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For a long time, bean bags were viewed as a fun and casual addition for children and teenagers, however adult bean bags are more widespread than ever.

In this post I am going to list the most popular adult bean bags and share in which setting they work best.

With increased lumbar support, durability, and lower maintenance costs, adult bean bags offer a robust option for contemporary spaces.

From offices and cafes, schools and universities even your local dental clinic, the comfort of a bean bag can be enjoyed by adults everywhere.

So let’s jump to it!

This post is broken into sub headings to help you find the best bean bag for you.

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Extra-Large Bean Bag Chairs


A larger bean bag demands high-quality materials and filling to maintain its shape. A lot of companies previously used sub-par material and foam, making it difficult for customers to accept the bean bag as a viable option.

Today, manufacturers use premium fabrics and filling, paving the way for extra-large bean bags that are available in every conceivable shape you could think of!

The Unwind Recliner

Unwind Recliner – Popular with Adults looking to stretch out.


The Unwind Recliner bean bag is for people looking for a cheaper alternative to the traditional recliner. Easy to clean, move around and maintain, this bean bag recliner can be used in your lounge, bedroom or even next to the swimming pool!

Move it around with ease and find the best spot, so you can stretch your legs and relax.

Available in a variety of colours, the Unwind Recliner offers comfort and durability, in one neat package.

The Double Lounger

Double the space for more than one to sit comfortably.


The double lounger bean bag is perfect when you just want a comfortable place to sit and relax. Designed to blend in perfectly with surrounding furniture, you can even throw on pillows and blankets to give it a cosier look and feel.

Available in 16 colours, you can easily customise your Double Lounger to fit the desired palette of your space. You can even mix-and-match two colours to really spice things up!

The Chaise Lounger

Chaise Loungers are perfect for lazy days.


The Chaise Lounger bean bag is a great single-seater, extra-large bean bag chair providing just the right amount of comfort and back support.

The dimensions are usually perfect for everyone and being a bean bag, it adjusts to different sizes and shapes, just by squishing the sides and top yourself.

Single Sofa

Single Sofa bean bag when you are looking to add a feature piece in any room.


The Single Sofa bean bag chair is a wonderful alternative to traditional sofas. Primarily because it requires less space, is easier to move around, and it is a lot more comfortable.

Add it to your space for a unique and relaxed feel. The Single Sofa offers colour customisation options, including a mix-and-match offering to better suit the surrounding interior.

Double Sofa

The largest (longest) bean bag we sell. This can replace a 2/3 seater sofa lounge.


The Double Sofa bean bag chair is an enhancement on the design of the Single Sofa bean bag chair. With the right colours, you can add a contemporary yet nostalgic twist to your rooms.

Extra, extra –large bean bag options can be as big as 10 feet (3.5m) wide; however, they are an impractical choice for most people. Such oversized bean bags are extremely heavy and hard to maintain.

Bean Bag Beds


After bean bag chairs, the next best option was to go for bean bag beds. It makes sense because unlike traditional beds that demand the added expense of a mattress, bean bag beds offer an all –in-one option.

Combining the utility and convenience of bean bags, bean bag beds are a great alternative for those looking for a bed that’s super comfortable and affordable.

Single Bed Bean Bags

Single day beds. The joy of sleeping indoors or out is now simple


The Single Bed bean bag works great in place of expensive, poolside chairs. Move it around as you please – you can lay your bean bag bed beside the pool on the floor or on the grass without fear of damaging it.

Available in a spectrum of colours, customise your Single Bed bean bag to match your personality!

Double Bed Bean Bags

Two People can rest – Unless you want more space to yourself 🙂


The Double Bed bean bag is also a great alternative to poolside chairs especially if you have someone to lie down and relax with! Imagine yourself on a sunny day beside the pool on a comfortable bed … that sounds so relaxing!

Bean bag beds aren’t just for the outdoors though! With the right sheets and pillows, these bean bag beds fit in seamlessly with your bedroom and its décor.

Best Filling for Adult Bean Bags


One of the most important aspects of the bean bag is its beans. The filling gives it the structure and density it needs to maintain its shape, and support your weight comfortably. It is essential to find the best filling to guarantee yourself the best experience.

