAN BAGS! That’s right – because all our pieces are hand-made, we can embroider the front or back of your bean bag before finalising the product.

Create your own.


We also have over 600 thread colours for you to choose from, meaning matching your tweens favourite logo or design is our pleasure.


Designing A Bean Bag for A Tween Boy


When designing the bean bag for your tween, any shape we have discussed will make them happy.

However, the colour you choose will make a big difference between right and wrong.

As your boy gets older, they start developing their own level of independence and feeling more like a grown-up. Thus, the colours you choose are going to be different than what they had as a child.

Common colour combinations that your tween boy will appreciate and will continue to keep them interested throughout their teenage years include;

Grey – A charcoal grey can be a very masculine colour for your tween boy, which will be very appealing to them.

As grey matches very easily with a lot of other colours, you can easily design a Bliss Bean Bag in this colour to suit your boys’ room. However, the common rule of thumb is – if the room is small, avoid a shade too dark as it makes the room appear smaller.

Instead, consider a cooler shade of grey. A common choice is a neutral grey with a charcoal bottom.

Natural Colours – In general, people find natural colours to be soothing. Those such as greens and browns typically create a relaxed feeling. Your tween boy will find darker shades of these colours appealing, as they are bolder and more masculine. Once again, be careful not to use a shade that is too dark, as to not make the room appear too small.

Bold Colours -You may find your tween boy likes very different colours than those in their childhood room. Very bold or bright colours become very appealing to tweens, including oranges and blues. However, you can match pre-existing furniture and other aspects of their room to a bold colour of a bean bag, by keeping the base of the bean bag black, with the bright colour on top.

Going “bold” isn’t a bad thing.


You can also try a two-tone combination of their bright colour.


Designing A Bean Bag for A Tween Girl


Pink – Pink tends to be the first colour that springs to mind when thinking of a girl. However, as your tween matures, they are ready to take the colour up a level. Instead of a light pink, try a brighter shade. As this is such a bold colour, it can be matched with a light grey so it doesn’t overpower the room and fits in with any pre-existing furniture and accessories.

Purple – Purple is another favourite amongst tween girls. Pair a rich shade of purple with white for a romantic and relaxing feel.

Yellow – A bright, sunny shade of yellow will update your tween’s room and keep it from looking too young, but still help them feel happy and flowery.


Safety Concerns for Tweens


Bliss Bean Bags have been selling bean bags to schools for many years, so we follow the strict guidelines in place at both primary and secondary schools.

Our bean bags we sell to you at home still meet the same requirements. This means you are purchasing quality, commercial grade fabric and zippers that are hard to find elsewhere – the thread we use to bind each bean bag is 25 Ply Nylon thread.

Just some of the major benefits of Bliss Bean Bags is that they are:

• Stain Resistant – this is great if your tween tends to spill
• UV Resistant – they won’t fade or crack if your tween wants to use them outside
• Waterproof
• Antimicrobial, Mould and Mildew Resistant, Flame Proof and fitted with in-built locks on every zipper – so they are very protective for your tweens health.

All of these assets ensure not only the safety of your tween, but that the Bliss Bean Bag can fit in your space – indoors or out – perfectly.


Hand Made in Australia From Quality Materials


The values we abide by are simple:

• We craft quality products with quality materials.
• We control all aspects of design, craftsmanship and quality control inspections from the same warehouse, right here in Australia. Nothing is performed overseas.
• Our bean bag fabric is specifically designed to withstand Australian conditions. They also come with a Lifetime Warranty.
• If you have any questions about our manufacturing process, Contact Us. We are more than happy to share any information with you.




Bliss Bean Bags has made looking for the best bean bag for your tween easy! Our focus is on stain resistance in case they are still messy, durability so they can be moved around, and over 120 colour combinations so you can choose any to suit them at their time of transition and change.

Bliss Bean Bags have also ensured we meet Australian Regulations for bean bags as safety is a main priority. As such, you can choose any design and have your bean bag made right here in Australia with nothing to be concerned about! So get started on your design and update your tween’s look today.

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