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Picking a neutral colour works well for most homes and offices. That is why grey bean bags work so well.

Below I list our entire range of grey bean bags and answer common questions customers ask us.

grey bean bags
Our range of light grey bean bags. (Also available in dark grey colours)


We have two “grey” colours. There is a light grey and a charcoal (darker) colour.

Light grey compared to our charcoal colour


Since we make every bean bag to order right here in Australia, you can have both colours if you like:

Two tone bean bags work well


It seems in our day and age that grey is overwhelmingly popular for new cars and even home design.

So why not continue that theme with bean bags?

Grey Bean Bag Chairs


The most common choice of bean bags we sell are designed to look like chairs.

They have back support and are comfy to lie back in. If you opt for the lounge chair designs they look and feel just like traditional lounges (if you fill them right).

The best way to fill any bean bag chair is to ensure you use the right filling.

Bean bag beans work perfectly well, however if you want them to last longer I would recommend using a crumb foam combination.

The ratio I have found to work best is 40% crumb foam and 60% polystyrene bean filling.

If you put too much crumb foam in, being so low in density will feel like you are sitting on the ground.

The combination of both, means the beans last longer (less room for them to squish) and the two materials work perfectly to house a human body to sit on.

Outdoor Grey Bean Bags


Resting in the outdoors should always be relaxing.

You don’t want to worry about what will happen to your outdoor furniture.

Bean Bag Couch
Bean bag couch set outdoors


The ultimate benefit of Marine grade vinyl, means you can leave your bean bag outdoors all year round.

There is no weave in the fabric. Therefore, no pockets for dirt, mould or grime to be caught in.

Simply wipe clean and they look like new.

Because the grey colour is embedded into the fabric it won’t fade over time due to sun exposure.

It is nice to know years from now the bean bag you ordered, still looks the same.

Grey Bean Bags to Buy Online


Buying bean bags online has been easy since the advent of the internet.

In fact, one of the most popular selling homeware products on eBay are bean bags.

The main difference between our bean bags is that we offer a long warranty. The longest of all in the Australian market in fact.

And we craft all bean bags by hand within a few days.

We don’t hold any stock, so when you place your order online it will be made just for you and shipped for free.

Grey Bean Bag Footstool


Another common request we get from clients is to make a grey bean bag pouffe or footstool.

The idea of a custom bean bag pouffe means you can match this neutral fabric against existing furniture.

Grey footstool to match existing furniture (or your bean bag)


The benefit of our bean bag footstool is that it can also be used as a small stool to sit on.

In fact, we have sold many for this exact purpose, such as sitting around a camp fire or near a BBQ.

Fur Bean Bags that are Grey


We don’t sell grey fur bean bags however here are a list of places to buy a fur bean bags online:

1. eBay
2. Ivory and Deene
3. The Store
4. Adairs
5. Big W
6. Temple and Webster
7. Esther and Co.
8. Chill Zone

There is the choice to purchase more from the US and the UK, however with the exchange rate and the cost of shipping, it may not be that economical for Aussies.

Ikea Grey Bean Bag


Other questions we get about bean bags are:

1. Do Ikea sell bean bags?
2. Do Ikea sell bean bag filling?

Yes, Ikea sells one style of bean bag. Which can be seen here

It is similar to the flip chair bean bag we sell.

But, they don’t sell bean bag filling. They really just focus on selling furniture itself.

Hiring Grey Bean Bags


Need to hire a grey bean bag?

The best places to hire bean bags are:

1. Outdoor Bean Bag Hire
2. Chillzone
3. Bean Bag Hire
4. Gumtree

If you don’t need to reuse a bean bag again, then this is a great solution for a party, event or gathering.

Grey Bean Bag Prices


There is a great range of prices for bean bags, just like anything in life.

For example, you can buy a bed for $50 on Gumtree or over $10,000 from some retailers.

The price comes down to many factors, but generally relates to quality and overall materials used.

We design and manufacture our bean bags by hand in Australia and our prices start at $156 and go up from there.

We do use Commercial grade fabric, thread and zippers through.

You can get a much cheaper bean bag from Kmart or eBay starting at around $20. The only consideration to make is the warranty length offered.

And after sales service (or lack of) from certain retailers that should be considered.



I love grey bean bags.

I like how they work as a neutral colour to mix and match alongside any other tone.

Light grey works just as well next to white as it does to black and every colour in between.

Like a sofa, you can dress up a grey or charcoal coloured bean bag with a throw rug or cushion as well.

They are simple enough to source online and our bean bags work well outdoors all year round.

If you are looking for an Indoor only bean bag, faux fur bean bags might be the best option for your surroundings.

And if you only need a bean bag for a short time, then consider the options for hiring them out.

When considering a bean bag, think about longevity. The idea that your bean bag should last for years is what I believe in.

If you have any questions about designing your own grey bean bag (or combination of grey) please reach out and let us know.

We are proud to make our bean bags in Australia, but pride ourselves on customer service even more.

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