EPS Beads


These non-biodegradable, man-made plastic beads are similar to Styrofoam. Expanded Polystyrene is 98% air, making it an extremely light-weight option that is also moisture and air resistant.

EPS beads are a durable and affordable filling option for bean bags, making it a popular choice nowadays.

EPP Beads


EPP beads are made from a thermoplastic polymer that is extremely pliant, and easily reverts to the original shape and size. Expanded Polypropylene beads don’t lose their volume as fast as EPS beads do. However, EPP beads are highly flammable and prone to damage when exposed to oxygen.



Made from polyethylene, these are tiny beads that are normally used in pillows and cushions. Micro-beads are not ideal for larger bean bags due to their small size.

Compressed Foam


Compressed/memory foam is the latest trend in the bean bag filling world. A variety of polyurethane, memory foam can be compressed to as much as one-quarter of its original size. This durable filling option goes back to its original shape once the pressure is removed.

Natural Fillers


The original bean bag was much truer to its name, with dried beans and rice filling up the bean bag. Nowadays, these natural fillers are making a comeback as people claim they are much more comfortable especially if the bean bag lining is thick. These fillers are also organic, and completely biodegradable, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly option to boot!

Beans Bags for Bars, Pubs, and Clubs


In recent times, bean bags are popping up everywhere. The latest trend trends in interior décor have seen adult bean bags making their way to bars, pubs, and even clubs.

Budget-friendly and easy to maintain, these bean bags are a fun, customisable addition to already exciting spaces! Customers of these public spaces enjoy the comfort and cosiness offered by bean bags, while the establishments themselves are able to add a unique ambiance to their place.

The Classic Tear-Drop


The classic tear drop bean bag never goes out of style.


The classic Tear-Drop bean bag is easy to move, fill, and maintain, making it a preferred variety in most bars, pubs, and clubs.
Some sports bars even choose to customise their bean bags in accordance with team colours! The Tear-Drop bean bag is a durable option that can be used by anyone, anywhere.

The Circular Lounger


Circular Lounger bean bags wrap around you like a huge hug


The Circular Lounger is another pub and club favourite. Somewhat similar to the classic Tear-Drop, this option is a bit firmer, and features a defined, identifiable shape.

Sink deep into this bean bag, as you stretch out your limbs and relax.

The popularity of the bean bag is at its highest today, as more and more spaces start incorporating bean bags into their décor. From Google’s headquarters, to your local night club or bar, bean bags add welcome comfort and contemporary design to any space.

Contemporary Bean Bags


As with all products, even the bean bag isn’t immune to new and disruptive designs shaking things up!

Different designers and brands are looking to create new and improved bean bags, while other manufacturers are making design and cosmetic alterations to help the bean bag pieces fulfil the aesthetic demands of certain preferences and spaces.

Contemporary bean bags are pushing the boundary of furniture design


Today, adult contemporary bean bags are available in an array of shapes, taking customisation to the next level by catering to different kinds of customers and needs.

Fatboy bean bags have been around for years and sell worldwide


From full-sized body pillows for expecting mothers, to bean bags suitable for outdoor camping, there’s one for everyone!

Expensive Hand-Made Bean Bags


Hand-made bean bags tend to be more expensive because of the amount of work that goes into them. From designing to sewing, it is a lengthy and technical task that requires skill and finesse.

This is especially true with the concealed zip that secures the bean bag – it has to be perfectly aligned and stitched in firmly to keep the filling from spilling out under the weight of the user.

The quality of the materials also adds to the cost of these hand-made bean bags. Offering options in leather, twill and even lamb’s wool, hand-made bean bags are also available in thick, high-quality fabrics that are fire and water resistant.

Hand-made bean bags tend to offer better quality and last much longer. The high cost is a result of the effort that goes into making these bean bags.

Handmade bean bags from Etsy, are certainly unique


Bean bags are here to stay, that much is confirmed. With newer fabric and filling materials available in the market, today’s bean bags are lighter than ever, offering ever-increasing durability and convenience.

Human ingenuity knows no bounds, and the bespoke nature of the bean bag leaves it open to a world of design and utility possibilities.
With comfort, convenience and charm all stitched into one neat package, how can you say no? Get yours today!

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