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8 Bean Bags Made for Teenagers (Plus What To Avoid)

Trying to figure out what is the best bean bag for teenagers?

Or which bean bags will last no matter what you throw at them.

Today, I share 8 of the best suited bean bags for teenagers and list safety concerns to be aware of.

As well as post images in different rooms to help you decide.

So, with that to one side, lets get started.

Best Teenager Bean Bags


For growing bodies you want a piece of furniture that caters for an adult size frame.

These designs below work well, no matter your child’s age.

(Feel free to scroll down for smaller alternatives).

If space in a room is not an issue for you then these 3 designs are a popular choice:

1. King Size
2. Circular Lounger
3. Single Sofa

King Bean Bag
King Bean Bag
Circular Lounger
Circular Lounger Bean Bag
single modular sofa
Single Sofa





If space is an issue, or you simply want to fit two or more bean bags into a room then these are the best options:

1. Tear Drop Bean Bag
2. Grand Lounger
3. Low Lounger

Classic Tear Drop
Classic Tear Drop
Grand Lounger
The Grand Lounger
low lounger
The Low Lounger







The Grand Lounger also works as part of a couch set when the double and chaise are purchased separately, as shown here:

Lounge Set of bean bags
Single, Double and Chaise Lounger All together


With our Design your own bean bag feature, crafting designs for your teenagers favourite colour(s) is a breeze.

Showing how to design your own bean bag
Create Your Own Design


If you are looking for an even more relaxed approach to your teenagers space, the unwind recliner is a popular choice, especially if you plan on using them outdoors.

This is because it acts just like a pool deck chair when folded out:

day bed converting chair
Instant Day Bed


Here is what the Unwind Recliner looks like when folded up:

converting bean bag chair to bed
Chair or Day Bed – The Option is Yours


All the bean bags featured here can be dragged outside at any time, since they are:

• Waterproof
• Stain Resistant
• UV Resistant (Won’t fade or crack in the sun)
• Antimicrobial
• Mould and Mildew resistant
• Flame Proof
• Fitted with in-built locks on every zipper

These qualities ensure that no matter your space (either indoors or out) they will fit in perfectly.

Bean Bags for Teenage Boys


When trying to decide on which bean bags work for boys, all shapes can fit the bill.

However the colour pallet you choose can make all the difference.

Older teenage Boys tend to like darker colours going by our clients choices.

Such as charcoal and black combined:

Charcoal and black bean bag
Single Sofa with Additional Piping


If you are looking to match existing furniture or elements within the same room, a common choice is keeping the base of the bean bag in black with the brighter tone on top.

This “frames” the colour you want to show off on the bean bag without making it the only focal point in the room.

bold boys colour choice
Bold Colour Combined With Black – Square Ottoman


Traditionally, Blues are another popular choice for boys. And setting off a dark blue with a light blue as a two-tone combination works nicely as well:


dark blue and light blue bean bag
Popular Choice for Boys


The great thing about teenage boys tending to like darker colours, means if you do want to throw caution to the wind and make a bold statement it can certainly be pulled off.

Case in point; this image is of a bean bag lounge set.

Due to the existing yellow pieces in the room I think the Grand lounger looks great.

Bright Coloured
Bright Coloured Grand Lounger


Bean Bags for Teenage Girls


The first choice for a teenage girl tends to be pink.

However, many decors for teenage girls rooms are of a softer pallet of colours, such as creams and lighter greys.

And as mentioned above, searching for a touch of pink or purple can work really well if framed around a light grey.

This image below highlights the flexibility when it comes to matching colours for a teenage girls retreat.

girls bean bag colours
Popular Choice for Girls


This way the pink isn’t too overpowering and the light grey, (being a neutral tone) means it will fit in with any throw rug or cushion you might want to accessorise it with.


Safety Concerns for Teenagers


We have been selling bean bags to schools for years and understand the strict guidelines in place at primary and secondary schools.

However, bean bags at home should still meet the same requirements.

For this reason, all our commercial grade bean bags with lifetime warranties are no different to the individual bean bags we sell for home use.

This means you are investing in quality that is harder to find else where.

We only use commercial grade fabrics and zippers.

The thread we use to bind each and every bean bag is 25 Ply Nylon thread.

The exact same thread used on the sails of ocean going vessels (We couldn’t master to find any stronger thread than this)

And the same commercial grade fabric used in luxury yachts.


fabrics we use
Handmade Bean Bags From Quality Materials


The principle we live by is simple really:

Craft quality products with quality materials and there is nothing to worry about.

We control every element of design, craftsmanship and quality control inspections all from the same warehouse, right here in Australia.

Nothing is left to the hands of factories overseas.

If you have any specific questions about our manufacturing process please reach out and let us know.

We are happy to share any information you might be curious about.


Larger Bean Bags for Friends and Family


You might be thinking, it is all well and good for my teenager to enjoy their bean bag!

But what about the rest of the family?

The benefit of bean bags is that they come in so many shapes and sizes.

Here at Bliss we have extended the idea that traditional couches can be combined with the comfort of bean bags.

If you want to extend the space used for family and friends then modular furniture works wonders to cater for more people.

Single Seater Modular Combined With Square Ottoman
Single Seater Modular Combined With Square Ottoman


The idea of modular furniture is that it can be mixed and matched together.

For instance, having a single sofa with a square ottoman out the front not only turns a piece of sofa furniture into a chaise lounge but also provides the extra space for people to rest on.

Another option, if you are looking for just one extra person to share the same bean bag might be the King Design.

If placed on its side it can be turned into a makeshift couch.

Huge Bean Bag Option
King Size – 165cm x 135cm




Looking for the best bean bag for your teenager does not have to be a struggle.

With a focus on stain resistance, durability and 120 colour combinations teenagers are covered from every angle.

As with any product where children or teenagers are around, safety really is the number one priority.

So ensure that along with Australian Regulation for bean bags they are made to your expectations, no matter where you source them from.

If you need to cater for a family and not just for the teenagers in the home, then larger bean bags or sofa sets might fit the bill.

Combining any design with your own touch will make all the difference for your setting.

The popularity of bean bags for teenagers is growing around the world and not just in the home. Schools are adapting soft furnishings as part of the ‘norm’ these days.

Please reach out if I can be of any service or you have any other questions at all.

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